Singapore –, an online gifting platform, has announced the launch of its newly enhanced mobile app, designed to transform the gifting experience for users in Singapore. The updated app, currently available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store, introduces a range of innovative features that make it easier, faster, and more rewarding to send gifts to loved ones.

One standout feature of the app is the ‘No Address Needed’ option. This convenient function allows users to send gifts simply by entering the recipient’s phone number. There’s no longer a need for users to know the recipient’s address – with just a phone number, will take care of the rest, ensuring surprise deliveries are smoother and more convenient than ever. 

Moreover, with a fresh new user-friendly interface, the app offers a seamless browsing and purchasing experience. The added integration with Apple Pay ensures a secure and swift checkout process, complementing the wide array of payment options currently available in the app.

Gifting can also be a rewarding experience with the Gold Membership Program. For a nominal subscription fee, Gold Members enjoy free standard shipping year-round. Members can also take advantage of first-time user discounts, such as S$20 off on a cart value of S$120 or more. Additionally, the membership rewards users with exclusive offers and discounts throughout the year.

Since its initial launch in 2023, the app has received widespread praise from users for its innovative approach to gifting in Singapore. Users also appreciate how is always updating its diverse range of products with new and creative gifting choices. The latest version of the app, launched on June 7, 2024, is now live and ready to elevate your gifting experience.

The app is officially up today, and users can visit the official website at for added details.

Singapore – SOOP, a new live-streaming platform, officially launched its global beta on June 5, 2024, for web and mobile app experiences.

Following the launch, the platform has quickly attracted streamers broadcasting a wide variety of content, ranging from popular esports and multiplayer titles and ‘Let’s Play’ single player gaming sessions, to virtual avatar and ‘IRL’ streamers.

With its launch, SOOP has developed strategic partnerships with game publishers, tournament organisers, and leading entertainment providers to host unique and exclusive content.

In terms of partnerships, SOOP has partnered with Riot Games to broadcast esports tournaments in games such as VALORANT and League of Legends, as well as partnerships with broadcasters or RTS and FGC tournaments in games like StarCraft and Tekken.

Beyond esports, users are provided with a world of sports and entertainment content to explore with access to broadcasts of Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) League and Union Mondiale de Billard (UMB) matches, while viewers seeking reality entertainment can enjoy live streams of sensations like K-pop contest, U2U: Up To You, hilarious physical challenges like Special Fox, and other original content series.

Furthermore, SOOP is currently running a three-month-long promotion that allows users to monetise their channels by streaming for just one hour until the end August 2024, lowering the barrier of entry for aspiring streamers, while encouraging exploration of the numerous content avenues that are available to users to kickstart their content creation journey.

The platform categorises streamers into three tiers namely ‘Rookie’, ‘Affiliate’ and ‘Partner’ with varying requirements and benefits. During the promotional period, users are eligible to become Affiliate streamers after achieving just one hour of cumulative streaming, enabling monetisation and access to the SOOP Revenue Program. This allows content creators of any size to seize the moment and start earning from live streaming on SOOP.

Users in the SOOP Revenue Program will initially benefit from two monetisation methods such as gems that users can give to streamers and subscriptions that grant users special access to a streamer’s exclusive features and content, providing an avenue to support their favourite streamers on an individual or recurring basis while enjoying personalised perks.

In addition to gems and subscriptions, advertising revenue share solutions are in development for future release to further grow streamers’ monetisation opportunities, alongside in-game drops and game account integration to enhance interactivity for viewers.

Singapore – Global hospitality and tap, order, pay technology firm, me&u, unveils an expansion to their hospitality ecosystem with ‘me&u engage’ – a tool set to transform venue marketing by providing deeper customer insights and unlocking new revenue streams.

Developed with global SaaS provider Eagle Eye, me&u engage is an omnichannel loyalty, promotions and subscription platform set to influence customer behaviour along the path to purchase, helping drive incremental spend from both new and existing customers.

With me&u engage, venues can streamline customer lifecycle management, with a unified view of the customer journey, impact on revenue and return on marketing investment. Engage is also now a  part of me&u’s new suite of Influence tools, which help venues connect with their customers across the customer lifecycle journey.

Using Engage, venues can now target customer groups on and off premise via the channel of their choice, whether that be social, eDM, SMS, poster or digital. The tool helps with the claim and redemption flow, with full attribution analysis to understand the path to purchase, channel performance, campaign impact and ensure continuous optimisation.

