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Bond University renews partnership with ANZ esports club The Chiefs

Queensland, Australia – Bond University has renewed its esports partnership with The Chiefs, an ANZ-centric esports club. Both parties have inked a deal in 2020, making the University the esports club’s education partner.

Through the renewed partnership, The Chiefs will provide internships for Bond students who aspire to work in the esports industry, will take part in research into esports, and work with Bond Sport and faculties to improve the health and wellbeing of esports players.

In addition, The Chiefs will also host esports tournaments from the Bond eSports Hub and collaborate on the development of an esports curriculum to prepare students to work in the industry. Said esports hub was opened by the University in 2019, with high-performance gaming machines and the ability to stream to a 500-seat theatre.

Nick Bobir, CEO at The Chiefs, said, “Bond University has been an amazing partner to work with and we’re thrilled to continue the relationship and expand on this further in the coming years.”

Meanwhile, Garry Nucifora, executive director of sport at Bond University, commented, “The Chiefs are a respected, international brand exhibiting a future-focus in everything they do. It is because of that approach, a Bond University esports partnership with The Chiefs makes absolute sense.”

Technology Featured Southeast Asia

Yahoo unveils new Video Lite feature

Singapore — Global media and tech company Yahoo has unveiled its latest ad solution, Video Lite, in Asia-Pacific (APAC) that will elevate the video assets of brands for a stronger storytelling experience. Among those who had already utilised the new feature are transport company Grab, and delivery platform foodpanda.

Video Lite is available for private marketplace (PMP) campaigns via Yahoo Exchange, which allows advertisers to raise existing video creatives for digital media placements through the addition of end cards or branded frames, (Call To Action) CTA buttons and messages.

Yahoo cites the inspiration for the new feature as the massive digitisation wave continues across Southeast Asia, which recorded 60 million new internet users in 2021 alone. Notably, in SEA, e-commerce has experienced an unstoppable growth, valued at approximately US$120b in 2021 and forecasted to increase significantly by 2025 to be worth US$234b.

Although Yahoo recognises the strengths of videos as a medium and channel for brands to captivate audiences, the company says it is not known for causing actionable responses compared to other ad formats. But with Video Lite, brands will unlock stronger storytelling by helping brands bridge video’s convenience gap for consumers and close the loop, taking them from experience to action through a clearer path to purchase while also emphasising brand visuals and messaging.

The new video component has two new features: Branded Frames, and End Cards. Brand frames, fit for videos up to 30 seconds, give access to complementary graphics, text ad copies and CTA buttons to be added seamlessly alongside a minimised video to reinforce key brand visuals and messaging and provide a direct path to purchase. Meanwhile End Cards, suitable for shorter videos up to 15 seconds, create a one-click checkout point, when attention is at its peak, by maximising graphics and text ad copies with CTA buttons, emphasising key brand visuals and messaging with a direct path to purchase, at the end of existing video assets.

Shrivardhan Sarda, head of buyer development of Yahoo APAC, commented, “For many APAC advertisers, especially e-commerce brands, conversions remain the primary focus in their advertising campaigns. Our new Video Lite feature seeks to enhance brand storytelling through videos – optimising creatives for digital media placements by giving greater emphasis to important messages and forging a clearer path for consumers to complete their conversion journey with clear, actionable CTAs.”

Hadi Surya Koe, head of marketing Grabfood – Grab Indonesia, said,“We’re delighted to become one of the first users of Video Lite in the region. Makanthon is our marquee campaign of the year and we’re glad we got to explore new ways of reaching new audiences. We look forward to utilising more innovative ways to connect with our customers through collaboration with platforms and solutions, like Yahoo.”

