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Hivestack launches Uber Taxi’s first pDOOH campaign in Hong Kong

Hong Kong – Programmatic digital out-of-home (pDOOH) adtech Hivestack has launched the first pDOOH campaign for Uber Taxi in Hong Kong through their agency Mediacom Hong Kong. The ‘Go your way, Live your way’ campaign ran from July to September 2022 on multiple channels, including bus shelters and large format digital billboards.

Mediacom Hong Kong has selected Hivestack to deliver on Uber Taxi’s core proposition in empowering target audiences to be in control of the way they travel around the city. According to Hivestack, one of the challenges that come with launching a pDOOH campaign in July and August is the heavy rainfall. It shared that in order to enable the ride-hailing brand to launch its campaign, it had to leverage its advanced weather trigger and Moment Targeting capabilities so that Uber can activate its contextual ads during changing situations. 

Troy Yang, managing director for North Asia at Hivestack, shared that by utilising the agility of the platform, the brand was able to more effectively alter campaign parameters in-flight, plan dayparts, adjust ad spend, and evaluate the campaign effectiveness by understanding the audience concentration rate, performance breakdown by screens/locations and more actionable campaign insights. 

“The campaign ensured Uber Taxi was able to resonate stronger with their target audiences at the right location, with the right ad, at the right time,” said Yang.

Meanwhile, Kenny Ip, head of investment at GroupM, commented that they were excited to partner with Hivestack to deliver their omnichannel marketing campaign via programmatic DOOH for the first time, and as the pioneer of programmatic DOOH, they trusted Hivestack to raise their brand positioning in the market and drive consideration for Uber Taxi. 

“We were delighted with the ease of trading DOOH in this way, in comparison with traditional planning and Hivestack were able to provide the full scope of services for campaign setup, optimisation strategy, weather/moment targeting and post-campaign reporting just like what we are seeing possible on other programmatic media channels. Through programmatic DOOH, we were able to deliver more scale and precision than ever before in this channel,” said Ip.

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Asiaray, Hivestack launch pDOOH campaign for Gojek in Singapore

Singapore – Out-of-home (OOH) media company Asiaray and independent programmatic digital out-of-home (pDOOH) adtech company Hivestack has launched a pDOOH campaign for mobile on-demand services platform Gojek alongside Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) rail network via The Trade Desk’s demand side platform (DSP).

The campaign is launched on the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL). To launch the pDOOH campaign, Asiaray used proximity geofencing to activate Gojek’s ‘GOTOMALLS’ campaign on DOOH screens along the TEL line.

In the coming months, Asiaray will expand its digital inventory to additional TEL stations including digital floor, wall and ceiling mounted screens. This premium inventory is on for approximately 16 hours a day and is available for advertisers to reach their audiences with precise targeting during their daily travel.

Vincent Lam, chairman and executive director at Asiaray, said, “We are glad to have partnered with Hivestack again to support Gojek on the ‘GOTOMALLS’ campaign. This is another implementation of Asiaray’s unique ‘Outdoor and Online (O&O)’ new media strategy to provide our hallmark DOOH+ solution delivering fruitful results to both our customers and partners.” 

He added, “Looking ahead, Asiaray will continue to build on TEL’s role of ‘National Gateway’ with innovative advertising solutions that will brighten the passengers’ journey, and thus creating better values for advertisers as well as the brands.”

Meanwhile, Matt Bushby, managing director at Hivestack ANZ and SEA, commented, “We are thrilled to have launched the first ever programmatic DOOH campaign along Singapore’s latest Thomson East-Coast Line (TEL) following the announcement of our partnership with Asiaray in March. It’s an exciting time in Singapore as the streets are busy again and audiences are on the move, posing an unmissable opportunity for brands, agencies and omnichannel DSPs to activate DOOH with precision and scale.”

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Hivestack welcomes Benjamin Abbatiello as new global SVP of publisher solutions

Montreal, Canada – Programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) adtech Hivestack has appointed Benjamin Abbatiello, former vice president of Advanced TV at Beachfront Media, to be its new global senior vice president of publisher solutions

In his new role, Abbatiello will be responsible for driving Hivestack’s global publisher solutions division comprising its Supply Side Platform (SSP), AdServer, Yield Manager, and omnichannel demand-side platform (DSP) proposition. The publisher solutions division of the business offers this suite of tools to enable Publishers to optimise and monetise their DOOH inventory programmatically. 

