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BeLive Technology launches live commerce SaaS solution, ‘LORA’

Singapore – Singapore-based live streaming solutions provider, BeLive Technology, has launched its new Live Commerce Software as a Service (SaaS) solution called ‘Live One-to-Many Retail Application’ (LORA), which is specifically for retail and e-commerce industry players. This includes a set of live shopping features at a lower maintenance cost designed to help brands engage with their consumers on a more immersive and interactive level, turning the usual monologue of videos into a dialogue of live streaming capabilities.

The new solution enables businesses to customise the platform according to their branding design, as well as install and go live quickly and easily. Live shopping allows for more personalised online engagement, immersive virtual events, and immediate interactivity. Therefore, brands, retailers, or e-commerce marketplaces that are looking to create meaningful experiences for their clients will immensely benefit from BeLive Technology’s LORA. 

Moreover, the new platform enables businesses to build more intimate relationships with users and keep them loyal to brands. It also allows brands to easily maintain the technology at a lower cost.

Kenneth Tan, BeLive Technology’s CEO and co-founder, shared that since 2016, they have been working with a diverse set of brands across the globe, and this is why they notice a large demand from the industry for an affordable and scalable solution. 

“Our experience in the interactive streaming space, serving notable retail leaders puts us in the best position to build this product for the industry. We know what features are effective and impactful, and our expertise in developing custom solutions gives us that edge. Therefore, this product will allow us to empower brands across the retail and eCommerce space to go live faster and offer meaningful online shopping experiences to their customers,” said Tan.