With me&u engage, venues can increase footfall and customer spend by engaging customers on and off premise with personalised deals, offers and loyalty promotions, engage customers with personalised campaigns at scale, provide channel performance, ROI and attribution insights, and increase marketing opt-ins and drive customer loyalty using data to incentivise customer segments.

Another notable feature via me&u engage is ‘Targeted Promotions’, enabling venues to efficiently manage large-scale promotions, like those aimed at encouraging an additional order or another visit. Soon to be introduced is Stamp Cards, a digital loyalty card to foster repeated visits and reward customer loyalty. More functionalities will be added as time progresses.

Katrina Barry, CEO of me&u, said, “Partnering with Eagle Eye has enabled us to deliver a market-leading product with the same fantastic software that underpins the loyalty programs of the world’s leading retailers, including Woolworths Group in Australia, and biggest hospitality operators in the UK, including Greene King, Mitchells & Butlers and Pret A Manger. Engage delivers clear benefits for both sides – the customer and the venue.”

“We’re excited to continue to grow and answer the demands of our partner venues to expand our suite of offerings at me&u, so we can achieve our mission of creating a better future for hospitality, both for business owners and venues, as well as customers alike,” she added. 

Meanwhile, Jonathan Reeve, VP APAC at Eagle Eye, commented, “We believe me&u engage will be a milestone in the evolution of customer engagement in the hospitality sector. We are excited about the practical impact this partnership will have, not only in benefiting partner venues but also in advancing the standards of customer engagement in the industry. Together with me&u, we are thrilled to be shaping the future of hospitality in such a dynamic manner.”

APAC – Consumers in six markets across three regions now spend more than five hours each day in apps for Q3 2023 with APAC leading the way, according to the report by mobile analytics provider

Data from the report indicates that globally, Indonesia surpassed the five-hours-per-day threshold the most in Q3 2023 with more than 6 hours per day, followed by Thailand with 5.7 hours and India making top 5 with 5.2 hours.

Additionally, Singapore holds firm in the top 10 countries with a 10% growth in usage from Q2 2023 with 4.7 hours spent, adding to how daily time spent on mobile apps has climbed double-digit percentage points across several markets in APAC.

The report also focused on the emergence of Threads, which was launched by Meta at the start of Q3, which skyrocketed up the charts and reached 150 million downloads faster than any other app in history. For APAC, Singapore saw Threads as the top app in terms of downloads and download growth for the quarter, but it remains to be seen if it can sustain its position at the top in Q4 2023.

Furthermore, Threads was also regarded by the report as the number one breakout app in terms of downloads for Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, and Thailand.

Lastly, in terms of consumer spend in APAC,  the top breakout apps by consumer spend growth vary in different markets, but the focus for Q3 2023 centres around social media apps such as TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram, accompanied by new trends such as AI photo editing apps and generative AI apps.

Singapore – SEEK, the parent company of Southeast Asian career platforms JobStreet and JobsDB, has launched an accessible, easy-to-use and free platform called JobStreet Express, which is now live in Singapore. 

With the launch of JobStreet Express, SEEK aims to help employers in Singapore fill the gap in semi-skilled workers, allowing many Singaporeans to obtain employment efficiently and safely. 

Notably, JobStreet Express was built to be mobile-first to cater to the majority of users in this segment who are regularly on the move. The platform also aims to close the application process in just a matter of hours or days, unlike traditional recruitment processes, which could take weeks or even months.

To fast track and simplify the hiring process, JobStreet Express will be making resumes optional on the platform before the end of the year. As long as talents provide the necessary information directly on their profiles, employers will no longer need to look at resumes for every role they post. This will allow talent to focus on applying for jobs rather than designing or updating their resumes. 

Over the next several months, JobStreet Express will be making enhancements, with some optional paid features to be made available in due course, catering to specific user needs. However, the platform’s basic functions, including the ability for any employer to post any semi-skilled role and the ability for easy application, will always remain free and accessible to everyone across Singapore.

SEEK has been developing JobStreet Express for over 18 months, readying for the Singapore market. The platform was first launched in Indonesia in October 2022 and is now present in four localities—Bali, Bandung, Surabaya and Yogyakarta, with more cities in the pipeline. With this in mind, SEEK plans to expand JobStreet Express across APAC in the near future.

