Philippines – Globe has joined the ‘Working With Cancer’ initiative, coordinated by multinational advertising and public relations agency Publicis Groupe and aims to eliminate the cancer stigma and provide more assistance to employees afflicted by cancer. 

The initiative urges corporate executives to take the lead in eradicating the stigma and uneasiness that cancer patients experience at work and in fostering a supportive environment for those who most need it. This is in line with Globe’s mission to give its workers all-encompassing support and care so they always feel safe and appreciated. 

Globe has committed to a five-point action plan, which includes understanding and implementing policies and programs to support affected employees, raising employee awareness of the commitment, fostering workplace conversations about the disease, tracking progress, and continuously learning and improving support measures. 

Renato Jiao, Globe’s chief human resource officer, emphasised the company’s emphasis on preventive measures, such as yearly physical exams for early detection and preventive care, in order to preserve the health and wellbeing of its workers. Along with launching health education and awareness initiatives, Globe is always looking for new and creative ways to meet the medical requirements of its employees. 

Nearly half of the estimated 9,000 cancer deaths in the Philippines each year are thought to be premature or avoidable, according to the government think tank Philippine Institute for Development Studies in 2023. Additionally, the nation reports about 25,000 new instances of cancer annually. 

Speaking about the initiative, Ernest Cu, Globe president and CEO, said, “Globe is a highly focused entity when it comes to employee welfare. We hope to set an example for the rest of the community in terms of supporting employees in this situation. My hope is that by bringing this issue to the forefront and to public awareness, we’ll be able to raise funding and draw more attention to it.” 

He added, “Aligned with our commitment to Alagang Globe, we promise to handhold our employees throughout their entire journey with us. Our care is a constant presence, and we continuously prioritise their comprehensive well-being and growth, especially their health.” 

Meanwhile, Paolo Borromeo, AC Health president and CEO, stated, “AC Health is deeply honoured to build on our longstanding partnership with Globe, which reflects our shared commitment to elevating healthcare for their employees. Through programs like Working With Cancer, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive care and support to employees facing cancer, ensuring they receive the best possible treatment and assistance throughout their journey.” 

Lastly, Arthur Sadoun, Publicis Groupe CEO, said, “Today you are joining over 1,700 companies all over the world who are committed to build a more inclusive, more supportive workplace for all of those impacted by cancer and their families. I cannot thank you enough for joining us in this journey. We are so proud to have Globe by our side and signing the pledge is just another example of your exemplary company culture, always investing in your people and their well-being.” 

Hong Kong – Telecommunications companies HKT, AIS, Globe, Optus, Singtel, Taiwan Mobile, and Telkomsel have announced that they will be initiating a collaboration as an alliance to launch a first-of-its-kind cross-border rewards programme.

This collaboration between the companies aims at delivering greater value to eligible customers when they travel to Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan or Indonesia where the telcos are respectively based.

The programme, which is set to be progressively rolled out in the second half of 2024, will allow eligible travelers to enjoy special offers and redeem vouchers for transport, dining, merchandise, services and other incentives from the relevant telcos’ apps conveniently when they visit any of these markets.

Additionally, they can also access customer support from their telco via calls or online while overseas for free.

Talking about this initiative, Monita Leung, chief executive officer of Digital Ventures at HKT, said, “Through this collaboration, we are delighted to extend these privileges to customers of the Alliance visiting Hong Kong, enriching their local travel experiences and contributing to the tourism industry in Hong Kong. Moreover, HKT customers can relish the convenience of a seamless journey and take advantage of enticing cross-border special offers when traveling to the markets within the Alliance.”

Pratthana Leelapanang, chief consumer business at AIS, added, “The collaboration in this project marks a significant global milestone, as major telecommunications service providers in the Asian region come together to enhance customer care across borders with the concept of the world’s first cross-border telco rewards. This sets a new standard in the telecommunications industry, aiming to enhance the ultimate experience and unique privileges for AIS customers when traveling and using services from partner networks in six destinations.”

