Malaysia – End-to-end creative commerce agency VMLY&R Commerce has recently launched ‘Muslim Lab’, a new data and insights hub that aims to help brands explore and understand the needs, aspirations, and behaviors of Muslim consumers.

Focused on Malaysia and Indonesia, the new ‘Muslim Lab’ seeks to provide brands in the region with a stronger understanding of the countries’ 250 million strong Islamic communities, across all market segments and Halal product categories.

The project will be unifying data from multiple sources and partners to uncover intelligence and insights across all cultural touchpoints, spanning values, lifestyle, and commerce, as well as media behaviors. With this, clients will gain invaluable access to building meaningful strategies in consideration of personal shopping habits, media channel consumption, and social and entertainment preferences, among others. 

VMLY&R Commerce Malaysia and Indonesia’s Chief Strategy Officer Filipe Lampreia shared that Muslims represent around 85% of Indonesia and 60% of Malaysia’s total population. 

“It’s fundamental that brands from different sectors can understand the culture, values, and behaviors of this segment if they want to connect and engage with audiences in ways that are relevant, meaningful, and timely. We believe this is key in building a more loved and efficient brand,” said Lampreia.

Meanwhile, Kenni Loh, the CEO at VMLY&R Commerce Malaysia and Indonesia, commented that in Malaysia and Indonesia alone, there is vast and sophisticated diversity of Muslims due to culture, geography, income, and urban/rural living. 

“With Muslim Lab, brands will be able to have quality data that lead to unique insights, and with unique insights come great opportunities for brands to better connect their messaging across their connected commerce channels,” said Loh.

Leveraging the findings from the new ‘Muslim Lab’, the agency has already piloted campaigns for brands including media entertainment group Astro and online used car platform Carsome.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – In line with the celebration of Ramadan, IKHLAS,’s digital business arm that caters to Muslim communities, will be launching its ‘Road To Ramadan’ campaign in an aim to continuously provide services during the holy month.

The campaign features two new services, namely Fidyah, the obligatory payment on Muslims who are unable to fast during Ramadan; and Zakat Fitrah, the charity donation compulsory on every Muslim leading up to Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

The Fidyah service starts today 25 March 2021, while the Zakat services including Zakat Fitrah, Zakat on earnings, and Zakat on EPF, as well as Zakat on Gold and Silver, and Zakat on Business, will be available in 12 different cities in Malaysia starting on 30 March 2021.

Aside from the two new services, IKHLAS will also continue its Sadaqah charity service ‘Give with IKHLAS’ as part of the ‘Road to Ramadan’ campaign. Furthermore, IKHLAS also announced that more products are now available at its e-commerce function ‘Shop with IKHLAS’ with new merchants on board, including food mart Dubai Markets, and wood engraving shop Rinacraft, as well as retail shop The Sajadah KL, among others.

Ikhlas Kamarudin, the head of IKHLAS, commented that they are humbled to see how IKHLAS has grown as an Islamic lifestyle brand in just a year, saying that starting off with Sadaqah service, they have grown with a whole range of innovative services including an e-commerce platform. 

“We would like to thank all our donors and contributors who have been very generous with their support towards IKHLAS, and as the holy month of Ramadan is just around the corner, we are truly honored to share this ‘Road to Ramadan’ campaign to continue offering better online services for the Muslim community and at the same time extend a helping hand to those in need,” said Kamarudin.

IKHLAS aims to raise over RM1million through the campaign this year. Donations can be made on their website and on the airasia super app.