Grab Indonesia utilised Video Lite by adding a branded frame to their existing video asset for their GrabFood and GrabMart prominent campaign, Makanthon 2021. The branded frame emphasised time urgency and highlighted the chance for customers to win prizes, namely gold, smartphones, and a luxury car, with a clear CTA button for users to make a purchase or order immediately. The campaign ran between Nov 16 and Dec 26 December on Yahoo’s owned and operated properties in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, foodpanda in Singapore also utilised Video Lite, with a branded frame over their “We’ve got you Santa!” video to drive awareness for its holiday Christmas campaign. The branded frame sought to up the ante on the Christmas spirit and emphasise foodpanda’s “we’ve got you” commitment to its customers to help with their gifting, feasting and festive needs that is conveniently just a tap away with the “Order Now” CTA button. The campaign ran from Dec 6 to 26 on Yahoo’s owned and operated properties in Singapore, alongside other premium lifestyle publishers in the country. 

Laura Kantor, marketing and sustainability director for foodpanda Singapore, shared, “Time is increasingly becoming a scarce resource for all of us. Being in the business of convenience, we know how much our customers appreciate having things delivered to them in a timely manner – and this goes for the content that they consume as well. With Video Lite, we can now enhance the way we engage with our customers by providing them with bite-sized videos that are visually engaging and easily digestible, therefore ensuring maximum recall.”

On the success of the two partnerships, Sarda said that better ads are better for everyone. According to him, as a consumer, better ads improve the browsing experience and clearer CTAs deliver convenience, shortening the path to purchase for immediate action.

“For brands, this will mean meaningful engagements at every touchpoint that will help realise their campaign goals and deliver maximum ROI. We’re excited to have piloted Video Lite with Grab and foodpanda in SEA, and we look forward to empowering more brands and helping them forge a path to engage with their target audiences at scale,” Sarda said.

The Video Lite feature can now be availed by agencies and advertisers across APAC, and enhanced video ads can be executed on their preferred DSP with PMP deals using Yahoo Exchange.

Platforms Featured East Asia

PluginHive partners with Hong Kong Post, FedEx to deliver automated shipping solutions in HK

Hong Kong – PluginHive, the e-commerce shipping solutions company based in India, has partnered with carrier service provider Hong Kong Post, to boost e-commerce merchants in Hong Kong. This move comes after its recently signed agreement with FedEx, to launch a new campaign across the APAC and MEA regions.

The recent partnerships aim to provide e-commerce merchants with automated shipping solutions for free when using e-commerce platforms Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. It also comes with added benefits for the Hong Kong-based small e-commerce merchants, as the partnership offers up to a 75% discount on the shipping cost on successful signup with FedEx.

Ahammed Mirdas, PluginHive’s CEO and founder, believes that Hong Kong is a budding market for e-commerce in 2021, and this integration is aimed to boost the small and medium e-commerce business across the country by bringing together reliable shipping services from Hong Kong Post, with the reach and quality of service that FedEx provides in more than 220 countries across the globe. 

“PluginHive is excited to be the catalyst in driving this partnership and believes e-commerce merchants will take advantage of it in the upcoming weeks,” said Mirdas.

In addition, PluginHive has ensured a streamlined carrier account sign-up process that involves a single click account registration and a smooth merchant onboarding, with the help of dedicated shipping experts that will be available 24/7 via multiple channels.

Platforms Featured APAC

GroupM, Twitch partnership to give advertisers access to APAC gamers

Singapore – As the gaming scene in the Asia-Pacific region continues to flourish, their activity gives marketers and advertisers the opportunity to expand their demographic base, evident with the latest partnership of media investment company GroupM and global interactive live streaming service Twitch, which aims to give advertisers access to the large gamer base in the region.

Through the partnership, GroupM’s clients will enjoy access to insights on Twitch audiences in a fragmented Asia-Pacific region that stream Alpha, Beta, and Early Access games, as well as access to Twitch CTV (connected TV) inventory.

Furthermore, it also gives GroupM’s clients access to Twitch’s innovative solutions, which offers a full suite of services from ideation to production, for bespoke ads and experiences. Additionally, GroupM and Twitch will co-author a playbook that is designed to help FMCG advertisers target gaming audiences across Asia-Pacific, to be launched this year.