Darius Delgado, head, consumer mobile business at Globe, also added, “Through this programme, we will be able to give cross-border perks, experiences and unique offers to our subscribers when they travel to partner destinations. With this, we can ensure that when yuppies travel with GOMO PH, they are in for an adventure of a lifetime!”

Matt Williams, managing director of customer solutions at Optus, mentioned, “We are thrilled to be part of the launch of this pioneering travel rewards programme, representing our commitment to enhancing the lives of our valued Optus customers. We are looking forward to bringing this programme to our customers soon and invite them to join us in these unique experiences.”

Anna Yip, chief executive officer, business development at Singtel, remarked, “We value our customers’ loyalty and want to enhance their travel experience. With this unique reciprocal rewards programme, our customers can access exciting local rewards and offers when they visit any of the markets within the Alliance. We’re starting with our regional partners but plan to expand this programme to cover key travel corridors and popular destinations globally so our customers will have an even wider array of opportunities and new experiences to enjoy when they’re abroad.”

Meanwhile, Tony Lin, chief consumer business officer at Taiwan Mobile, said, “Imagine browsing authentic Taiwanese souvenirs while waiting for your flight, and paying for all your purchases using your loyalty points! That’s the exciting innovation we’re bringing to travellers through the Telco Rewards Alliance. Over ten million travellers across the Alliance’s participating telco networks can seamlessly access local data plans, convenient airport transfers, and unforgettable experiences, all with a few taps on your phone. This initiative will revolutionise travel convenience and customisation for our customers. Join us and discover the magic of Taiwan, one delightful reward at a time!”

Lastly, Derrick Heng, chief marketing officer at Telkomsel, commented, “Reflecting Telkomsel’s steadfast dedication to pioneering innovations and surpassing customer expectations, we are proud to introduce the world’s first cross-border telco rewards programme. This pioneering initiative aims to enrich the international travel experience, offering them superior benefits and the opportunity to immerse themselves in unique local experiences just like a local.”

Manila, Philippines – Globe has launched its latest campaign, “Number Mo, Identity Mo,” urging consumers to prioritize SIM registration to safeguard themselves from online dangers.

The campaign aims to raise awareness about the significance of SIM registration in protecting one’s digital identity. The initiative adds a creative twist, emphasizing that a SIM is not just a number but an extension of one’s identity. By registering their SIMs, customers take a crucial step in safeguarding their digital identity from potential scams.

Yoly Crisanto, chief sustainability and corporate communications officer of Globe group emphasized the urgency of the issue and urged all Globe customers, including prepaid users, to register their SIMs before the deadline.

“Online safety is a pressing issue in today’s digital age. Through this unique initiative, we hope to drive home the point that our SIMs are a crucial part of our digital identity and must be protected,” said Crisanto.

Moreover, Globe’s SIM registration has been ongoing since December 2022, with various SIM registration drives conducted and will end by July 25. 

Further, the campaign features popular celebrities Kuya Kim Atienza and Kiray Celis, whose online identities were humorously “hacked” by talented stand-up comedians and improv artists impersonating them.

Meanwhile, registration can be conveniently done via the GlobeOne app, Globe’s SIM registration microsite, or the GCash app for fully verified GCash account holders.

In the fight against online scams, Globe stresses that collective efforts are essential, and compliance with SIM registration is a significant step towards ensuring a safer digital environment for all.

Manila, Philippines – Almost a year after it was launched, local telco giant Globe has reintroduced its #MakeITSafePH campaign to continuously promote responsible and mindful online behaviour across the Philippines’ internet space.

The campaign was first launched in June 2022, which has then gained support from various stakeholders, including commercial partners, the academe, and lawmakers.

The campaign also reintroduces the microsite for the campaign, which includes the ‘Cyberbullying Glossary’, which collects common terms and emojis used in such acts alongside real anecdotes where these were perpetuated. Globe later turned these terms into digital and physical flashcards to bring parents’ learning offline, also partnering with external organisations to demonstrate how seemingly-harmless terms or emojis can be used against children.