Anshu Nahar, managing director for express & flex at SEEK, said, “The semi-skilled segment has traditionally been underserved. People in this segment often resort to unstructured and sometimes unsafe means to find jobs and talent. Both employers and talent feel that existing solutions just don’t work for them anymore.” 

“Through JobStreet Express, SEEK is committed to serving this segment with a dedicated platform, backed by millions of dollars of investment, our years of expertise, world-class technology and trusted brand,” he added.

APAC – Tinder and its parent company, Match Group have released their latest ad campaign featuring Mean Girls actor Jonathan Bennett to help remind users how to avoid online financial scams and toxic behaviours. 

The campaign follows Tinder’s recent in-app safety messages that rolled out across Southeast Asia as well as the public awareness campaign Match Group launched in January to help remind users of ways everyone can protect themselves from online scams.

In the campaign, Bennett reminds audiences to be aware of how the people you meet through the app can sometimes be romance scammers and toxic manipulators, portraying examples such as ‘love-bombers’, ‘money seekers’, and ‘posturers’. 

Talking about the campaign, Bennett said, “Fans have a lot of fun celebrating all their favourite memes and quotes every October 3, but it’s also important that we can take this day to acknowledge some important lessons about how we interact with others online. We want everyone to continue to recognise this day, while also being more aware of the types of common behaviours of online scammers to watch out for.”

Stephanie Danzi, SVP of global marketing at Tinder, also mentioned,  “At Tinder, we are proud to lead on safety efforts and create campaigns that are both beneficial and culturally relevant that can help drive more awareness and make dating safer on our app and across online platforms.”

“On World Romance Scam Prevention Day, we are educating our users of all ages on ways to protect themselves, so they do not fall victim to online fraudulent scams,” she added. 

Meanwhile, Kathy Waters, executive director, Advocating Against Romance Scammers, commented, “Advocating Against Romance Scammers created this day to help bring together every global entity affected by the scams to increase awareness and help others understand the severity of the controlled manipulation in order for the fraud to succeed. We appreciate that Match Group and Tinder have joined our efforts and are doing their part to help raise awareness for their users on their platforms.”

Manila, Philippines – The Philippines ranks second in the Asia-Pacific region in the frequent use of mobile financial services applications to make healthier financial decisions, a new study by Pru Life UK and Economist Impact shows.

Around 79% say they use mobile apps to look after their personal finances—the second highest figure in Asia after that of India. The age-group differences are narrower compared with those for mobile health, and more 45-55-year-olds use finance apps (68%) than use health apps (58%). 

The data also notes that income does not appear to dictate a proclivity to use mobile technology: respondents with above median incomes are only slightly more likely to use finance apps than those with incomes below the median level (80% versus 78%).

Meanwhile, mobile app rankings show that step trackers, women’s health apps, calorie counters, pulse and heart-rate monitors, doctor consultation services, and blood pressure monitors are currently the most popular types of free health and fitness apps used in the Philippines.

Asked what factors would likely encourage the respondents to engage in healthy behaviours (such as eating healthily, getting good quality sleep, exercising and managing their weight), one-third cite the increased availability of mobile health apps.

Eng Teng Wong, President and CEO of Pru Life UK Philippines, said, “This study also reveals Filipinos’ avid use of mobile finance apps and services like e-wallets, banking and insurance apps, and credit services to keep track of their finances, purchase financial products, and send money to their loved ones here and abroad. These have been proven effective in driving financial inclusion in the country. Insights from experts in health and finance, who are cited in the report, reveal the advantages and disadvantages of Filipinos’ deepening reliance on mobile technology.”

Switzerland – CHRONEXT, a luxury watch platform, has enlisted the services of content management system provider Storyblok to help enhance customer experience by developing an iOS mobile app that allows their marketers and developers to construct customised user journeys.

Realising that their content system was purely web-based, CHRONEXT decided to use Storyblok and was able to build their mobile app prototype in just 7 weeks. Since its launch, app session times have tripled from 2 minutes on their website to 5 minutes on their mobile application.

Other aspects that influenced CHRONEXT’s decision to choose StoryBlok included the fact that it is a headless CMS that allows them to provide omni channel user experiences, the ease of use for developers and marketers with comprehensive user management tools, and the ability to serve as a centralised hub for all content.

Speaking on the developments, Emanuel Schleussinger, CTO at CHRONEXT, said, “Storyblok opened possibilities for our marketing team to easily update product pages, create new campaigns and promotions for different markets, and engage with our customers.”