As the platform provides content options beyond gaming, Twitch is at the forefront of live entertainment and features content that is relevant to audiences in this region, such as music and art, which allows GroupM not only with in-depth streaming knowledge and tools to help brands but will also enable a seamless experience working with Twitch as a platform to reach millions of gaming, music and art audiences.

“At GroupM, we are focused on building our gaming expertise. Asia-Pacific is made of vibrant communities – especially gaming communities, and Twitch continues to be the leading service that cultivates today’s most sought-after audiences. We’re excited to collaborate with Twitch, and we are committed to making smarter gaming decisions for our clients based on Twitch’s unique audience insights,” said John Miskelly, APAC investment director at GroupM.

Meanwhile, Sunil Yadav, head of agency development at Twitch, commented, “Twitch is excited to partner with institutions that create significant impact and GroupM’s razor focus on high-quality engagement for brands makes them an ideal partner for us.”

He added, “With Twitch’s unique advertising solutions to help brands build closer relationships with consumers and co-create shared live experiences, we are confident that GroupM will be able to deliver strong consumer experiences with our insights.”

GroupM had previously worked with a gaming-related partnership with Philippine-based esports talent agency Tier One in a bid to make advertising more inclusive in the esports community in the region, including opening it up to more mainstream brands.

Technology Featured Global

Anzu, HUMAN team up for safeguarding in-game ad spaces

Tel Aviv, Israel – Global in-game advertising platform Anzu and cybersecurity company HUMAN, formerly White Ops, have announced a new partnership, with the objective of safeguarding the in-game advertising space by detecting invalid traffic (IVT), general invalid traffic (GIVT), and sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) among Anzu’s programmatic gaming inventory across mobile and PC.

By leveraging HUMAN’s pre-bid and post-bid solutions, MediaGuard, Anzu ensures that campaigns run across its inventory retain low fraud levels, allowing them to continue to harbor a safe space where both advertisers and publishers can feel confident working together to effectively reach gamers around the world.

Part of the inspiration between the partnership can be traced back to the fact that losses due to ad fraud are expected to continue to cost the industry billions of dollars each year, and sophisticated bots pose a significantly increasing threat to the gaming world.

For Itamar Benedy, co-founder and CEO at Anzu, he states that the company remains committed to making advertising in games better and putting ad quality at the heart of everything they do, adding that they aim at bringing in digital standards in-game and partnering with the industry leaders that advertisers know and trust.

“We continue to partner with the world’s brand safety, transparency, measurement, and data privacy leaders to ensure our clients can measure media value across channels and build their media strategy accordingly. This new partnership with HUMAN will take our commitment to create a brand-safe, fraud-free ecosystem to the next level,” Benedy stated.

Furthermore, said partnership ensures that customers and partners will be protected from emerging forms of in-game SIVT-background ad activity, hidden ads, misrepresentation/spoofing, measurement manipulation and more, while guaranteeing always-on filtering and measurement across the platform.

“Anzu ensures gamers can play without interruption while enabling brands to enter into a trusted marketplace that is native, creative and dynamically updateable. This forward-looking partnership with HUMAN will strengthen our ability to fight sophisticated cybercrime while ensuring a seamless user experience across the advanced in-game advertising platform,” says Tamer Hassan, co-founder and CEO at HUMAN.

HUMAN achieves the scale of ad verification through its continued expansion in cybersecurity, now offering a suite of products to protect the complete digital customer journey: BotGuard for Applications, BotGuard for Growth Marketing and MediaGuard. With new partners and enterprises now able to leverage one of its products, Human Verification Engine™, comes an even deeper understanding of the cybercrime landscape, enabling HUMAN to adapt continuously, staying ahead of adversaries and offering their clients collective protection against threat models they have yet to encounter.

