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IDFC First Bank gets creative with World Mental Health Day campaign—using financial lingo

Mumbai, India – For the commemoration of the World Mental Health Day last 10 October, Indian bank IDFC First Bank, which is part of the larger financial group Infrastructure Development Finance Company, has launched its latest social media campaign dedicated to promoting mental health – none other than by the use of financial terms.

Conceptualized by digital agency RepIndia, the campaign utilizes said language to present a new meaning from a mental health perspective. For instance, the term ‘investment’ is defined in the campaign as “therapy to ensure that you’re not subject to any mental health risk,” and ‘loan’ being defined as “lending an ear with interest”.

“By thus connecting commonly used financial terms with mental health issues and solutions, IDFC FIRST Bank hopes to be able to remove the stigma and taboo surrounding mental health conversations and drive significant conversations,” the bank said in a press statement.

In a statement given to MARKETECH APAC, RepIndia stated that the campaign aimed to talk about mental health from a way of investing in oneself with the goal of normalizing the conversation just like financial security is already commonly practiced in our society.

“The goal was to redefine the way we look at mental health from the perspective of financial terms that are more commonly present in our vocabulary,” the agency stated.

Said sentiment of normalizing talks on mental health stems from the fact that the aspect of mental health advocacy remains stigmatized and in a ‘crisis. 

“While financial reports have suggested that 70% of Indians now place greater emphasis on securing the future by increasing investments and savings, the mental health pandemic the nation is battling with continues to remain a crisis,” the agency stated.

The World Mental Health Day was first started as an initiative back in 1992 by the World Federation for Mental Health, a global mental health organization, which aimed at promoting mental health advocacy, as well as educating the public. For this year, the observance of said date revolved around the theme ‘Mental health care for all: let’s make it a reality’.

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TikTok SG launches new live stream for mental health awareness

Singapore – TikTok Singapore has recently launched a week-long #MentalHealthAwarenesscampaign, where it has been rolling out a series of global live streams as part of ongoing efforts to invest in its community’s mental well-being. The campaign runs until 16 September. 

On Monday, 13 September, local non-profit organization in Singapore, Mental ACT, went live to discuss ways in which people can take charge and ownership of their mental health. 

The upcoming fresh live stream will be Wednesday, 15 September, beginning at 8 pm SGT, featuring TikTok’s Head of Regional Policy, Trust & Safety for APAC, Jamin Tan. Tan will be joined by Seah Yang Hee, Deputy CEO and group director for service planning & funding in the National Council of Social Service (NCSS), as well as by non-profit partner Limitless, and TikTok wellness creators Yanni Ruth and Nur Hidayah Azman

The group will be sharing how improving mental health starts with a conversation, discussing their lived experiences, and how we can, collectively, help make sure that quality mental health care is available to everyone who needs it.

“People need more than static pages for help; they need avenues to feel heard, and platforms that are safe for their self-expression,” shared Tan. 

“We are inspired by how our community in Singapore has truly opened up a conversation about mental health, sharing and uniting others through their own inspiring stories. That is why we are pleased to be working with industry experts and mental health advocates in our efforts to raise #MentalHealthAwareness. We care deeply about our community, and will always look for new ways in which we can help to nurture their well-being,” Tan added. 

Through the campaign, TikTok invites Singaporeans to engage openly and bravely with important mental well-being issues. Aside from partnering with local non-profit organizations and independent experts, TikTok has also enlisted the presence of its ‘Youth For Good’ creators, an initiative launched by the platform that seeks to empower youths to raise awareness on mental and cyber wellness. 

Users can tune in live at @tiktoksg to join the conversations. 

TikTok first introduced #MentalHealthAwareness globally last May to mark this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week.