Abbatiello brings valuable industry experience with over two decades in adtech, most recently from within the CTV and AddressableTV space. His knowledge across the media owner ecosystem will be invaluable in the continued growth of the Hivestack platform. Aside from his recent role at Beachfront Media, Abbatiello has also held executive roles at various notable adtech companies including Yahoo, Spot X, Interclick, Eyeblaster, and ContextWeb.

Commenting on his appointment, Abbatiello said that he has been blessed to be on the frontline for many successful and innovative ad serving initiatives in the past, and those experiences have afforded him the ability to recognize what success looks like across a variety of mediums and environments. 

“Hivestack represents all the necessary ingredients I know to be true in achieving success with a culture that fosters enthusiasm for their partners, thought leadership at every level, fierce independence and of course, agile technology at a global scale in which to connect OOH media owners and brands through one mediation voice,” he added.

Nigel Clarkson, Hivestack’s global chief revenue officer, commented that they are thrilled to welcome Abbatiello and his impressive digital experience, especially in the CTV arena.

“Aside from our DSP and SSP business, we are a global DOOH AdServer and recently launched the world’s first header bidder designed specifically for DOOH. Ben has seen those technologies evolve in other online channels and will be integral in helping global DOOH evolve in the right way,” said Clarkson.

Most recently, Hivestack has partnered with COM2US, a global multi-content and gaming platform company in South Korea, to launch the first cross-border programmatic DOOH campaign in the USA via Open Exchange through the Hivestack DSP.

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South Korean gaming platform COM2US launches cross-border programmatic DOOH campaign in USA

Seoul, South Korea – COM2US, a global multi-content and gaming platform company in South Korea, has partnered with programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) adtech Hivestack, to launch its first cross-border programmatic DOOH campaign in the USA via Open Exchange through the Hivestack DSP.

Using the Hivestack Custom Audience and Geotargeting technology, COM2US has advertised its new baseball game ‘MLB 9 innings 22’, to a custom audience of baseball enthusiasts in the Los Angeles area and at specific points of interests (POI) including the Angel Baseball Stadium of Anaheim during the Major League Baseball tournament. 

Through this partnership, COM2US has successfully connected and engaged further with its target audience leveraging trigger targeting capabilities available within the Hivestack DSP, activating the campaign every three hours before the game was set to begin using a proximity geofence of a 10km radius of the stadium.

Hivestack said that its advanced programmatic DOOH technology enables local and global buyers to access premium DOOH screens in over 25 markets across the world. In turn, media owners can benefit from both domestic and international revenue from brands, agencies and omnichannel DSPs – a revolutionary evolution of the OOH channel.

Hoon Lee, Hivestack’s vice president of demand and supply for Korea, commented that through this innovative, cross-border campaign, COM2US are setting a new global digital paradigm in the gaming industry in Korea. 

“Throughout the campaign, we were able to adjust campaign parameters in real-time and select the most suitable DOOH locations for the target audience. We look forward to expanding our partnership with COM2US to launch numerous campaigns internationally in the future,” said Lee.

Meanwhile, Youngjoo Park, COM2US’s director of marketing and content center, shared that the collaboration with the Hivestack team has enabled COM2US to light up new markets and bring our campaigns to a global audience.

“With Hivestack’s Geotargeting technology, we were able to deliver the advertisements at the right time, at the right place, to the right customer,” said Park.

Most recently, Hivestack has extended its partnership with Asiaray, an out-of-home (OOH) media company with a strategic focus on mega transport advertising media management. This partnership will see Asiaray offering both domestic and international buyers the opportunity to activate programmatic DOOH campaigns via Private Marketplace (PMP) deals through the Hivestack SSP and direct deals via the Hivestack Ad Server.