Technology Featured Southeast Asia

Moving Walls, OHAAP partnership to drive PH’s data-driven OOH industry

Manila, Philippines – In a bid to ascertain a data-driven approach in the Philippine out-of-home (OOH) industry, programmatic OOH company Moving Walls and the Out of Home Advertising Association of the Philippines (OHAAP) had recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU), entailing OHAAP to utilize Moving Walls’ platform to step up measurement, transparency, and accountability for OOH.

The agreement will enable OHAAP member companies owning billboard panels, LED screens, and other outdoor advertising platforms to have a valuable and easily accessible audience measurement, which makes planning static and digital sites easier, and provide the weight necessary to justify OOH ad spends.

Furthermore, members will be able to plan static and digital OOH (DOOH) campaigns more holistically while adopting a data-first approach to its programmatic campaigns with advanced capabilities such as dynamic ad-content serving, audience retargeting, use of various triggers such as weather and time-belting.

“Having a common currency makes the medium more responsible. Advertisers know exactly what they are spending for and this helps to generate trust. Location Intelligence strengthens the OOH media platform as an effective media channel, which aligns it to other measured media such as TV, Radio, Print, and Digital. This agreement ushers in the era of digital and uplift the profile of the OOH industry and deliver substantial value to clients of various revenue sizes,” according to Alex Montanez, chairman at OHAAP.

The development is also seen as a positive reinforcement of the goal of the Media Specialists Association of the Philippines (MSAP), establishing a common OOH currency using the ad-tech company’s data. Previously, Moving Walls had also teamed up with MSAP for OOH measurement solutions.

OHAAP President Ramil Gutierrez comments, “The OHAAP Board is delighted to partner with Moving Walls Philippines to provide OHAAP members with transparency, accountability, and measurability to its campaigns through the use of location intelligence. It’s about time our members level up the playing field and experience the full potential of planning and buying OOH media.”

By connecting to Moving Walls network of 35,000 global connected sites, member companies will be able to plan Outernet campaigns in an automated manner as the platform enables the collection of location intelligence data for both static and digital outdoor media sites.

“We are moving forward into digital transformation and we at Moving Walls commit to further support OHAAP and its members not just with data but also with advanced capabilities needed to future-proof itself,” said Norman Davadilla, CEO of Moving Walls Philippines. “Our next step in planning is to onboard OHAAP members, equip and enable them to understand and utilize the Moving Walls tech stack,” Gutierrez adds.

Technology Featured Southeast Asia

Gojek, TenMax’s new tie-up aims to provide AI-based martech solution in Indonesia

Indonesia – Southeast Asia’s multi-service platform, Gojek, has announced a new partnership with marketing technology firm,, to support its advertisement network, GoGAN, in delivering ad services to consumer brands, merchants, and ad agencies in Indonesia.

TenMax is an innovative ad network focusing on research, innovation, and development of digital advertising technologies. It is committed to becoming the digital advertising and real-time bidding (RTB) ecosystem leader in the SEA region.

By leveraging TenMax’s artificial intelligence and Gojek’s insights-driven platform, the partnership aims to provide an AI-based marketing technology solution to marketers in the country, enabling merchants and brands to access, plan, and monitor their digital marketing efforts across social media and content sites in a real-time manner.

According to Gojek, the platform is founded on the principle of utilizing technology to remove life’s daily frictions by connecting consumers to the best providers of goods and services in the market, from transportation to food, among many other services. 

The platform’s GoGAN proprietary AI or deep learning technology can assist marketers in key aspects of programmatic media buying through a one-stop shopping cross-channel media buy, like buying Facebook or Instagram and local website ad space in a few clicks. Through this, the RTB capability makes sure advertisers get superior costs per click and impressions to reach their target audiences. Another is real time analytics and performance report generating dashboard, which provides brands and agencies insights and allows them to recalibrate marketing strategy.