Moreover, the telco also launched two digital films on social media to encourage visits to the website. The first film, ‘Parents Social Experiment’, showed how parents find it hard to decipher words and emojis that kids today use for cyberbullying, and how learning this novel language may help them better protect their children. The second film, ‘Off to School’, emphasised the impact of cyberbullying on children’s physical and mental health.

Lastly, Globe tapped KonsultaMD, its telemedicine platform that recognizes the need for digital and mental health. For a more holistic approach, the #MakeITSafePH site provides access to free mental health consultations via KonsultaMD for families who have experienced or are experiencing cyberbullying. 

Yoly Crisanto, chief sustainability and corporate communications officer at Globe Group, emphasised the importance of teaching online safety and responsibility to protect the youth’s mental health.

“The family serves as the ultimate safety net against cyberbullying. We want to equip parents and guardians with the necessary tools and knowledge to provide a safe and responsible online environment for their children. We hope to promote digital well-being among the youth by emphasising the crucial role of families in protecting young people from the harmful effects of cyberbullying,” she said.

Manila, Philippines – Top industry players in the Philippines including, Globe, GMA Network, Cignal TV, KROMA Entertainment, and Smart Communications have joined hands with the Asia Video Industry Association’s (AVIA) Coalition Against Piracy (CAP) to announce the formation of the Video Coalition of the Philippines (VCP).

The VCP aims to push for stronger intellectual property protection in the country that will protect both original content and users, as well as promote the Philippines’ creative and media industries, not only in the Philippines but around the world.

VCP convenors will also be building on the momentum of the presentation of the proposed Revised Intellectual Property Code in the Philippines’ 19th Congress in July and the recent Protection of Online Content Summit held on September 2 in Manila. House Bill No. 0799, filed by Albay 2nd District Rep. Joey Salceda, aims to update the Philippines’ patent application system and make it ‘more attuned to the digital age’. It also ‘provides for technologies and media that were not anticipated’ at the time the intellectual property code was enacted.

Moreover, proposed revisions give regulators greater authority to combat IP violations, including the power to issue ‘permanent blocking orders, takedown orders, cease-and-desist, or disable access orders’ against websites, service providers, and online platforms, including social media. The current IP code does not cover electronic or online content in its definition of pirated goods and lacks clear provisions that would allow for efficient and effective site blocking, and other interventions against online IP violations.

Matt Cheetham, CAP’s general manager, said, “With the presentation of Bill No. 0799, ‘An Act Establishing for the Revised Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines’ to the House, the Philippines has a golden opportunity to not only update and future proof its intellectual property regime, but to act as a launching pad for intellectual property to protect consumers and advance the overall Philippine economy.” 

Cheetham further noted CAP’s recent YouGov survey showed Philippine consumers believe a government regulation for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block pirated content would be the most effective measure to reduce piracy in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, Anton Bonifacio, Globe’s chief information security officer, said, “Revising the Intellectual Property Code will go a long way in protecting Filipino consumers from the dangers that lurk in pirate sites and improving cybersecurity in the country, especially as Filipinos now rely heavily on digital platforms.”

Jil Go, KROMA’s head of broadcast and publishing, noted, “Upholding intellectual property rights in the Philippines enables the creative industry to grow and thrive. KROMA, through the Video Coalition of the Philippines, is committed to collaborating with stakeholders to ensure that this is observed, for the industry’s success and sustainability.”

Joseph T. Francia, GMA International’s first vice president and head of operations, said, “GMA’s participation in the Video Coalition of the Philippines presents an opportunity to further strengthen our existing anti-piracy initiatives by working with other players in the industry to push for the implementation of site blocking mechanisms and help protect our viewers and GMA content against unauthorised uploaders.”

Pointing to the impact of site blocking in Indonesia, where traffic to pirate sites has dropped by more than 75% since the government implemented their rolling site blocking procedures in 2019, Cheetham further noted, “The effectiveness of site blocking is backed up by CAP’s most recent YouGov consumer surveys in which more than 50% of Indonesian consumers say that they have stopped or rarely access pirate services as a result of the highly efficient and effective blocking measures in place there.”

