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InMoment, inQuba offers journey-first approach to CX improvement 

Sydney, Australia – Experience improvement solutions company InMoment and customer journey SaaS platform inQuba have teamed up to offer a journey-first approach to customer experience (CX) improvement to greatly reduce churn, increase adoption, and lower costs.

The combined offering gives companies a one-stop solution for customer-centric organisations to integrate their customer experience (CX) and customer journey (CJ) management programs to greatly reduce churn, increase adoption and lower costs.

In addition, the InMoment and inQuba partnership enables CX practitioners to understand why customers stall or quit a transaction across channels, and provides personalised, contextual interventions that move customers forward toward their goal.

“With this journey toolkit, customers can also track individual journeys by overlaying context, understanding segments, anticipating an action with visual analytics and machine learning (ML) all in an effort to stay agile and adaptable, optimise the experience, and remain relevant to the consumer,” both companies said in a press statement.

Wendy Greenham, senior director of global partnerships at InMoment, said, “Today, customer experience insights are not enough. What moves the needle is the ability to drive action and a tangible return on investment. inQuba, like InMoment, goes beyond insights to drive business outcomes for their clients. This partnership will help our joint customers improve acquisition and retention as well as enable reduced cost of service.”

Meanwhile, Michael Renzon, CEO of inQuba, commented, “InMoment XI combined with inQuba Journey Management takes experience improvement to an unprecedented level for CX teams, delivering the holy grail of insights to action to commercial outcome. CX leaders are demanding more – the ability to clearly identify experience themes, zoom into the underlying journeys, understand granular customer and segment detail, and change customer behaviour and commercial outcomes in real time. Together we deliver just that.”

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Experience solutions InMoment launches new AI capability

Sydney, Australia – Experience improvement (XI) solutions company InMoment has launched its new layer of intelligence, InMoment AI, aimed at enabling brands to grow through a better understanding of teams, current customers, and future customers alike.

The new intelligence comes after InMoment’s recent acquisition of, a provider of cloud and on-premise natural language processing and machine learning. Lexalytics brings two decades of expertise in NLP and machine learning to InMoment’s XI Platform, and the combination captured through InMoment AI, which accelerates companies’ ability to get to high-impact, informed actions quickly.

Through the new InMoment AI, organisations will be able to benefit from smarter data, which will provide them with an industry-intelligent data management and a complete view of analytics of the customer and employee journey, intelligent conversations, which will let them understand the sentiment and intent behind feedback with humans stepping in as needed for experience intervention, and behaviour prediction, which allows them to predict outcomes and experience scores based on business metrics and unstructured data, as well as automated action, which will automate and recommend the next-best-action for customer segments based on past experiences and current data.

Andrew Joiner, InMoment’s CEO, believes that the further investment in InMoment AI will offer their clients the unique capability to identify transformative insights from previously inaccessible data to make an unprecedented impact.

“Whether it’s using conversational surveys to solicit richer feedback, using machine learning and natural language processing on new unstructured datasets to surface growth opportunities, or using AI algorithms to predict and preemptively act on emotion or intention – InMoment AI has a solution to help brands improve experiences at every step in the customer journey,” said Joiner.

Meanwhile, Mehul Nagrani, InMoment’s general manager of AI products and technology, shared that the world is now moving beyond structured surveys, and superior machine learning and NLP/NLU are the new keys to unlocking the insights available in all of a company’s data, both structured and unstructured.

“InMoment AI is the key to understanding omnichannel experience journeys and solving the issue of a siloed and fragmented view of the customer, employee, and market,” said Nagrani.

The new InMoment AI is now available both in the cloud and on-premise.

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InMoment appoints Mehul Nagrani as GM for AI product and technology

Sydney, Australia – Experience improvement (XI) solutions company InMoment has appointed Mehul Nagrani as the company’s new general manager for AI product and technology. He brings in extensive experience in leveraging machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) to deliver artificial intelligence (AI) products and technology that operationalize experience data to drive better business decisioning.

He was most recently the founder and CEO of Fokal AI, an AI automation company and platform for ML applications. Prior to Fokal, he also served as the EVP and general manager, digital for Univision Communications where he transformed the division including its technology stack, personnel, products and overall financial performance. He was an engagement manager for McKinsey & Company, and an IC design engineer for Micron and Intel.

Nagrani’s appointment follows the recently announced acquisition of Lexalytics, a provider of cloud and on-premise natural language processing and machine learning. The Lexalytics technology team will report to Mehul, and he will report to Andrew Joiner, InMoment CEO.

For Joiner, Nagrani’s appointment comes at a significant time of growth and investment for the company, adding that when they introduced the idea of experience improvement last September and challenged the industry to do more, they did so with the knowledge that acting on data is paramount. 

“Experiences are changing every day, and expectations are dynamic. Our vision of AI is to offer faster progress and improved decision making by automating tasks that can easily be facilitated through technology. We are tuning our approach to the tasks of CX professionals to give them more scale,” Joiner stated.

Speaking about his appointment, Nagrani commented, “InMoment has consistently been recognised not only for its future-proof vision but also its ability to execute on that vision. I was drawn to InMoment largely because of its comprehensive vision, innovative approach and caliber of talent.”

