Marketing Featured Southeast Asia merges food and art in pop-up for Environment Day in Singapore

Singapore – Digital travel platform presents an exclusive art and food pop-up experience in Singapore, bringing sustainability and environmental consciousness to the fore this World Environment Day on 5 June. 

In a first-of-its-kind partnership with plant-based resto-bar Analogue Initiative, and artists Mama Magnet and Human Spectrum, the multi-faceted experience seeks to remind us all of our impact on the planet – a consciousness hopes to reignite amongst travellers, especially as many start to explore the world again. has specially commissioned collective Mama Magnet (Singapore) and artist Human Spectrum (Thailand), to create an interactive installation, titled “As We Move”. The light-focused piece invites visitors to interact with it via their own movements – challenging visitors to be more conscious of the imprint they leave behind, especially as they embark on their travels. 

With food a big part of how Singaporeans travel, A Conscious Affair spotlights food as a medium to get visitors to reflect on what and how they consume on their travels. Partnering with Singapore’s fully plant-based restaurant and bar, Analogue, which also marks the restaurant’s first travel collaboration – this unique tasting menu is inspired by iconic destinations around the world such as Japan, Spain and Morocco. 

As the light installation activates sight, sounds and the sense of touch (through kinetic movement), the intimate menu takes over the other human senses of taste and smell – giving visitors the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the experience, where they will hopefully be encouraged to think about the small but important steps each of us can take – how we consume, move and act – to make a real difference, as the world opens up again.

This dining experience will be open to consumers from 3 to 5 June, at Analogue.