Singapore – On-demand delivery platform Lalamove launches the ‘Make a Pawfect Move’ campaign to allow users in Asia and Latin America to help abandoned pets by donating their loyalty points.

Lalamove also partnered with SOSD, an animal shelter based in Singapore that rescues, rehabilitates, and finds new homes for stray dogs, granting them a renewed chance for a better life.

Through this new campaign, users can send their love to furry friends at SOSD by registering as members of Lalamove Rewards and accumulating LalaPoints. With a minimum of 1,250 LalaPoints, SDG5 will be donated to SOSD to provide two nourishing meals for a furry companion.

Lalamove’s ‘Make a Pawfect Move’ campaign is an extension of its ‘Deliver Care’ initiative. The campaign aims to better the lives of abandoned dogs through donations while also helping to support their shelter ‘paw-rents’ who pour their hearts into keeping the group running at SOSD.

Joining hands with pet lovers, Lalamove is encouraging everyone to join the cause and spread the word to paws-itively donate their LalaPoints to create a tail-wagging, paw-fect world for furry companions.

Alex Lin, managing director at Lalamove, said, “In recent years, the number of pet owners, particularly for dogs, in Singapore has surged from 70,000 in 2019 to 87,000 in 2022. This growing affection for pets signifies a shift in how people perceive their furry companions, treating them as beloved family members. We, like many Singaporeans, share this love. That’s why a ‘Pawfect Move’ is exciting, as it brings together our Lalamove users with a passion of ours to help pets in need. Lalamove consistently supports various aspects of pet life, including delivering essentials to our vast partner network of pet suppliers.”

“With the collective support of 57,207 active Singaporeans in our Lalamove Rewards Programme and our partnership with SOSD, we hope to raise awareness about animal welfare and create a positive impact in the lives of our beloved furry friends,” he added.

Meanwhile, Magdalene Eng, head of outreach and fundraising at SOSD, also commented, “Lalamove’s generous support will empower us with essential resources and supplies to enhance the living conditions and medical care for our rescued pets, ensuring they receive the highest level of care during their journey to adoption.”

Philippines – Djon Nacario, who led the e-commerce platform Carousell in the Philippines as managing director for a full year in 2022, has now moved to delivery platform Lalamove to be at the helm of its Philippine operations. The update was shared personally on his LinkedIn. 

Nacario assumes the same position of managing director for the platform. 

Back in 2021, Nacario became the country head of travel platform Agoda. He brings with him seasoned marketing experience where aside from the mentioned role, he was also previously Agoda’s head of market management. 

Other notable experience under his belt is working with consumer goods giant Unilever. 

In December 2022, Carousell announced that it has laid off 10% of its staff. The e-commerce is only one of the many large-scale companies that have announced downsizing since the latter part of 2022.

Hong Kong – On-demand delivery platform Lalamove in Hong Kong has launched an indoor ‘carnival’ called ‘Lalalicious CAR-nival’ which aims to showcase four top Lalamove F&B merchants and promote the platform’s cross-district food delivery. The on-ground activation is slated to run for seven days at the K11 Art Mall in Hong Kong,

Lalamove has teamed up with four popular online businesses and transformed them into a Lalamove Food Van. The line-up includes Monsoon Baking Atelier, a popular online bagel store, Nuttie B, a healthy handcrafted nut butter specialist, Heng Fook Bakery, an artisanal cookie baker specialising in home-backed chewy cookies, and Hong Kong Whistle, a Hong Kong-style craft beer brewer. 

To make the event more memorable, Hong Kong Whistle, Nuttie B, and Heng Fook Bakery will also be offering exclusive crossover products at the ‘CAR-nival’, including a passion fruit flavoured ‘CAR-nival’ NEIPA wrapped in a poster design of a vintage local movie, a brand-new Genmaicha Pistachio Butter, and limited-edition Orange Earl Grey Mochi Soft Cookie.

Meanwhile, the Lalamove Food Van is painted in the bright orange colour of the brand and adorned with ‘CAR’ elements. It features a 2-meter-tall truck photo frame where guests can instantly transform into a Lalamove driver-partner to take photos with fun handheld props for the gram. The ‘CAR-nival’ also offers fabulous prizes, as participants are invited to download the Lalamove app, and become Lalamove Rewards members, to redeem coupons with designated promotion codes for the lucky draw at the mega capsule toy machine.

“Through our curation of the ‘Lalalicious CAR-nival’, we are set to usher in a new delivery trend for the local F&B industry by encouraging Hong Kongers to break through the geographical barriers of traditional food delivery and take advantage of Lalamove’s service for cross-district delicacy delivery. Moreover, our merchant partners could enjoy free promotion opportunities to expand their customer base at the CAR-nival,” said Kristie Cheung, head of marketing communications at Lalamove.