Cameron Crosby, team lead of website & digital innovation at CHRONEXT, also added, “With Storyblok, content teams can simply drag, drop, and update specific component pieces that make up a product detail page in our application within seconds, without having to redeploy the application to the App Store. Changes are reflected on user’s screens instantly without disrupting their purchase session.”

Meanwhile, Dominik Angerer, co-founder and CEO of Storyblok, commented, “CHRONEXT is a great example of a brand that understands the omnichannel benefits and possibilities of a headless CMS and uses that knowledge to build better customer experiences. They now have a centralised content hub that can grow with them as they expand.”

Singapore – The popular dating app Bumble has surpassed the $2b milestone in terms of the amount of user spending across App Store and Google Play installs globally, according to the latest data from

According to the data, Bumble was the second most downloaded dating app worldwide in the last 12 months ending June 2023, ranking behind Tinder and Hinge, but steaming ahead of counterparts like Happn and Bumble Inc.’s Badoo.

Moreover, revenue also tracked highest in the US, totaling $400m over the last 12 months, followed this time by the UK at $54m.

“Dating and matchmaking are now mobile-native habits. Finding friends is a natural extension of this behavior. The launch of Bumble for Friends is a testament to the success of Bumble and expands their offerings to a new cohort of users. The app also has the added benefit that a successful match increases stickiness and usage,” said in a press statement.

It should be noted that Bumble recently launched its new spinoff app called ‘Bumble for Friends’. The new app, a spinoff of the main app’s ‘friend mode’, focuses on genuine friendship connections in the user’s local area with an emphasis on meeting up in real life.  

“Conversely, dating apps are designed to be deleted: the more successful the matches, the more likely users delete or abandon the app. In this case, Bumble has created a value proposition that can follow you throughout your life stages and relationship statuses,” also added.

Singapore – The latest joint data from measurement and analytics suite Adjust and mobile data analytics provider revealed that in-app spending amongst Japanese users for this year’s first quarter has ballooned up to $4.65 billion–an increase of 13% compared to the previous quarter. The data also notes that this expending is expected to exceed $17.7 billion in spend this year.

In terms of mobile gaming, Japan is making a slow but steady comeback in 2023 with 12% and 6% increases in installs and sessions, respectively, from Q4 2022 to Q1 2023. In Q1 2023, Japanese mobile gamers increased their spending on gaming apps significantly, with a 13% increase over Q4 2022. Puzzle games are extremely popular in Japan, accounting for 19% of all gaming sessions.

Meanwhile, Japan’s progression toward a cashless society continues with digital payment apps capturing 77% of install share and sessions increasing 7% in Q1 2023 compared to Q4 2022. Meanwhile, crypto apps have exploded in popularity with significant growth in both installs and sessions, with a captive audience leading to a day 1 retention rate of 28% in Q1 2023. Overall fintech app sessions increased by 17% in Q1 2023 compared to Q4 2022.

Lastly, e-commerce apps have showcased remarkable resilience, with deal discovery apps growing 24% YoY in 2022 and another 11% in Q1 2023 compared to Q4 2022. Notably, marketplace apps achieved an impressive day 1 retention rate of 28% in Q1 2023, highlighting their strong appeal and user engagement. Although there was a dip in installs of e-commerce apps in general, sessions increased 5% YoY in 2022.

Toby Torii, territory director for Japan at, said, “As the industry continues to grow and user behavior shifts, building strong partnerships, leveraging innovative technologies and staying ahead of industry trends are key factors for unlocking tremendous growth opportunities. With the right approach, mobile marketers can take their campaigns to the next level and capitalize on this exciting market’s enormous potential.”

In addition, connected TV (CTV) is already a large part of mobile users’ journey. Currently, 70% of Japanese TV viewers have a CTV device, and CTV and OTT devices are expected to be owned by 30 million Japanese households by the end of 2023. This presents a wealth of opportunities for advertisers to reach new and engaged audiences, and to drive users from CTV apps to mobile devices or back to CTV apps themselves. 

Gijsbert Pols, director of connected TV and new channels at Adjust, said, “CTV campaigns are set to become a fixture in app marketers’ user acquisition strategies, and early movers in Japanese CTV advertising stand to benefit greatly. CTV offers better ad quality, a more captivated audience, precise targeting for users interests, measurement and optimization for engagement rates, impressions and click-through rates.”