“We are thrilled to partner with Gojek to support GoGAN in Indonesia, by combining our expertise and Gojek’s valuable insights to introduce solutions to the Indonesian digital economy,” commented Nathan Chu, TenMax’s CEO.

Meanwhile, Antoine de Carbonnel, Gojek’s chief commercial officer, said that through the collaboration with, they are further reducing the friction of digital media buying, allowing the merchant partners and global brand clients to optimize their digital marketing initiatives of all sizes, powered by their user-base and first-party insights, and the proprietary martech platform from, to create value for the Gojek ecosystem.

“We engaged with brands beyond the food sectors, including insurance, banking, lifestyle, fashion, gaming, and we look forward to working with ad agencies as well to provide innovative solutions to more world brands,” said de Carbonnel.

Brian Yang, the managing director of, shared that co-working with the Gojek team has been a pleasure, as the insights allow them to further train and optimize the RTB algorithm, placing the right content to the right audiences at the right cost. 

“With satisfactory initial results, we now work with more partners from the ad agencies world, premium content publishers, and the entire Gojek ecosystem, from global FMCG brands, consumer electronics, to regional SMBs, and MSMEs, to GoGAN platform as a solution for any company in Indonesia and beyond,” said Yang.

Technology Featured Global

DoubleVerify to expand fraud protection to MoPub’s programmatic exchange

Singapore – Global digital media measurement software platform DoubleVerify has announced that it is expanding its partnership with MoPub, a monetization solutions provider under Twitter, entailing DoubleVerify to expand its full fraud protection to MoPub Marketplace, which is MoPub’s programmatic exchange.

MoPub Exchange currently connects advertisers with more than two trillion ad requests from over 1.5 billion addressable users around the world.

Said expanded partnership stems from their original partnership in 2019 where DoubleVerify was the sole provider of fraud and invalid traffic detection (IVT) post-bid measurement for the MoPub Marketplace. 

This expanded partnership, which includes DoubleVerify’s pre-bid avoidance segments and post-bid monitoring and blocking, further extends quality coverage for global advertisers and publishers across one of the world’s premiere mobile app programmatic exchanges. With DoubleVerify’s technology, MoPub can continuously refine the quality of mobile inventory available through MoPub Marketplace.

“For advertising to perform, it must be seen by real people. Unfortunately, fraud follows the money — and as ad investments have shifted to mobile, bad actors are working hard to take advantage. For that reason, it’s imperative that brands have clarity into the quality of in-app inventory they buy,” said Matt McLaughlin, COO at DoubleVerify.

He also added that they are excited to expand their partnership with MoPub to promote transparency, support mobile ad quality and performance, and empower marketers to reach their consumers wherever they are.

Meanwhile, Michal Jacobsberg-Reiss, head of ecosystem Partnerships at MoPub noted that ad fraud is an industry-wide challenge, impacting publishers, advertisers and SSPs, which pushes MoPub continuously invests in keeping their Marketplace fraud-free, and having the right partnership in place is paramount for this effort.

“DoubleVerify has been a strong partner for combatting new and emerging types of ad fraud. This expanded partnership supports our comprehensive, multi-step approach to ensure MoPub Marketplace is thoroughly vetted and monitored to uphold our already stringent, high standards of traffic quality,” he said.

As part of its mobile in-app fraud solution, DoubleVerify identifies and screens the most significant types of in-app fraud, including background ad activity, hidden ads, app misrepresentation (spoofing), and measurement manipulation.

Platforms Featured ANZ

HubSpot, Envato team up to build better digital experiences

Sydney, Australia – Customer relationship platform HubSpot and creative asset online community Envato have entered in a new partnership in order to to build better digital experiences for customers by launching a new slew of high quality and diverse website themes on Envato Market, all made specifically for the HubSpot CMS Hub.

The new templates from Envato offer a wide variety of ways for businesses to customize their online presence, whether they use a multi-purpose theme or something more niche to their industry.