She added, “We also hope to continue to elevate the user experience for our loyal users, especially members of the Lalamove Rewards Program, by providing prizes and perks at the CAR-nival. Currently, one in every four users on the platform is already a member of the program.”

Manila, Philippines — Lalamove in the Philippines showed its gratitude to its ‘Lalamove Star Driver’ from November 2021 to April 2022. The company surprised the riders in their respective homes, carrying their reward package as a thank you for their outstanding performance. Together with their Panalomove Partners, Lalamove paid tribute to their hardworking Partner Drivers in Metro Manila, Pampanga, and Cebu.

With the theme ‘Partner Juan Fun Day’, it was Lalamove’s turn to #LalamoveTheDistance for their Star Drivers. At the same time, they also wanted to get to know their families, right in line with this year’s Father’s Day celebration.

Also participating in this celebration were the Panalomove Partners who continue to support Lalamove and our partner drivers, such as GCash, FamilyMart, Unioil, Lalamall, Caltex, and McDonald’s, among others.

The whole initiative was documented through a live stream and can be watched on Lalamove’s Youtube channel. Through the program, Lalamove wanted to recognize its partner drivers who have served as economic frontliners in this pandemic that helped identify Lalamove as a reliable on-demand delivery app in the Philippines.

Dannah Majarocon, MD of Lalamove Philippines, said, “Because of your stories, we continue to strive to provide Winning Benefits to make sure you still win in revenue. It makes us proud to see our Star Drivers, Star Driver Awardees, and Bida Best Partners’ hard work pay off.”

On the significance of the initiative, Alfred, senior driver operations manager of Lalamove Philippines, shared, “No other prize can match Lalamove’s sincere gratitude to you. I hope we have given you pleasure and honour in our little way. We hope that we gave you some happiness and honour in our simple way.”

Hong Kong – On-demand delivery platform Lalamove has launched a regional branding campaign called ‘Make a Winning Move’, aimed at inspiring businesses around Asia and Latin America to take advantage of the platform’s various business features, strong driver-partner network, and wide-ranging fleet for a fast and reliable delivery solution. By seasoning the regional campaign with ‘local spices’, the campaign seeks to strike chords with local audiences in over 30 cities in nine different markets. 

The central creative idea behind the regional campaign revolves around scenarios where Lalamove’s service and B2B features help businesses stay ahead of the game and land a triumph. With the thematic approach developed by Hong Kong-based agency Secret Tour and creative input from local creative and production teams across the region, the brand campaign and creatives will be released in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam, as well as Indonesia, and Brazil, running across TV, digital, OOH and social advertising to cover every corner of promotional channels. Local creative teams have the freedom to cherry-pick the recipe that best resonates with their local audiences and culture to be presented in local flavours.

Two of the ‘local spices’ are the Hong Kong version of the brand video, which features two business owners competing in Kung Fu style, with a play on Hong Kongers’ favourite fighting scenes, and the Thai video, which features celebrity entrepreneur Bilkin Putthipong to resonate with first jobbers and young business owners.

Kristie Cheung, Lalamove’s head of marketing communications, said that the platform makes every endeavour to be a reliable partner of businesses and helps them jump over hurdles at all fronts of their businesses, and the campaign is a visualisation of what’s going on behind the scenes.

“We are extremely excited about the ‘Make A Winning Move’ campaign and are thrilled to introduce our brand and business solutions to more new cities in ASEAN and Latin America in a creative way this year. At Lalamove, we go the extra mile in every way possible to make everyone win in every move,” added Cheung.

Hong Kong – On-demand delivery platform Lalamove has launched a new campaign in Hong Kong, ‘Lalamove Deliver Joy’, to inspire the act of giving by using the service to deliver ‘happiness’ and ‘care’ to loved ones. As the city adapts to the new normal in the aftermath of the fifth wave of Covid-19, Lalamove reiterates its role in helping to keep family and friends connected by being able to deliver any goods – such as bouquets, nourishing soups, and hearty meals – as an act of care.

The centrepiece of the campaign is a brand video, created together with creative agency Secret Tour Hong Kong. The ad captures an interaction between a mother and son where the mother transforms into a Lalamove driver-partner to deliver a bowl of aromatic soup to her son who lives apart. The ad aims to show Lalamove’s commitment to making on-demand delivery possible for everyone “through thick and thin.”

