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Classifieds site Trade Me’s campaign an appreciation of every ‘search’ under the sun

Auckland, New Zealand – In its truest sense that best represents the online consumer behavior of Kiwis using their platform, local-based auction and classifieds site Trade Me has launched a new campaign alongside advertising and marketing holdings Clemenger Group.

Directed by Wade Shotte of production company FINCH, the campaign enlists every ‘relatable’ searches one could imagine when visiting the site, from essentials like ‘new apartment spaces’ or ‘a new work setup’, to the most relatable like ‘a seven seater SUV’ for the whole family, to some tongue-in-cheek choices like ‘a potato that looks like a bear’ or selling your ‘stupid golf clubs’ when someone’s not scored enough in a golf gameplay.

The diversity and uniqueness shown by the campaign utilizes real search data collected by Trade Me, signifying the site’s versatility to cater to everyone’s need, whether a life essential, or plainly just for a hobby.

“Trade Me is an icon of Kiwi culture. Everyone uses it, but we all use it differently. Celebrating these differences is a core focus of the campaign,” said Levi Slavin, chief creative officer at Colenso BBDO.

Meanwhile, Trade Me’s Head of Brand, Sarah O’Leary, commented, “We’re delighted with the new campaign. It conveys the trust Kiwis have in Trade Me, helping them find the stuff they need, while capturing our brand’s unique and charming tone.”

Both Colenso BBDO and Clemenger BBDO Wellington collaborated in this campaign, which has since then rolled out to TV, OOH and social media campaigns.

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Crazy Domains addresses the challenges NZ SMBs face in new campaign

New Zealand – Web solutions company Crazy Domains has launched a multi-channel campaign called ‘Your Business is Better Online’, a series of ads that depict the harsh and vulgar reality of running a business offline.

The campaign aims to showcase the challenges faced by New Zealand small and midsize businesses (SMBs) when doing business in the ‘real world’. Through the series of gritty, humorous, and honest ads, the company believes that it will greatly impact the decisions of entrepreneurs to go digital.

According to Crazy Domains, despite several opportunities for digital adoption, about 37% of SMBs in New Zealand do not have an online presence, and 53% agreed they need more support when it comes to establishing one.

Mark Evans, international CEO of Newfold Digital and the owner of Crazy Domains, shared that 2020 forced SMBs owners to rethink their strategy and accelerate their digital transformation plans, regardless of whether they’re equipped for it or not.

“Businesses are finding new ways to make the most out of their web presence. And a new website or website improvements are proving to be efficient and affordable options to adapt to the aftermath of COVID-19,” said Evans.

Furthermore, the digital campaign will also be accompanied by two commercial videos, which will be running on Australia’s Metro TV, Digital TV, and billboards.

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New Zealand’s tourism marketer touch bases with Aussie visitors in new campaign

New Zealand – Tourism New Zealand, the organization tasked to promote the country’s tourism around the world, has recently launched a new campaign targeted at its regional neighbor – Australia – to encourage the country’s locals who happen to be the country’s largest former international visitor market, to come explore and renew their wanderlust towards New Zealand. 

Done in partnership with creative agency Special Group Australia, the campaign titled ‘Stop Dreaming about New Zealand and Go’ takes a quirky turn with a depiction of an Australian dreaming about New Zealand from his sleep, and is then is then taken through a range of the country’s popular attractions including National Parks and even stargazing with a surreal giant Kiwi.

According to research by Tourism New Zealand, about 77% of Australians are actively considering traveling to the country on holiday, followed by 27% who want to visit their family, with 15% to visit friends.

Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive René de Monchy shared that despite record numbers of Kiwis ‘doing something new’ and traveling domestically, there is an estimated $12.9B annual gap from the loss of international visitors, and the return of Australian visitors is projected to help reduce this gap with both domestic tourists and international visits making up 70% the pre-COVID visitor market.

“The campaign is designed to tap into people’s renewed desire to explore and showcases New Zealand’s natural environment, experiences, and the warm welcome of our people. We are seeing longer itineraries being booked by Australians which helps support travel to more remote locations within New Zealand,” said Monchy.

