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Funding Societies, HSBC sign US$50m credit facility to drive SME growth in SEA

Singapore – Small and medium enterprise (SME) digital financing platform Funding Societies has signed a US$50m credit facility with HSBC Singapore to drive SME growth in the Southeast Asia region, especially underserved SMEs.

Through this new facility, the fintech lender will be able to channel the funds via its range of tailored financing solutions across SME segments across all its five markets.

Kelvin Teo, co-founder and group CEO of Funding Societies and Modalku, said, “We’re honoured to receive such a sizable facility from a global bank such as HSBC. This marks a critical milestone for us and is a testament to our credit track record through COVID-19.” 

He added, “HSBC’s foresight, global capabilities and scalable approach further equips us to better satisfy the underserved SME segments in the region. We appreciate HSBC’s confidence in us and are excited about this signing.”

The signing will also enable HSBC to extend its global capabilities by tapping on the underserved segments across the region. Furthermore, HSBC will act as the structuring bank, lender, facility and security agent in providing a flexible, scalable and pan-regional financing solution to support Funding Societies’ business expansion in the region.

Meanwhile, Regina Lee, Head of Commercial Banking, HSBC Singapore, said, “As a leading SME digital financing platform, Funding Societies is playing an important role in contributing to Southeast Asia’s new economic growth by driving broader financial inclusion and supporting homegrown companies which are the building blocks of these economies. We are thrilled to support Funding Societies as they expand their reach to serving underserved SMEs in the region.”

This announcement comes at the heels of Funding Societies’ most recent acquisition of regional digital payments platform CardUp, subject to regulatory approvals, as part of a series of efforts to diversify its services beyond lending.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

HSBC launches film experience ‘HSBC Futureverse’ in Singapore

Singapore – Financial service giant HSBC in Singapore has launched the ‘HSBC Futureverse’, a new experience that allows Singaporeans to view almost six million possible visions of their financial future. This campaign believes the path to a sustainable future is not about predicting the future, but about embracing its uncertainty. 

Created in partnership with Wunderman Thompson, PHD, Meta, and, the ‘HSBC Futureverse’ is a film experience and technology engine that can generate almost six million possible futures. The experience takes place on Facebook Messenger, delivering a unique and different film experience to every single person who watches it on the platform.

HSBC Singapore said, “The financial decisions driven by emotions are often where mistakes are made, and by generating acceptance and awareness of the ups and downs the future will hold, Singapore-based customers can adopt a mindset that will help them embrace uncertainty and focus on building sustainable wealth for the future.”

Together with the ‘HSBC Futureverse Experience’, HSBC Singapore is also launching an integrated marketing campaign across cinema, out-of-home, digital, and social channels to create excitement around this mindset of embracing uncertainty.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

HSBC elevates Alan Ng as new head of SME banking in Singapore

Singapore – Financial service giant HSBC in Singapore has elevated Alan Ng, former country head of global trade and receivables finance at HSBC Vietnam, to be its new head of SME banking, HSBC’s specialist coverage division supporting small businesses.

In his new role, Ng will be reporting to Regina Lee, HSBC Singapore’s head of commercial banking. This appointment succeeds Li Lian Ng, who was appointed to lead a new coverage division in March 2022, supporting internationally-minded mid-sized businesses in Singapore.

Ng joined HSBC in Singapore in 2008 and has since held coverage and sales roles across the bank’s trade and commodities divisions. Aside from his recent role at HSBC Vietnam, Ng was also the head of global trade and receivables finance at HSBC Taiwan in 2017. He also spent over 10 years at various banks in Singapore.

Commenting on Ng’s elevation, Lee said, “Alan’s many decades of experience both in Singapore and around Southeast Asia will be of great benefit to our SME customers, and will enable HSBC to continue to capture more share of this growing market.”

Marketing Featured East Asia

HSBC launches new local campaign to support HK community

Hong Kong – With the COVID-19 pandemic’s fifth wave gradually subsiding in Hong Kong, financial service giant HSBC has launched a new local campaign to support the local community, conceptualised alongside Grey Hong Kong.

Eighteen designated HSBC branches will become Hong Kong’s photo-worthy spots. To spread positivity and unveil the city’s hidden gems, each branch across the eighteen districts will showcase signature landmarks and sights of the district along with a dedicated, inspirational quote. 

The HSBC Main Building in Central also recently launched the ‘Branching Out Our Support’ light show – urging the Hong Kong community to slow down and enjoy life while capturing new opportunities. 

Luanne Lim, CEO for Hong Kong HSBC, said, “HSBC has been supporting the HK community for 157 years. Launching the ‘Branching Out Our Support” campaign allows us to stay closely connected with the community, which we hope will continue to thrive.”

Meanwhile, Sonic Choy, creative partner at Grey HK, commented, “The people in HK have been making a concerted effort to meet with all the challenges posed by the pandemic. We want to give them the opportunity to experience some joy, and enjoy all the photo-worthy spots, accompanied with inspirational quotes.”