Alex Kwan, the platform’s director of marketing, said, “The pandemic has unprecedentedly interrupted social interactions across the city and the world, therefore the need and urge to rekindle such connections are now stronger than ever. At Lalamove, we connect friends, families and businesses with goods they need via instant deliveries as and when you need them. This campaign conveys a clear message: Lalamove delivers care, joy and love to all. Our 45,000 driver partners are always at your service!”

He adds, “In our promise to meet the many different delivery needs of our customers, we want to inspire our users to deliver different items to those they love. We foster human interactions by delivering nourishing soup, brighten up people’s day by delivering fresh food ingredients, rekindle relationships by delivering bouquets and nurture human’s friendship with pets by covering the hassle of transportation. By doing all these, Lalamove is on a constant quest to inspire people across this city to build closer bonds.”

Hong Kong – On-demand delivery platform Lalamove in Hong Kong has launched a new series of initiatives this February, aimed at helping the community in fighting against the pandemic.

The initiatives include the ‘Support Our SMEs’ campaign, which was launched last 14 February 2022. It seeks to support more than 150 SMEs by providing them with exclusive promotion opportunities. 

With this initiative, Lalamove has been leveraging its own and other promotional platforms to help SMEs promote their exclusive offers. These SME partners span across a wide range of sectors such as F&B, catering, lifestyle products, sporting equipment, and electronic products, as well as apparel. 

Shing Chow, Lalamove’s founder and CEO, shared that they have been inspired by the many unsung heroes working diligently to serve the community amidst a challenging situation. 

“Our team at Lalamove has focused on leveraging our strength and strong network in the instant delivery landscape, to help non-profit organizations and SMEs affected by the pandemic moving things that matter on their behalf. We hope to extend our support to grassroots families so that we can overcome this adversity together,” said Chow.

Meanwhile, another initiative is free logistics support for non-profit organizations, which was launched last 18 February 2022. Through this, Lalamove has received more than 50 requests from NGOs for logistics support, delivering epidemic supplies such as rapid test kits, medical supplies, disinfectants, and masks, as well as food.

And lastly, the initiatives also include the donation of 10,000 rapid test kits to help grassroots families who are dealing with the pandemic. To date, Lalamove has donated 10,000 sets of rapid testing kits to various non-profit organizations that have then distributed them to the homeless, as well as grassroots families and workers, hoping to lessen their burdens in searching for the precaution item.

Hong Kong – On-demand delivery platform Lalamove in Hong Kong has launched a new campaign that transforms its delivery trucks into moving pieces of art, thanks to the support of local artistic talents.

The campaign features four artists namely Din Dong, PureHay Art, Thomas napoleon, and Wa Gor, to which they took Lalamove’s orange branding as inspiration, to present Lalamove’s diverse range of services through each of their unique styles.

For Din Dong’s art style, him and his friends are dressing up as Lalamove’s driver-partners and couriers to deliver all kinds of goods, including their furry friends, delivering surprises to Hong Kongers in every district. Meanwhile, Art’s work employed his well-known’ ‘digital punk’ style and turned Lalamove’s delivered parcels into deconstructed goods inside delivery robots’ headpieces, presenting Lalamove’s services in a futuristic way.

Napoleon’s artwork, on the other hand, depicts a ‘dreamy’ delivery scene that captures Lalamove driver and walker partners who deliver to every corner of the city with flying speed. The robot he created marked the number ‘1022’, echoing Lalamove’s anniversary. 

Lastly, Gor’s calligraphy can be seen on numerous Hong Kong movie posters. He incorporated traditional Chinese calligraphy into his artwork, giving Lalamove’s brand slogan an extra ‘oomph’ with his distinct calligraphic style. His strong and powerful strokes furnish the truck with an understated beauty while conveying a sense of safety and reliability – Lalamove’s brand promises. 

From 25 November onwards, the eight limited-edition trucks will roam the streets of Hong Kong for six consecutive months, celebrating the company’s 8th anniversary. The Lalamove trucks will make a surprise appearance on Haiphong Road in Tsim Sha Tsui on 5 December. Din Dong Cat will also join the party to deliver joy.

Alex Kwan, director for marketing at Lalamove, said, “Lalamove is not just about delivering goods. We are helping people to solve their daily problems by bringing convenience through our reliable and fast delivery service. We are pleased to partner with four talented local artists to together transform the trucks, which are usually regarded as functional tools, into art pieces that pedestrians could appreciate. 

Kwan added, “We welcome more driver-partners to join this campaign and turn their trucks into walking works of art that form parts of Hong Kongers’ lives, like Lalamove’s services.”

Lalamove is also giving out special prizes to selected consumers who capture and post pictures of the special-edition trucks on Instagram with a caption on how they plan to deliver joy to their friends and family this Christmas tagging @lalamovehk and #LalamoveSupportsLocalArtist. The event will last from 25 November to 15 December.

