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This fried chicken ad mashes up all generation ideas into one ad–quite literally

Bangkok, Thailand – What happens when a brand struggles to come up with the theme for their latest advertising campaign? Some would say lean to one generation first and leave the rest. But this was not what Thai fried chicken brand Five Star Chicken did, and instead crowdsourced every idea they could get from both the young and old generation, and made it into a full seven-minute ad.

Conceptualised alongside creative agency BBDO Bangkok, the quirky and tongue-in-cheek ad features a presenter called ‘Weir’ who tries to crowdsource ideas for the ad. And so, with every minute passing, a totally unrelated scene or theme comes into play, whether bad guys chowing down on chicken sticks, a Harry Potter sorcerer turning into a magical princess, or how a commando goes head to head with a Chinese martial artist.

As quirky as the ad is, the brand communicates its message that no matter the ideology–whether politics, music, fashion or even how to raise your child–what you all share is the love for chicken.

“The first replies were some quirky, but cool ones on Instagram, but then we saw people discussing the topic further on Facebook and Twitter. In the end, our filmmaker suggested we go out and ask people on the street what they want, and bang, we had an ad for all generations,” the agency explained.

Meanwhile, Thasorn Boonyanate, chief creative officer at BBDO Bangkok, commented, “It’s quirky, it’s weird, it’s funny, and yet it’s a super entertaining film that brings together every idea from every generation into one exciting story.”

As of this writing, the ad has generated over 600,000 views on Five Star Chicken Thailand’s official YouTube channel.