The campaign will be rolled out in HSBC branches and on social media for the Hong Kong market. In addition, HSBC has launched a check-in mini-game on Facebook and Instagram to encourage people to tour different districts of Hong Kong. They will also randomly select 40 lucky winners to each receive an HKD2,000 HKTV Mall coupon.

Marketing Featured APAC

HSBC jumps into the metaverse with The SandBox tie-up

London, United Kingdom — Financial institution HSBC has announced its partnership with The Sandbox as it acquires a plot of LAND, a virtual real estate in The Sandbox metaverse, where it plans to engage and connect with virtual communities through gaming and esports in the future.

Suresh Balaji, chief marketing officer of HSBC Asia Pacific, said that the metaverse is how people will experience Web3, the next generation of the Internet — using immersive technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality and extended reality.

“At HSBC, we see great potential to create new experiences through emerging platforms, opening up a world of opportunity for our current and future customers and for the communities we serve. Through our partnership with The Sandbox, we are making our foray into the metaverse, allowing us to create innovative brand experiences for new and existing customers. We’re excited to be working with our sports partners, brand ambassadors, and Animoca Brands to co-create experiences that are educational, inclusive and accessible,” Balaji said.

Sebastien Borget, COO and co-founder of The Sandbox, commented, “We’re pleased to see large, trusted institutions such as HSBC join The Sandbox open metaverse and embrace the culture of Web3, connecting with users through entertainment, gaming and user-generated content. We believe this is the beginning of broader adoption of Web3 and the metaverse by institutions driving brand experiences and engagement within this new ecosystem.”

HSBC joins over 200 existing partnerships including Havas Group, Warner Music Group, Gucci, Snoop Dogg, Adidas, and Atari, all following The Sandbox’s vision of empowering players to create their own experiences using both original and well-known characters and worlds.

The agreement opens the door for other global institutions to continue innovating in Web3 as consumer adoption demands more robust experiences in the metaverse through decentralized and gamified offerings.

Marketing Featured East Asia

HSBC Premier celebrates all families that make bold decisions in latest campaign

Hong Kong – In a bid to support families in Hong Kong in every step of their way. HSBC Premier has launched a new campaign called ‘#ThisIsMyFamily’, whose core is all about the belief that a family can be however the family defines it, and that the future of families lies in their determination to make bold moves.

Conceptualised alongside Wunderman Thompson Hong Kong, the campaign features three stories, where three celebrity actors encapsulate three distinct Hong Kong families who face various life changes. The celebrities who played the characters were also carefully selected based on their personal stories to better connect with Hongkongers.

In addition, the stories were delivered through a series of thematic videos followed by a number of functional ads, depicting how each family has embraced change and made bold life decisions with HSBC Premier.

Brian Hui, head of customer propositions, international and marketing, wealth and personal banking for Hong Kong at HSBC, said, “Since its rollout in 2007, HSBC Premier has been a market-leading proposition to support the wealth aspirations of families in Hong Kong. As their banking needs continue to evolve with time and the changing concepts of family, we have reimagined our service offerings by leveraging HSBC’s global presence and connectivity, as well as solid wealth credentials.” 

He added, “Under the service reinvention, we have significantly enriched our wealth and international banking services to drive wealth creation for customers and support their children’s overseas education needs.”

The campaign started with a teaser video to arouse public interest on 21 January 2022. The three thematic videos were launched in 3 phases via TV, digital and social media channels, spanning from late January to early March 2022, to touch the hearts of our target audience. 

To maximise awareness among the mass affluent audience, specific locations were strategically selected for out-of-home ad displays in Causeway Bay, Admiralty, Tsim Sha Tsui and Central as well as digital dominations to take over the city

Meanwhile, SheungYan Lo, APAC Regional Chief Creative Officer and HSBC Global Chief Creative Officer, commented, “To enlighten Hongkongers with the warmth and hope that “family” can bring in a time like now, has given this campaign a bigger purpose. Everyone in the client, agency and production team has put in a lot of love to make sure people feel it.”

Platforms Featured Southeast Asia

HSBC, ONE Esports partner to tackle in-game, real-life financial fitness

Malaysia – Financial institution HSBC has partnered with esports media company ONE Esports, aimed at changing the way players engage with esports.

ONE Esports said that in-game resource management is a crucial strategic aspect of esports, but there is little financial guidance on how to optimise these valuable assets. As part of the partnership, both HSBC and ONE Esports will be delivering tailor-made content to help players manage prized resources in multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games, with useful hints and tips. The expert advice will also be designed to be transferable to life outside of gaming.

Moreover, ONE’s Analytics and Insights team will also be conducting research and producing a report on the SEA esports community’s preferences and behaviour’s related to financial services.

Jonathan Castleman, HSBC’s global head of brand and brand partnerships, commented that they are excited to partner with ONE Esports and work together to help gamers, fans, and teams with their in-game and real-life financial fitness.

“Our wider partnership with ONE Esports will help us to learn about an industry that is growing fast, and that is increasingly important to many of our existing and future customers,” said Castleman.

Meanwhile, Carlos Alimurung, ONE Esports’ CEO, said, “Esports has already achieved huge growth, and its potential continues to soar. HSBC has a proven track record of helping individuals and businesses unlock opportunities, and this partnership can help us all reach new heights.”