Hong Kong – Lalamove, one of the leading on-demand delivery platforms in Southeast Asia, has recently launched a new regional campaign with the slogan ‘Lalamove it!’, that aims to inspire their partners in Southeast Asia and Latin America to get their businesses moving with the help of Lalamove. 

At the heart of the campaign is an ad featuring a playful and vibrant aesthetic, integrated with it a catchy tune using ‘Lalamove’ as part of the lyrics to make the message stick among viewers.

It helps that the platform’s inherent branding centers around optimism, with its bright orange brand color and within its name a workable catchphrase having the word ‘move’.

The ad promotes the company’s on-demand service offerings to a multicultural audience with the message that customers can deliver anything, no matter how big or small, with Lalamove’s wide range of fleets, reliable and affordable services.

Alex Kwan, the marketing director of Lalamove, commented that technology has only accelerated over the last 18 months in the wake of COVID-19, and that the new normal has greatly impacted the local supply chain and movement of goods. With this, Lalamove constantly strives to meet the many different needs of its customers which are both SMEs and individuals alike. 

“We are extremely excited about the ‘Lalamove it!’ campaign, which will help us reach out to new audiences in the southeast markets and boost awareness of Lalamove in the social space. We can’t wait to tell the world that you don’t just move it – you ‘Lalamove it!’,” said Kwan. 

Within the campaign is a TikTok dance challenge that launched in four specific markets today. Celebrities and KOLs all over Southeast Asia have been partnered up to take the lead in the challenge.

For instance, Luis Manzano, Filipino actor and TV host, and Malaysian influencer Wingkeh and her partner Keifth, have been roped in to show off their ‘Lala-moves’ to amplify the ‘Lalamove vibe’ on social. 

Followers can then showcase their spirit and creativity by entering the TikTok challenge, performing their best #LalamoveIt dance with specially designed Lalamove stickers to win attractive prizes. 

The platform shared that the campaign is a joint effort of creative input from creative agency BBDO and produced by production studio Heckler. The TikTok campaign meanwhile was created by global media agency m/SIX.

The campaign’s ad will be shown on traditional and digital media in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand, as well as in Vietnam, Indonesia, Mexico, and Brazil. The brand campaign at large will be running across TV, digital, OOH, and social advertising, 

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Over a hundred brands will be part of Malaysia-based IPC Shopping Centre’s Mutiara Damansara New Year’s Eve countdown festival, to which the shopping center will host a 12-hour shoppable live stream.

The IPC Shopping Center is a national shopping mall anchored by Swedish home furnishing giant IKEA and one of Ikano Retail Asia’s portfolio in Southeast Asia region.

In its live stream on NYE, are exclusive deals, giveaways, and entertainment from local and international artists, which include Jeremy Zucker, Talitha Tan, and local talents such as Tata Wanqian, Koe Yeet, Natalie Chai, Fiza Saad, Ming Yue Ho, and Adzrin Mansor.

“Like many others in the retail industry, 2020 was a challenging year for us, but I am proud to say that it was during those times that we saw the best in our people and our tenants,” said Arnoud Bakker, head of leasing of Ikano Centres, part of IKEA Southeast Asia.

He added, “We remained flexible and agile, accelerating our digital developments through programs such as our personal shopper services and onboarding our tenants onto online food delivery platforms to increase their revenue streams. This event is another example of the innovation and entrepreneurship that we celebrate. We are excited that our tenants are supportive of our efforts as we continue to maintain a tenancy rate of 98 percent.”

The live stream will also host tenants while promoting their products. The exclusive deals are available for purchase until January 3, 2021, within Facebook. A collaboration with courier services Lalamove has also established to meet the same-day-delivery shopping demands for purchases made before 9 pm within Klang Valley.

“We are glad to still be able to hold onto our tradition of hosting a New Year’s Eve celebration for the community – except this time, virtually to reach a wider audience. While we are seeing a positive recovery in visitation in the past couple of weeks, we remain committed to exploring alternative ways for us to support our tenants,” said Karyn Lim, general manager of IPC Shopping Centre.

She added, “Therefore, like how Malaysians have risen to the occasion to #kitajagakita, we are thrilled to support 100 over brands across almost 40 tenants, ranging from Home Furnishing, Fashion & Sportswear, Beauty & Health, Food & Beverages, and Kids, Education & Technology, during the live stream. This New Year’s Eve will be slightly different for all, but we hope to continue offering exciting, fun, and more importantly, safe celebration for the community.”

The New Year’s Eve countdown by IPC Shopping Centre will kick off from December 31, 2020, at 12:30 pm to January 1, 2021, of the same time.