According to Ann Lockhart, the interim chief executive of Destination Queenstown, Australia is likewise a hugely important visitor market for Queenstown, particularly over winter when Australian visitors previously made up around 50% of all of our international visits.

“The ability to welcome them here is a huge boost for Queenstown and we are delighted the trans-Tasman bubble is open and our tourism operators are open and ready to welcome our Australian friends back,” said Lockhart.

In line with the campaign, Tourism New Zealand has also released a toolkit for interested partners who want to adopt and integrate with the campaign. The kit provides an overview of the campaign, the creative assets, and details on how partners can get involved through their own channels. The kit is available for download through its website.

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MINI pokes on braking safety with latest ad for new smart features

Auckland, New Zealand – Automotive brand MINI, as part of their promotion of its car features, has recently collaborated with creative agency Colenso BBDO to launch a new campaign, centered around the hazards in improper braking.

Titled ‘Danger Brakes for You’, the campaign features an array of four pictures: a hoof, a paw, a child’s foot and someone wearing roller skates, all representing potential hazards on the road that can trigger the driver to apply the brakes.

MINI aims that through this campaign, they will be able to promote their growing suite of smart features, starting with automatic emergency brake assist – a feature that senses obstacles on the road in front of the car and automatically applies the car’s braking system. 

For Victoria Abbass, retail and network marketing manager at MINI, part of the reason why they also took the ‘quirky’ turn for their campaign was to ‘humanize’; how technology is being explained, as cars nowadays are getting more advanced.

“’Danger brakes for you’ is visually disruptive and intriguing, but ultimately it’s so simple and that’s what we love about it,” Abbass said.

Meanwhile, Simon Vicars, executive creative director at Colenso BBDO, commented, “We were searching for a quick and simple way to explain complicated tech. This idea felt fast and funny, which for us are the right two ingredients for making a memorable MINI campaign.”

Photographed by New Zealand photographer Mat Baker, the campaign will roll out across social media channels, as well as in print and OOH media.

Colenso BBDO’s recent campaign with MINI follows their recent work with the New Zealand arm of non-profit organization World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

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Profits fall for New Zealand SMEs in first quarter of 2021

New Zealand – For the first months of 2021, small and medium enterprises in New Zealand have reported a decline in their profitability with 36% stating a downturn, according to the latest business monitor by professional services MYOB. 

The statistics reflect the three months prior to March 2021, with 12% of those surveyed admitting profits had reduced by ‘a lot’, while still a significant percent – 20% – have reported that profitability has also improved since the start of 2021.

Despite this, SMEs in the region are showing quite the optimism with over one in five or 22% expecting an improvement in profitability onto the coming quarter. This is in line with New Zealand SMEs having a similar sentiment on revenues. 

The same report showed that more than a quarter or 27% of SMEs in the country are forecasting a slight increase in revenue over the next 12 months despite the unpredictable year when the pandemic first emerged. 

After a number of lockdowns, SMEs based in Auckland have seen the most significant impact on their bottom line over a 12-month period to March 2021, with 44% of SME operators in the country’s largest center reporting a fall in revenue. In comparison, businesses in Christchurch fared better than the national average, with 35% reporting reduced revenue over this time, while nearly half or 48% of Wellington-based SMEs said their revenue had remained the same and 38% saw income fall.

Meanwhile, a big percentage of those surveyed – 41% – expect to generate the same level of revenue across the next 12 months, while 25% expect their income to fall.

Current statistics are an increase in positive sentiment where in last year’s report, 40% of SME operators expected their revenue to be down in 12 months’ time, with 21% predicting their revenue would increase.

MYOB SME Senior Sales Manager Krissy Sadler-Bridge said that overall, findings are a solid turnaround for “hard-working” SMEs. Considering the past 12 months when the SMEs had to endure the pandemic blow, Sadler-Bridge believes local business owners should be congratulated for not just hanging on but also finding hard-won opportunities amid some of the most challenging trading conditions the times have seen. 

On profitability meanwhile, she commented, “When a business makes a profit, they may have the funds to develop their business further, hire more employees or increase employee benefits, or for some SME-owners, pay themselves a solid wage – making profitability a key measure of progress for the sector.”