The partnership, starting as a pilot in Malaysia and Indonesia, will also see HSBC partner with ONE Esports on 10 community tournaments and one major event this 2022.

Marketing Featured East Asia

HSBC’s PayMe takes CNY tradition of red envelopes a step more modern

Hong Kong – As part of the Chinese New Year festivities, HSBC has launched its festivity-centric campaign for its mobile payment service PayMe, focusing on breaking traditional conventions and gamifying the custom by bringing family and friends together in a more fun and inclusive way.

PayMe partnered with an array of gen X, millennial and gen Z talents. Local idol Keung To, along with multi-talented artist Ivana Wong, newly formed girl group members Marf & Day, and YouTuber Ray were cast to reflect the e-wallet’s widespread popularity amongst all demographics in Hong Kong.

In addition, they also released a series of films that make reference to the classic Chinese New Year TV commercial format. Created in partnership with Ogilvy Hong Kong, the films show their star-studded outfit playing the roles of relatives, friends and colleagues and then are transformed into a fun-filled virtual world with gaming-inspired graphics amplifying the message that anyone and everyone in Hong Kong can use, play and have fun with the new group laisee function.

Jaslin Goh, head of marketing, CX and design at PayMe, said, “We’ve positioned PayMe as ‘Hong Kong’s Wallet’ and won over 2.5M hearts and those hearts are pumping fast for love of PayMe’s new elaisee feature over CNY and we’re super excited to hit a record high of over 5.3 million elaisee sent. Within a short one month period, it went viral very fast and we’ve got over 200 earned media and social shares of their love of the gamification experience. PayMe elaisee even became a new urban dictionary term in social media.”

Marketing Featured APAC

HSBC launches campaign to celebrate Asian artists in the US

United States — In honour of Lunar New Year – a holiday observed by Asian and Pacific Island countries and a feature of the Hindu-Buddhist traditions, HSBC (Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation), and creative and consultant agency Wunderman Thompson Canada have collaborated on a unique undertaking to seek the most prominent shade of red used in the included cultures to honour and elevate Asian artists in the US market.

HSBC Bank USA partnered with one of the world’s finest collections of Asian art, The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, to examine their collection of over 18,000 paintings, sculptures, textiles, and artefacts using an artificial intelligence-based program called Adobe Sensei. ‘The Luckiest Red’ has been digitally matched by Pantone to be distributed by Asian American artists for the purpose of creating works which will be shared by HSBC Bank USA in May when the US will celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

Dr Jay Xu, the Barbara Bass Bakar director and CEO at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, commented that in Chinese culture, red usually suggests something vigorous, enthusiastic, inspiring, or auspicious. Dr Xu added that it is also a common colour in classical Chinese paintings explaining that red encapsulates rich social, cultural and spiritual meanings.

Caroline Scurr, head of acquisition and engagement of U.S Marketing for HSBC Bank, commented on the uniqueness of their venture, saying, “With thousands of shades of red, the ‘luckiest’ can be hard to pinpoint – until now. The journey of finding this colour is as much about celebrating the culturally remarkable forms of art that Asian artists have contributed to the world.”

Ari Elkouby, executive creative director for Wunderman Thompson Canada, says, “The diversity and mastery of Asian art rivals many of the Western or European masters – but few are household names. We saw this as an opportunity to bring light to these amazing artists who influenced many of the more well-known artists we celebrate today.”

Marketing Featured East Asia

HSBC’s latest campaign makes new year, new goals possible

Hong Kong – To kickstart the new year, financial institution HSBC in Hong Kong has launched its annual ‘Go Goal Day’ campaign, aimed at empowering people in the country to pursue their dreams, and open up a world of opportunity as they go towards where they aspire to be.

Titled ‘1.23 Go Goal Day’, this year’s campaign was launched on 23 January, with the date and name of this day resembling the expression of ‘1, 2, 3, go!’, HSBC has made it a representation of courage for everyone who goes after their dreams. 

The campaign, which is developed in collaboration with creative and CRM agency Wunderman Thompson, includes a thematic video featuring the country’s superstar Keung To, as well as a series of social posts by influencers around the city who took the lead to share their goals.

The teaser is followed by offline stunts to engage the audience in real life, such as the iconic OOH wall in the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station in Hong Kong, a 1:1 Keung To digital greet with the audience, and an introduction of HSBC services. 

Moreover, the audience is encouraged to scan the QR code and learn more about the products and services that will potentially support them in achieving their goals. The bank has also leveraged on its LED wall to launch a brand new O2O customer journey. 

According to HSBC, during the entire Lunar New Year period, giant digital red packets will rain down the HSBC Main Building to bring luck and fortune to the city. For the very first time, the offline initiative is bringing the customers back to their social media platform, where they can participate in a game on Facebook to complete the journey.

“This full-funnel, holistic ‘1.23 Go Goal Day’ campaign will take everyone in Hong Kong closer to their hopes and dreams, whether it be financial, health goals, or just happiness in general,” said HSBC.