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Unioil’s ‘mockumentary’ reminds one need not go too far to save the environment

Manila, Philippines – In a move to merge quirky relevancy to millennial viewers and communicate the brand’s messaging, Philippine oil company Unioil has tapped the talents of independent local creative agency GIGIL to launch a new campaign depicting a ‘mockumentary’ on saving the environment.

Titled ‘You Don’t Have To Go That Far’, the ‘mockumentary’ follows the quirky story of Bart, an environmentally-conscious person who takes his vision ‘seriously’ by storing all of his farts in jars. For him, he earlier learned that our farts, which contain the harmful gas methane, can be bad for the environment.

The ‘mockumentary’ continues with a slew of moments Bart would pause to fart into his prepared jars and place them in a cabinet with other farts he stored. As light-hearted the campaign is, Unioil stresses in the latter part of the campaign that we don’t need to go far in our endeavor to save the environment, and instead paying patronage to environmentally-safe products, like Unioil’s line of clean fuels, is already a meaningful step forward.

The latest spot by Unioil echoes the company’s vision to be more environmentally-aware through its ‘Doing Our Part’ campaign back in 2018, where they vowed to encourage Filipinos to make a difference in society through the small, everyday actions and responsible decisions they make, including the decision to choose a cleaner fuel.

Speaking about the campaign, Jake Yrastorza, managing partner at GIGIL told in an interview with MARKETECH APAC that they are proud of this recent campaign and are quite optimistic that it will create a positive difference for the brand—and its customers.

“Unioil is currently a challenger brand in the Philippines. But they are the oil company that’s probably the most serious with regard to its commitment to the environment and sustainability. However, to communicate a rather serious message to its target audience-the millennials-we all agreed that we needed to make it funny and light so they’d sit up and notice,” Yrastorza stated.

On a similar note, Jeano Cruz, associate creative director and head of social at GIGIL told MARKETECH APAC as well that they admire their client’s willingness to ‘bravely embrace the younger audiences’.

“The creative team just shared to them how millennials and Gen Z’s now really go out of their way to live out their beliefs. We just added a creative magnifier on that insight. Thanks to their risk, their film is now helping them stand out in the gasoline category that just keeps on looking like each other everyday,” Cruz stated.

An independent local creative agency, GIGIL has been well known to create quirky and tongue-in-cheek ad campaigns such as those of local soft drink brand RC Cola and plasticware brand Orocan.

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Shell Advanced honors drive and passion of ‘Shell Ustaads’ in newest campaign

New Delhi, India – Shell Lubricants, the oil product line of oil company Shell, has released a new campaign for its Shell Advanced product in India, honoring the drive and passion of so-called ‘Shell Ustaads’, or Shell-recognized new-age Indian mechanics.

Titled ‘Ab Duniya Dekhegi’, the campaign is narrated and endorsed by celebrity and biking enthusiast Rannvijay Singh wherein he narrates the stories of two successful mechanics who have dared to dream big and achieve significant milestones in their professional journeys. 

First one is Mandeep Singh from Punjab, where he trained more than 128 fellow workers and helped them find a decent livelihood as a way to solve youth unemployment in Punjab. Meanwhile, S.Mohan Raj from Chennai is also recognized, being given the nickname of ‘Doctor Of Bikes’, inspired by his childhood dream of being a doctor, and due to his surgical precision as a mechanic.

For Raman Ojha, country head at Shell Lubricants India, the campaign is not about the brand rather, a celebration of the spirit of thousands of the ‘Ustaads’ who relentlessly work since not only they are immensely talented, but their deep knowledge of the trade is also key to their expertise in knowing these complicated machines.

“We all have dreams, aspirations and oftentimes in life, simply need that little support that enables us to move higher and onwards. In their journey where they are driven by pure passion for bikes and their dreams to grow bigger, here is our attempt at doing our small bit in supporting our ‘Ustaads’ and ‘Bike Doctors’ to move closer to achieving their dreams of setting up bigger and more equipped workshops, mobility vehicles, providing employment support, trainings, and much more,” Ojha said.

Meanwhile, for Titus Upputuru, creative head at Taproot Dentsu Gurgaon, they hope that the campaign will help Shell Advance connect with the mechanics in deep emotional ways, as they recognize the long hours of labor, through grime, oil, and sweat from working under the sun.

(Left to Right) Raman Ojha, country head at Shell Lubricants India; Titus Upputuru, creative head at Taproot Dentsu Gurgaon; and Abhinav Kaushik, executive vice president at Taproot Dentsu

“When we started thinking about the direction we wanted Shell to take, we were clear that we didn’t want to show the mirror to the mechanics. We decided to show the shine in the sweat. Because, unlike earlier times, when people spent a lifetime to reach their goals, the current sentiment is to do a catapult to success,” Upputaru stated.

Abhinav Kaushik, executive vice president at Taproot Dentsu commented, “Brands transcend from being transactional to emotional and inspiring only when they create that deep-rooted and inseparable bond with their customers and stakeholders. 

He added, “This campaign of Shell is not a campaign but a showcase of that bond between Shell and the whole community of mechanics who are intertwined with the brand. ‘Ab Duniya Dekhegi’ is all about the recognition, care, relationship, love and being a part of the holistic progress that impacts every sphere of a mechanic’s life.”

The campaign will be backed by engaging digital video content and influencer campaign for awareness build-up and engagement followed by experiential activation to connect with the mechanics. 

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Gulf Oil India’s campaign takes fun spin on famous cricketer’s younger self

Mumbai, India – Indian cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni, most commonly known as MS Dhoni, partakes in a new campaign by the Indian arm of oil company Gulf Oil, which takes the ambassador in a ‘memory lane’ with his younger self.

Titled #GulfDhonixDhoni, the campaign sees Dhoni’s self back in 2005 and his current self sharing both their love for biking and the cricket sport. The campaign focuses on the blend of performance of Dhoni and Gulf Oil’s Gulf Pride oil product, drawing the consistent performance of both entities.

The campaign, made by DDB Mudra Group, was strategically released on the 10th Anniversary of India’s 2011 World Cup Victory, one of the greatest sporting moments for Indian cricket fans.

Speaking about his participation in the campaign, Dhoni stated that he is happy to be associated with a brand that is driven by passion to move forward.

“As an avid biker myself, I can very well connect with the brand’s proposition and product offerings. This campaign makes me nostalgic as I revisit my favorite cricketing moments including the winning shot at the 2011 World Cup Finals. It gave me a feel of how it would be to meet my younger self, what we would talk about and what I would advise him if we met,” he stated.

Rahul Mathew, chief creative officer at DDB Mudra Group said, “Great brands should tell great stories. And with Dhoni, we had an engaging story that we could tell the world while building on the brand’s promise of consistent performance.”

According to Ravi Chawla, managing director and CEO at Gulf Oil Lubricants India, their newest campaign is intended to strengthen their position as one of the well-known brands when it comes to important consumer mind measures or brand health measures.

“At Gulf, we pride ourselves on being an innovator and we seek to consistently push the envelope when it comes to our product quality and benefits. In keeping with this ethos, we recently upgraded our flagship 2-wheeler engine oil, Gulf Pride 4T. While previously the brand promise was about “Insta pick-up”, and it resonated strongly with bikers across the country, we bettered the product to be able to now deliver ‘Consistent Insta Pick-up’ over thousands of kilometres and many years,” Chawla stated.