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TBWA\ NZ, banking group ANZ launches campaign for ‘We Do How’ platform kickoff

Auckland, New Zealand – Creative agency TBWA\ New Zealand and financial institution Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) has launched a new campaign to promote its latest brand platform ‘We Do How’, a platform that aims to help improve the financial wellbeing of all New Zealanders by providing them with the resources, support, and products they need.

The 2-minute campaign, titled samely as ‘We Do How’, narrates the story of Ravi and Claire along with their two children Sameer and Tara Sharma. The first story shows the many ways Ravi and Claire set out to improve the financial wellbeing of their family, but that the heart of the story is about father and son as Sameer spends years working towards his dream of becoming a Black Cap, a New Zealand cricket team.

True to its message of ‘We Do How’, Sameer’s dedication in cricket and the persuasion he got from his father led him to an easy path of success, much like how ANZ provides an easy resource for New Zealanders to become more financially-savvy, as best reflected in their eagerness to remind that wealth is more about knowing they can pay for things to help their family thrive, according to an ANZ survey.

Speaking about the campaign, Shane Bradnick, chief creative officer at TBWA\ New Zealand, stated that they aimed that the story be a ‘universal one’ that we can all relate to about why people work hard in New Zealand and how people want their families to enjoy a better, happier life.

“It’s also a modern New Zealand story that reflects our diversity and how our love of family and a desire to help our kids succeed is a ‘why’ we can all understand. The Sharmas show us a range of ways to help us all start to improve our financial wellbeing and through them, we can see that if you have a ‘why’ then ANZ has the ‘how’,” Bradnick stated.

Meanwhile, Matt Pickering, general manager of marketing at ANZ, commented, “Kiwis want to improve their financial wellbeing, but often just don’t know where to start and so it’s the ‘how’ part that’s important. ANZ is committed to giving Kiwis the practical tools and know-how they need to do this, which is why we’ve set up our Financial Wellbeing Programme.”

ANZ has set up a six-step Financial Wellbeing Programme that is available to everyone, not just ANZ customers at The program starts with calculating a person’s financial well-being score and more than 22,000 Kiwis have already found out theirs.

The ‘We Do How’ campaign is currently rolled out on TV, digital, social, PR, OOH and in-branch. The company is also set to roll out a similar project internally for their staff called, ‘The Deck of How’, which is a deck of playing cards packed with financial well being ‘hows’, and also a digital book for its employees ‘The Book of How’ is also being produced.

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WWF New Zealand’s latest campaign puts microplastics in ‘new perspective’

Auckland, New Zealand – In an attempt to drive the message across the growing issue of plastic pollution across our oceans and seas, the New Zealand arm of non-profit organization World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has released a new campaign alongside creative agency Colenso BBDO to visualize the issue of microplastic pollution.

WWF New Zealand has released new perspective pictures of said issue through underwater photography. At first glance, the resulting images appear to be star systems, but on closer inspection, it’s revealed that the ‘stars’ are actually microplastics suspended in water.

The campaign is released as new studies have suggested that eight million tons of plastic pollution end up in the ocean each year, breaking down into tiny bits to become microplastics. This then ends up in our food systems, where it is estimated that people are ingesting around 5 grams of plastic a week.

“There’s a general awareness of microplastics in the ocean, but what we wanted to do was help people grasp the unbelievable scale of the pollution. It’s only when Kiwis really see the size of the damage being done that we’re motivated to act,” said Simon Vicars, executive creative director at Colenso BBDO.

Meanwhile, Livia Esterhazy, CEO at WWF New Zealand commented, “These images are hauntingly beautiful, and yet, it is when we look up close we discover the horror we have created. From the Mariana Trench to Mount Everest, there is not a single place on Earth untouched by plastic pollution. 

She added, “Most of this plastic was designed to be used only once, but will remain for generations. We hope, by seeing the sheer scale of the problem, people will be inspired to take action and help us ‘Stop Plastic Pollution’.”

WWF New Zealand’s nationwide ‘Stop Plastic Pollution’ campaign is asking New Zealanders to help call on their government to introduce a global, legally binding, agreement to stop plastics polluting their oceans.

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InMobi makes two new senior appointments for ANZ operations

Australia – InMobi, the global mobile marketing and advertising platform provider, has announced two key senior appointments to ramp up its market presence in Australia and New Zealand.