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Hivestack, Asiaray extends partnership in Mainland China

Shanghai, China – Programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) adtech Hivestack has extended its partnership with Asiaray Media Group, an out-of-home (OOH) media company with a strategic focus on mega transport advertising media management. This partnership is already active in Hong Kong SAR and Singapore, and now in Mainland China. 

Through this extended partnership, Asiaray will be offering both domestic and international buyers the opportunity to activate programmatic DOOH campaigns via Private Marketplace (PMP) deals through the Hivestack SSP and direct deals via the Hivestack Ad Server.

Moreover, the partnership will be enabling local and global brands, agencies, and omnichannel DSPs to drive additional scale through programmatically activated DOOH campaigns across Asiaray’s premium transport media inventory in major airports including Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Haikou, Xiamen, Chengdu, Kunming, Zhuhai, and Zhengzhou, as well as in key metro stations across Beijing.

Aileen Ku, Hivestack’s general manager for China, commented, “We are excited to partner with Asiaray in mainland China to drive further business growth for brands, agencies and omnichannel DSPs looking to benefit from the power of programmatic DOOH. Through this partnership with Asiaray, we are thrilled to provide more flexibility for advertisers to target audiences at unprecedented scale through programmatic activation via the Hivestack SSP and Ad Server.”

Meanwhile, Troy Yang, Hivestack’s managing director for North Asia, shared that the addition of Asiaray as one of their important media partners in Mainland China was another huge milestone for Hivestack as they continue to drive their business growth across North Asia. 

“The partnership provides domestic and international marketers with the opportunity to further reach audiences across the region with even broader coverage across premium sites leveraging Hivestack’s leading programmatic technology,” said Yang.

Vincent Lam, chairman, CEO and founder at Asiaray Media Group, noted, “We are excited to extend our partnership with Hivestack, the industry pioneer for programmatic DOOH, and offer our clients a way to drive added reach and impact as a part of their omnichannel plans. Through this partnership, we look forward to leveraging the Hivestack platform to accelerate the adoption of programmatic DOOH in Greater China.”

Just recently, Hivestack has announced its official membership to, an organisation that oversees open source prebid programmatic advertising solutions. Through this, Hivestack will be able to further support its efforts in driving the adoption of an open-source unified auction framework for programmatic DOOH and join its peers to help build and shape the ad tech ecosystem.

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Hivestack announces official membership at

Montreal, Canada – Programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) adtech Hivestack has announced its official membership to, an organisation that oversees open source prebid programmatic advertising solutions.

Through the membership, Hivestack will be able to further support its efforts in driving adoption of an open source unified auction framework for programmatic DOOH and join its peers to help build and shape the ad tech ecosystem. consists of over 150 members, representing exchanges, publishers, buyers and third-party developers dedicated to creating standardised solutions for programmatic advertising. It manages open source projects Prebid.js, Prebid Mobile, and Prebid Server, as well as other key pieces of technology adopted by thousands of publishers. Prebid.js launched in 2015 to make header bidding easy for publishers by bringing conformity and simplicity to the header bidding process.

In addition to managing this open source technology, also plays an active role in the online advertising ecosystem by being a neutral and independent body that makes it easy for advertising technology companies to work together with publishers to solve problems for the industry.

Mina Naguib, global chief technology officer, said, “We are proud to announce our membership with, an independent organisation designed to ensure and promote fair, transparent, and efficient solutions for our industry. Our membership with comes at an opportune time for our business as we continue to develop our software and launch innovative, industry-first technologies that will benefit the entire ecosystem, such as our purpose-built ‘Yield Manager/Header Bidder’. We are delighted to have joined our esteemed colleagues, peers and partners across the programmatic ecosystem who are all members of”

Through its new ‘Yield Manager’, Hivestack successfully established a powerful and transparent solution for its publishers, in this case, DOOH media owners, to monetize their inventory effectively across multiple SSPs in a unified manner.

“Much like in the online ecosystem, a header bidding solution replaces the ‘waterfall’ method where inventory is offered to one ad network at a time and then moved onto the next if the floor price isn’t met until all impressions are hopefully sold. Although this process works in practice, publishers risk missing out on revenue because of the lack of real-time competition on each individual ad opportunity. Yield optimization solutions let all partners bid simultaneously in a unified auction framework model,” Hivestack said in a press statement.