He added, “While already an industry-leader, accelerating the advancement of AI-based technology that leverages all types and forms of data, will help InMoment and our customers better deliver on the promise of experience improvement. I look forward to working with the combined InMoment and Lexalytics teams to accelerate this progress.” 

InMoment has also recently appointed Eric Weight as its VP of solutions consulting for APAC.

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CX firm InMoment names Eric Weight as VP of solutions consulting for APAC

Singapore – The software application provider for customer, employee, and business experiences, InMoment, has just announced the appointment of Eric Weight, former head of presales and consulting at CX software company NICE Satmetrix, to assume the role of vice president of solutions consulting for APAC.

Weight has over 25 years of experience designing and deploying CX solutions at various B2B growth technology companies in the world. He also has considerable experience leading consulting, services, product management, and pre-sales teams worldwide.

Aside from his recent role at NICE Satmetrix, Weight has also worked as the vice president of professional services and customer success at technology expense management solutions provider MobiChord, the vice president of solutions consulting at customer experience and market research company MaritzCX, and the vice president of implementation services at cloud-based software firm Allegiance.

The latest appointment aims to support InMoment’s rapid expansion across Southeast Asia and Japan. Through this, Weight will be leading the expansion and advising companies in transforming the experiences of their customers.

Commenting on his appointment, Weight said that he has been waiting for the right time and the right company to deliver real customer experience transformation to SEA companies, and InMoment quickly emerged as a true leader in this space and has now invested in this market to make his hopes a reality.

“Having lived in the region previously, I’m thrilled to return and join the Singapore-based InMoment team and help our clients realize the ROI from Experience Improvement and become their trusted partner in delighting customers and stakeholders alike,” said Weight.

Meanwhile, David Blakers, InMoment’s managing director for APAC, said, “We welcome Eric’s talent and leadership to InMoment, and look forward to his expertise helping build high impact customer experience programs across the region.” 

In August this year, InMoment also announced the launch of its new Singapore data center, which aims to strengthen the company’s presence in the APAC region.

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CX tech InMoment opens new Singapore data center

Singapore – InMoment, the software application provider for customer, employee, and business experiences has announced the launch of its new Singapore data center, strengthening its presence in the APAC region. 

InMoment said that the establishment of the new data center is in line with its aim to accelerate growth in the Southeast Asia region and support its expanding client base in the region. 

InMoment’s provision of experience clouds dabbles in customer, employee, market, and product experience. Its flagship Experience Intelligence (XI) Platform brings together intelligence from customers, employees, and the market with the objective to drive real and actionable business value.

The XI Platform is cloud-native and helps brands move beyond managing experiences. As a first-of-its-kind in-region, InMoment said that its hyper-modern technology focuses on improving experiences so clients can prove the business value, impact, and ROI of their customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) programs.

The new Singapore data center will be providing commercial and government clients a safe and secure environment, meeting data sovereignty and security requirements in the region. InMoment said that this investment will allow more clients across the region to leverage the XI platform to power their experience improvement strategy. 

In the last two years, InMoment has opened four new offices in the APAC region – in Singapore, Shanghai, Melbourne, and Auckland. 

In April, experienced Technology Sales Executive Carl Kimball joined the Singapore office to lead sales in the region. The company shared that due to the strong demand for its services, teams in Singapore and China have increased, and therefore sees in the future a movement into a new state-of-the-art office facility in Singapore to cater to the ongoing growth. 

“Our Singapore presence has grown exponentially over the last twelve months as we have seen unprecedented demand for the new XI Platform,” said David Blakers, InMoment’s managing director of APAC. 

He adds, “We are thrilled to partner with so many of the leading brands across the Southeast Asia region, ultimately helping them to realize the benefits of CX-led business transformations.”

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Professional services H&R Block Australia taps InMoment to boost CX

Sydney, Australia – Multinational tax services company H&R Block in Australia has appointed InMoment, the experience improvement (XI) software and solutions company, to be its customer experience improvement partner. 

H&R Block deems to be the leading tax services company in the country, providing advisory on income tax returns, tax preparation, and refunds. 

The partnership aims to expand H&R Block’s current Voice of the Customer (VoC) program, with the goal of understanding exactly what customers want and expect. The new program will include listening posts across critical moments in the customer journey. By gathering solicited and unsolicited feedback, as well as using text analytics data from InMoment and its XI technology, H&R Block will unlock richer customer insights, to employ more innovative ways to deliver an improved digital experience for customers. 

According to H&R Block, they are committed to differentiating themselves by deep-diving into each customer’s experience along the process of preparing taxes. It plans to push industry boundaries and proactively meet customer’s needs in an evolving, digital-first world.

H&R Block’s Managing Director Brodie Dixon said, “Our primary goal is to provide the very best customer experience possible on every visit. Whether you visit one of our stores or engage in our digital services, we believe a strategic differentiator is our focus on continual experience improvement.”

Meanwhile, David Blakers, the managing director of InMoment APAC, commented, “This partnership is special to me on a personal level as I trained as an H&R Block tax consultant for my first proper job. We are so excited to partner with this iconic brand and see the industry as a whole turn toward being more customer-focused.”