“Perhaps, more importantly, 76% of Indonesian consumers say they are accessing more legal content and pirating less, and 26% have subscribed to legitimate sources as a result of illegal streaming sites being blocked. Blocking as an educational tool may also be evident in 95% of Indonesian consumers agreeing that online piracy does have negative consequences – the highest in the region,” said Cheetham.

Manila, Philippines – Tech giant Google has announced that it will provide 39,000 Google Career Certificate scholarships to equip Filipino students and job seekers from underserved communities with job-ready skills. This aims to help them land career opportunities in high-demand industries such as IT.

The Google Career Certificates provide a suite of flexible online training programs available on These certificates, built and taught by Google, are designed to provide learners from all backgrounds with digital skills within an estimated time of three to six months. The four certificate options that Google provides are IT Support, UX Design, Data Analytics, and Project Management, which are available for everyone aged 18 and above and require no previous degree or experience. 

“Google is committed to supporting the Philippines’ economic growth through the opportunities created by the country’s growing digital economy. With the unemployment rate at 5.2% and rapidly growing job postings in tech, Google hopes to address the digital skills gap and improve the lives of thousands of Filipinos for themselves and their families by providing free Google Career Certificates,” said Bernadette Nacario, country director of Google Philippines.

Moreover, Google will be working closely with local partners such as the Globe Group and government stakeholders, including the Department of Trade and Industry and the Department of Information and Communications Technology, to distribute the scholarships. These distribution partners will nominate qualified recipients and track the progress of the scholars.

Yoly Crisanto, Globe’s group chief sustainability and corporate communications officer, noted, “Empowering today’s workforce with digital and job-ready skills is important to lead the country towards economic development. The Globe Group is honoured to play a vital role in the Google Career Certificates program in the Philippines that will help 39,000 young Filipinos with advanced IT courses.”

Meanwhile, Alfredo Pascual, secretary at the Department of Trade and Industry, said, “As we continue to move towards inclusive growth and employment generation, programs like the Google Career Certificate scholarships are invaluable to our mission of creating globally competitive industries. We laud Google for launching this initiative that will bridge 39,000 students and jobseekers to in-demand career opportunities in tech and IT.” 

Atty. Ivan John Enrile Uy, secretary at the Department of Information and Communications Technology, commented, “We thank Google for launching this high-impact program in the country that will not just create career pathways for thousands of Filipinos but will help the Department champion the economic benefits of a digital Philippines.”

Manila, Philippines – Local telco giant Globe has launched a new portal called which aims to educate and raise awareness within the public about internet safety, especially cyberbullying, which affects many young people.

The site includes a glossary that lists the most popular terms and emojis that the youth currently use in chats and social media. This urban dictionary can help parents and guardians detect if their children are being exposed to offensive language or being bullied online. 

In addition, the site also gives free access to eModules from the Digital Thumbprint Program (DTP), a series of workshops developed by Globe based on the Optus Digital Thumbprint in-school program in Australia. It aims to promote digital citizenship and cyber safety among the youth for a safe online experience. The e-modules may be used by teachers, parents, the youth, and the general public.

The site launch is aligned with Globe’s commitment to equitable access to quality education and the promotion of lifelong learning under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Yoly Crisanto, chief sustainability and corporate communications officer at Globe, said, “We would like the public to learn more about responsible online citizenship to keep netizens safe and protected from cyber violence, scammers, malicious attacks, and other online threats. At the same time, we are able to provide access to professional help if these concerns are already affecting their mental wellness.”

According to Globe, the site is crucial in bringing light into the safety of children online which largely rests upon those who watch over them. The site aims to arm parents, guardians and caregivers with the know-how that would enable them to get actively involved in teaching online safety and responsibility to children.

Philippines —The Globe Group has created AdSpark Holdings Inc. to consolidate initiatives around its adtech and data capabilities. It will be part of the 917Ventures’ portfolio of industries. To lead AdSpark Holdings is Nikko Acosta, who will serve as its CEO. Acosta also retains his position as chief strategy officer of the Globe Group.