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Hello Media selects Hivestack as its SSP partner for programmatic buyers in Korea

South Korea – Hivestack, the independent programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) ad tech company has announced a partnership with Hello Media, Korea’s largest digital out of home media provider within hospitals and medical centres, to offer brands, agencies and omnichannel DSP’s the opportunity to buy their premium DOOH inventory programmatically through the Hivestack Supply Side Platform (SSP).

Through this partnership, Hello Media will be able to drive additional revenue via programmatic DOOH campaigns, from both local advertisers in Korea and global advertisers looking to target audiences across their 1,800 screens in over 1,200 hospitals in Korea. Hello Media’s advanced hardware technology offers the opportunity for traditional out of home (OOH) advertisers to expand into the DOOH landscape and with Hivestack’s truly programmatic, global marketplace, advertisers across Korea will be able to optimize the scope of programmatic DOOH advertising at a global scale.

Kyuhan Lee, CEO of Mobin, Hello Media, shared, “We are thrilled to partner with Hivestack, the leader in programmatic DOOH globally. We are planning to expand into various media channels in the future, and we look forward to expanding our partnership with Hivestack to launch numerous campaigns for clients both within Korea and internationally.”

Yoonseung Jekal, director of publisher development, Hivestack, Korea, commented, “It is a very exciting time for the OOH market in Korea and we are excited to partner with Hello Media to accelerate the adoption of programmatic DOOH in the market. Hivestack is at the forefront of digital transformation globally and with our market-leading technology, combined with Hello Media’s impressive array of Healthcare inventory, we can deliver incredible outcomes for domestic and international advertisers looking to reach audiences across the region.” 

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Hivestack, Yahoo announce strategic tie-up for global DOOH efforts

New York, USA — Yahoo and Hivestack, the independent programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) ad tech company, has announced a global strategic partnership to connect their industry-leading technologies, and enable premium, programmatic DOOH cross-channel media campaigns on a worldwide scale.

Via the partnership, Yahoo’s omnichannel demand side platform (DSP), will be integrated into the Hivestack supply side platform (SSP), which will allow Yahoo and its clients to access Hivestack’s premium global DOOH inventory through real-time bidding (RTB) transactions via open exchange and private marketplace (PMP) deals.

Bruno Guerrero, COO at Hivestack, said, “The evolving programmatic DOOH landscape has created numerous opportunities for brands, agencies and media owners to leverage the channel to drive meaningful and measurable connections with audiences across the globe.”

Guerrero adds, “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to integrate with the Yahoo DSP to facilitate seamless, efficient experiences for omnichannel marketers to transact across DOOH programmatically, providing access to premium global DOOH inventory and data.”

Interested advertisers and agencies can immediately access Hivestack’s global DOOH inventory through the Yahoo demand side platform.

Iván Markman, chief business officer at Yahoo, commented, “Early in the space, Yahoo has helped advertisers maximise DOOH screens throughout the consumer journey and foster meaningful and memorable connections. This partnership amplifies that ability and provides Yahoo DSP advertisers with the diverse, global and premium OOH inventory Hivestack affords.”

Meanwhile, Barry Frey, president and CEO of DPAA, shared that the out-of-home sector has seen a resurgence in the last year, fueled by innovative creative execution, digital facilitation and a return to ‘normal’. Frey says that they are thrilled to see major players and DPAA Board Members like Yahoo and Hivestack connect to facilitate these interactions between consumers and brands.

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Hivestack launches metaverse-oriented research division

Toronto, Canada   Independent programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) ad tech company, Hivestack, has today announced the launch of a new research division that will focus on exploring in-store, programmatic media activation in the metaverse. Former Microsoft Research managing director and computer vision pioneer P. Anandan joins Hivestack as a special advisor to spearhead the initiative.

According to a recent eMarketer report advertisers spent $31B USD in 2021 in the US on retail media, with a path to $100B in the coming years. The findings of the report showed that the majority of the ad spend went to advertising on Amazon and Walmart’s digital assets. A growing trend is that large, big box retailers are implementing custom ad tech stacks with identity solutions to monetize their online marketplace as well as their physical stores. 