The two senior appointments are Nicholas Robson, who was promoted to the newly created role of head of agency and strategic clients, and Aimee Jenkins, who was appointed as the new sales manager. Robson was InMobi’s former head of sales for NSW and QLD. Meanwhile, Jenkins has previously worked as the NSW sales manager for mobile-only ad tech company Kargo, and was a business development manager for women’s media group Mamamia. 

Both new appointments come as InMobi doubles down on its programmatic business in ANZ via the InMobi Exchange, which is a real-time marketplace for buying and selling online media advertising inventory from multiple ad networks, exchanges, and other supply-side partners, platforms, or publishers.

Richard O’Sullivan, the vice president and general manager of InMobi, who rejoined the company in 2019 to drive InMobi’s digital transformation and growth in ANZ, believes that the appointments of Jenkins and Robson will further strengthen InMobi’s strategic sales capabilities and will ensure that they are well-positioned to capitalize on the upswing in demand for InMobi’s mobile marketing platforms and solutions, especially InMobi Exchange. 

“In the last twelve months, the InMobi Exchange business in ANZ has grown by over 350%, from a strong base, as the impact of the pandemic has accelerated mobile-led digital transformation for brands and driven significant adoption of new products such as header bidding in parallel,” said O’Sullivan.

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Limelight Platform names Leon Hudson as new managing director for APAC

Auckland, New Zealand – Experiential marketing solutions provider Limelight Platform has appointed Leon Hudson as its new managing director for the APAC region.

The appointment will see Hudson enabling the Canada-based marketing agency to support its growth in APAC, beginning with Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

Hudson brings with him more than 20 years of experience in sales and marketing strategy. He has previously worked as the strategic advisor for content marketing agency IMMedia Content, general manager for technology solutions company Re-Hub, and group head of revenue for advertising technology company CtrlShift.

Hudson said, “There has long been a disconnect between online and offline marketing; Limelight helps bridge the gap. With a contactless consumer journey, personalized communication, and numerous safety-related features, the platform’s latest version is ready for the post-lockdown rebound.” 

Meanwhile, Terry Foster, the chief executive officer of Limelight Platform, shared that the decision to appoint a managing director in the region arose from the agency’s strategic planning sessions in early 2021. The chosen strategy aligns with the needs of its long-standing global client base. 

“Hudson is a 20-year Martech veteran with a track record of success, including over 15 years in leadership roles across the Asia Pacific region. His experience will be invaluable supporting our global client base which is rapidly growing in the region,” said Foster.

Limelight Platform works for experiential marketing return on investment, live event data, and insights. The platform enables marketers to create, manage and measure experiential marketing campaigns and live events; crucial as the economy continues to reopen and the appetite for safe and secure human connection.

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GPJ ANZ names Adrian Goldthorp as new executive creative director

Australia – Experiential marketing agency George P. Johnson (GPJ) Australia and New Zealand has recently appointed Adrian Goldthorp, former senior creative director of design company Imagination, to be its new executive creative director, effective 6 April 2021.

Goldthorp brings with him over 25 years of local and international experience in creatives. He has worked with top-tier brands, which includes Samsung, Telstra, and Commonwealth Bank, as well as Westpac, and Jaguar Land Rover. Goldthorp has also creatively led noteworthy projects such as Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience and Samsung Vivid. 

The newly created role is expected to move the agency’s momentum as a creative powerhouse in the ANZ region. Goldthorp will be responsible for leading GPJ’s creatives across Australia and New Zealand. 

Commenting on his new role, Goldthorp said “I’m excited to join this passionate and high caliber team of creatives, as well as the opportunity to be a part of the agency’s new growth plan.”

Caleb Bush, the senior vice president and managing director of GPJ ANZ, believes that Goldthorp’s passion to craft effective and highly engaging campaigns will help the agency in connecting with people to build positive ongoing relationships.

“As we continue to drive creativity and innovation through all our work, Adrian brings unmatched experience and skills to complement the agency; for us, it’s a natural fit. The pandemic altered the face of the events and experiential industry so as we re-align the agency for continued growth in 2021, strategic hires like Adrian give us the confidence that GPJ will continue to be an industry leader for years to come,” said Bush.