Comprising the holding company are digital and mobile marketing solutions provider AdSpark, multi-channel messaging platform M360, intelligence-powered solutions provider iNQUiRO, and adtech startup Deep Sea. This initial portfolio forms a strong base foundation where the Globe Group’s digital advertising and data business can further thrive and scale.

On the other hand, Acosta, AdSpark Holdings’ new CEO, is one of Globe’s proven, steadfast, driven, and results-oriented leaders with nearly 20 years of experience across mobile, broadband, enterprise, international, and content. He has amassed general management experience working and collaborating with people.

Ernest Cu, CEO and president of Globe, said, “Our assets and capabilities in data, advertising, and Customer Relationship Management for B2B sit in various parts of the Globe Group and render solutions to customers independently.”

Cu adds, “But it has now become imperative to synergize and capitalize on their collective capabilities, increase operational efficiencies, build compelling solutions on data and ad-tech, and innovate at a macro level to maximize opportunities.”

Vince Yamat, MD of 917Ventures, the wholly-owned corporate venture builder subsidiary of Globe, shared, “With Acosta at the helm, we are confident that he can bring AdSpark Holdings to greater heights.”

The Globe Group’s growing portfolio encompasses services around telecommunications, ICT, financial technology, health, retail, outsourcing, entertainment, digital media, ad-tech and data. These allow its customers and partners to leverage digital and technology-based products and services for their business and lifestyle needs.

Manila, Philippines – Local media and entertainment company KROMA has teased its so-called ‘tradigital’ entertainment offering through an extended reality (xR) event hosted by the company on 6 April. In it, they showcased KROMA’s immersive experience for its online audience by combining the physical and virtual worlds.

Far from the usual green screen execution, the xR disguise is a more dynamic and intense production. It allowed KROMA officials to interact smoothly with complex virtual effects and real-time computer graphics, resulting in more natural shots. Moreover, The xR disguise platform creates exciting live visual experiences based on augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR).

According to Denise Seva, head of KROMA’s full-service activation brand LiveMNL and Music, they will continue to evolve by integrating the live component and product and tech innovations in the digital space.

“We at LiveMNL are always on the lookout for something fresh and innovative in delivering our events – be it ours or for our clients. I’ve seen a lot of comments that people were very impressed and happy with what we produce, so expect more of that coming from LiveMNL,” Seva said.

Meanwhile, Ian Monsod, CEO at KROMA, said the launch production is not the sole proof that shows how KROMA is going beyond content to further enrich the audience experience. He added that by being part of the Globe Group’s telecommunications and technology ecosystem, KROMA can connect consumers to related interests and passion points, communities, brands, websites, apps, and services essential to their daily lives.

“We are a diverse team of passionate individuals who bring together varying perspectives and points of view to create something engaging, exciting, and trailblazing for the Filipino audience. We do this across our ecosystem of brands, creators, content, and experiences. We have something for everyone’s entertainment,” Monsod said.

Indonesia – Content marketing agency Green Park Content (GPC) has won the digital and creative mandates for Indonesia’s snack brand Maxicorn and the Philippines’ telco giant Globe.

As part of the mandate with Indofood, GPC will be managing the full digital service, social media maintenance, campaign launch and creative production for the food distribution giant’s new brand Maxicorn in the Indonesian market. This account will be managed by Sophia Seddarassan, GPC’s associate account director for Indonesia.

Harry Wibowo, Indofood’s head of marketing for Maxicorn brand, shared, “Green Park Content went the extra mile when presenting their social media communication strategy, using multiple channels and touchpoints that were suitable for our bold target audience, as well as brand guidelines and visualisations in creating a strong brand identity.”

Meanwhile, GPC’s mandate for telco Globe includes branding, visual identity, and creative assets development. This account will be managed by Ish Reyes, GPC’s senior account manager for the Philippines, who also led the pitch.

GPC believes that these two new partnerships are a testament to its rapid and impressive growth across APAC and globally.

Fe Husaint, GPC’s creative and global brand head, said, “We are so proud that so many esteemed organisations have trusted us with the role of helping to build their brands, and we will continue to find new ways to engage audiences and create brand affinity as they assimilate to the new normal post-pandemic.”