Singapore – GrabAds, the advertising arm of regional super-app Grab, has teamed up with Japanese digital marketing solution provider Media Bank to bring its tourism campaign into Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. 

Designed for the Japan Tourism Agency (JTA), the campaign aims to create awareness for travellers in Southeast Asia to ‘Discover Another Side of Japan’, going beyond the traditional tourist spots.

The campaign will be featured in the Grab app and across the Grab fleet, using various online and offline touchpoints, including in-app ads, branded challenges, and fleet activation. The campaign will showcase another side of Japan, from scenic hiking trails to historical samurai districts. 

GrabAds enables advertisers to leverage Grab’s localised insights to reach potential Southeast Asian travellers through the Grab app. This allows brands to connect with consumers at every stage of their travel journey, making it an ideal platform for inspiring interest in popular destinations such as Japan. By tapping into Grab’s deep understanding of local culture and preferences, advertisers can deliver targeted and effective campaigns that resonate with their audience.

Ken Mandel, regional managing director and head of GrabAds and brand insights at Grab, said, “We are honoured that Mediabank chose to partner with GrabAds to connect with a new generation of Southeast Asian travellers in discovering new places and experiences beyond the typical tourist spots. Our latest GrabAds travel data indicates a 1.84x increase in international travel plans this year, with 72% of Grab users planning to travel abroad. Grab users love to travel, and Japan has consistently been named their top international destination.”

He added, “There’s tremendous potential for travel and tourism brands to tap on Grab’s hyperlocal insights in Southeast Asia and create targeted campaigns for a ready-to-travel audience using the Grab app as they eat, commute, and pay. The combination of insights and a strong ecosystem on Grab provides brands with a platform for meaningful reach to build awareness and consideration.”

Meanwhile, Patrick Ngan, director of Media Bank, Inc., said, “Southeast Asia represents a vital market for Japan. We are truly inspired by the robust demand from travellers in this region, which is further reinforced by GrabAds’ insights proving that Japan is the region’s top travel destination. We are confident that leveraging Grab’s hyperlocal insights and their profound grasp of the Southeast Asian market will provide us with the most effective way to encourage potential travellers to discover another side of Japan in creative yet meaningful ways throughout the year.”