Meanwhile, CMS Hub is designed to help customers create seamless digital experiences with drag and drop page editing, mobile optimisation, premium hosting, and more. Because CMS Hub is built as part of HubSpot’s CRM platform, customers have direct access to all of their audience data which they can use to inform their content strategies and build better digital experiences.

For Cameron Gough, chief content officer at Envato, the partnership was a natural connection between two businesses committed to making it easy to build an engaging web presence faster.

“With these themes, we have an opportunity to provide the global creative community with the assets they need, while HubSpot can bring their CMS Hub product to life with the help of our talented author base. But more than that, our two organisations feel very values aligned, with a strong focus on helping the communities we serve succeed,” Gough stated. 

He also added that it has been exciting to be the exclusive launch partner with HubSpot on these new themes, as they have seen a huge amount of variety in the CMS Hub themes that their author community have created, from lawn mowing to consulting, to restaurants and even fintech.

“Even more exciting for us is that we’re starting to see our authors offer designs across different technical platforms, taking what has been a successful design on WordPress for example and making that available on CMS Hub. We have an extraordinary group of some of the best website designers and developers in the world, and they have all responded enthusiastically to this launch,” Gough concluded.

Meanwhile, Nicholas Holland, GM and VP of Marketing Hub and CMS Hub at HubSpot, commented that they are thrilled with the partnership, as they share Envato’s commitment to supporting the creativity and innovation of their customers.

“By adding a CMS Hub category on ThemeForest, we’re making it even easier for scaling companies using our cloud-based CMS to get started quickly and deliver incredible digital experiences to their audiences. That’s a huge win for our customers and represents an exciting opportunity ahead as we continue to build on our partnership with Envato,” Holland stated.

Technology Featured East Asia

Native ad platform Dable partners with IAS for added safety capabilities for advertisers

Seoul, South Korea – Native ad platform Dable, which is also a content discovery platform, has announced a partnership with Integral Ad Science (IAS) to deliver additional brand safety capabilities for advertisers.

Through the partnership, the Dable Native Ad platform will integrate integrated IAS’ brand safety solutions, which offer advertisers the ability to avoid content that most brands would consider inappropriate. 

This in turn, allows brands using Dable Native Ad to avoid risky content based on their preferences across categories such as adult content, alcohol, illegal downloads, illegal drugs, hate speech, offensive language, and violence. IAS brand safety controls are available on a pre-bid basis, so marketers only bid on brand-safe impressions and reach their clients in trusted environments. Working with IAS, Dable also provides insight on bids that are removed due to brand safety risk.

For Chaehyun Lee, CEO of Dable, he stated that they are committed to providing the best advertising experience for brands with the greatest level of brand safety, stating that brand safety is crucial when a company wants to communicate and continue to engage with clients.

“IAS is the leading company solving brand safety with excellent technologies. With this partnership, I believe our global advertisers can deliver their message confidently in a trusted environment and achieve their marketing goals,” Lee stated.

Beyond just analyzing keywords or URLs, IAS examines multiple elements of web pages that display Dable Native Ad to identify the content’s context in depth. Advertisers can control whether to include or exclude categories in their campaigns, helping them to reach clients alongside content that is safe and meets their brand standards. Advertisers can now benefit from IAS’s brand safety solution at no additional cost and avoid spending their budgets on objectionable content.

“We’re very pleased to work with Dable and provide our brand safety offerings for even more marketers. We are committed to helping our customers make every ad impression count, by providing insights and technology that protects their advertising investments from unsafe environments and drives results. We will continue to help protect advertisers’ brand equity through new partnerships with industry leaders like Dable,” said Laura Quigley, SVP for APAC at IAS.

Dable’s partnership with IAS also reflects the ongoing stride in creating brand safety measures for advertisers, as IAS had also recently signed a partnership with The Global Disinformation Index (GDI) to help brands avoid misinformation, ensuring journalistic integrity and reaffirming support for quality news sites.