Metaverse stores will enable advertising opportunities for marketers to connect with consumers – in particular, their avatars, at the point of purchase – on virtual in-store walls, virtual digital endcaps, and even virtual in-store audio advertising. Preliminary research shows that consumer engagement in the metaverse will far exceed current online experiences and thus lead to deeper engagement with ensuing greater outcomes for advertisers.

Andreas Soupliotis, founder & CEO of Hivestack shared, “With the launch of our research division, we are prototyping how ad tech can be used to programmatically activate ad opportunities in virtual retail stores in the metaverse. In this environment, the consumer is technically inside their homes shopping via VR headsets, but their avatar is out-of-home. Much of Hivestack’s full-stack technology for digital out-of-home activation and monetization applies to retail metaverse advertising, but some important computer science gaps remain to be addressed. We launched this initiative to formulate the needed technology to make programmatic DOOH a success in the meta as well as the physical world.“

The use of meta and crypto-related concepts to buy and sell DOOH ads is already happening. As an example, Hivestack’s exclusive partner in Japan, LIVE BOARD (a wholly owned subsidiary of NTTDocomo and Dentsu Japan) have already started to experiment selling outdoor advertising space as NFTs, representing the first initiative in Japan to sell outdoor advertising rights as an NFT.

P. Anandan commented on his new role of special advisor at Hivestack, “I am thrilled to be advising Hivestack on this new direction of avatar-based out-of-home advertising. There are some important technology, product and engineering challenges that need to be addressed in order for marketers to benefit from this new generation of advertising.”

According to Anandan, there are many unanswered questions regarding how media payments will be made to metaverse retailers, with cryptocurrencies possibly being used. In such cases, RTB bid requests and responses between DSPs and SSPS would be based on cryptocurrency CPMs. With this, he is looking forward to helping Hivestack grow a research team that will address these new frontiers in ad tech and provide marketers with the solutions they will need to succeed in the burgeoning field of ‘Meta Marketing’.

Kevin McDonald, CEO of Kinetic Canada, commented, “The retail metaverse is opening up a new reality for consumers that blends the sensations of physical, out-of-home shopping with ease of mobile shopping.”

Kevin adds that Kinetic Canada is laser-focused on driving precise measurable outcomes for our clients. As the lines blur between consumers and their avatars, the combination of real-world, retail DOOH and metaverse retail digital out-of-home advertising is an important area of exploration to them and their clients.

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PilotTV Media selects Hivestack as its SSP partner in Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan – Digital signage operator and digital out-of-home (DOOH) media provider PilotTV Media has partnered with adtech Hivestack. Through this partnership, PilotTV will integrate their premium DOOH inventory into the Hivestack supply side platform (SSP). 

PilotTV Media’s digital place-based media inventory will be available programmatically to both local and global advertisers via Open Exchange deals and Private Marketplace (PMP) buys. Advertisers will initially have access to six large LED digital screens located in the popular Kaohsiung Metro Stations in Taiwan. 

In addition, brands, agencies and omnichannel DSPs both within Taiwan and globally will be able to purchase and run data-driven and highly impactful programmatic DOOH campaigns in the country.

Troy Yang, managing director for North Asia at Hivestack, said, “We are excited to build on the momentum we have already created in North Asia and continue our expansion in Taiwan through this new partnership with PilotTV Media. Our partnership with PilotTV is instrumental in our vision of building up the largest local DOOH marketplace in Taiwan, just like all the other markets we operate in, so buyers can precisely target their audience throughout their path to purchase journey.”

Meanwhile, YF Juan, VP for international operations and infrastructure services at PilotTV, commented, “Hivestack is the natural partner for us in Taiwan given their position as a world leading programmatic DOOH adtech company. Leveraging our existing technical infrastructure, we are excited to partner with a pioneer for programmatic trading to drive growth through DOOH advertising campaigns across our increasingly large network of inventory in Taiwan.”

Recently, Hivestack has announced a partnership with KanBan Culture, a privately owned programmatic DOOH media owner in Taiwan.