Seoul, South Korea – Multinational electronic company LG Electronics (LG) has launched its latest motivational brand film that highlights the importance of optimism to communicate the true meaning of the brand’s ‘Life’s Good’ message. 

Crafted in collaboration with the creative team at TBWA\Chiat\Day New York and headed by EmmyAward-winning director Nicolai Fuglsig, the 90-second film powerfully illustrates what can happen when one elects to walk the path of optimism.

The new brand film features a middle-aged man struggling to ride a longboard down a suburban street. However, as the film progresses, he becomes more determined and begins to slide gracefully over the asphalt with a smile on his face. 

Upon choosing optimism in his personal journey, the man was able to overcome obstacles and accomplish something no one believed he would be capable of. The heartwarming story is a reminder that there’s an optimist inside everyone; it’s merely a matter of deciding to embrace it.

The new brand film is part of the brand’s ongoing global ‘Life’s Good’ campaign, which aims to inspire people to face challenges with an optimistic attitude during difficult times. It also highlights the enduring nature of LG’s brand philosophy and values, which the company has consistently upheld throughout its entire history.

The campaign has also graced some of the most iconic landmarks in various cities around the world, including Dubai, London, New York, and Seoul.

LG is transforming its businesses and the way it communicates its brand with customers and stakeholders through brand reinvention. With this, the company ensures the values and philosophy of ‘Life’s Good’ are delivered at every touchpoint across the customer experience.

Jeongseok Lee, senior vice president and head at LG’s Global Marketing Center,  shared, “Life’s Good represents our unwavering commitment to making people’s lives better through innovation. In line with our future vision to become a smart life solution company, we will communicate with various customers at every touchpoint in a more dynamic and youthful way.”

Speaking on the campaign, Kim Hyo-eun, vice president at LG’s Global Marketing Center, also said, “With our global campaign, we aim to convey our message of Life’s Good, inspiring and encouraging customers to take life with an optimistic attitude. We hope that our brand film can uplift customers and create meaningful influence on their lives.”

Meanwhile, Director Nicholai Fuglsig said, “LG came to me with the idea of sharing the meaning of its Life’s Good philosophy through the lens of choosing optimism, and I was immediately drawn to the project.” 

“I love the story of an unexpected hero venturing out of his comfort zone and using optimism to overcome challenges. Personally, I feel it’s a powerful reminder not to get bogged down by negativity and to live life to the fullest,” he added. 

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Mediabrands Content Studio (MBCS), the media-fuelled creative content practice within the IPG Mediabrands network, has released PETRONAS’ festive film that commemorates the upcoming Merdeka and Malaysia Day celebrations.

PETRONAS’ new film is anchored on their festive theme of the year, ‘Roots of Our Future’, which highlights and embeds the richness of heritage, customs, and culture into all the festive films of 2023.

The film, titled Rai, honours the many significant things that have progressed in Malaysia since independence. Rai means to celebrate, which is in line with the film celebrating love, legacy, and lagu (song) sudirman for Merdeka and Malaysia Day.

Set with the 70s and 80s as a backdrop, Rai is a love story at heart that will showcase the remarkable journey of PETRONAS through the decades. The interracial storyline follows Amir with his small-town innocence as he joins PETRONAS in the big city, his friendship with Maniam, and his infatuation with Ah Moi, amidst a fast-changing Malaysia.

The film features local actor Faizal Hussein, popular in the 80s, as the older Amir and was directed by Kabir Bhatia in collaboration with Mastermind Group as the production house.

The film also features the late Datuk Sudirman Arshad’s song titled Warisan, meaning legacy, heritage, or bequeath. The concert by the famous Malaysian singer will serve as another central narrative in the film. 

Well-known in local history for uniting Malaysians of all races and religions, the icon organized a free mega concert at Chow Kit Street that was attended by over 100,000 fans across Malaysia and featured songs across all local and national languages. 

Iskandar Putra, group business director at MBCS, said, “The 70s and 80s was a time of immense transformation in Malaysia. Cities were blossoming with the advent of capitalism, industrialisation and commercialisation, and PETRONAS was at the very heart of our nation’s evolution. We wanted to show the resilience of our people and the strides we’ve made, not just economically, but with our thinking and harmony.”

“Using Sudirman’s concert was significant in our storyline, as music unites, and love transcends all. The song we used was also a special nod to Malaysia and PETRONAS, as all that has come before us is a legacy for future generations. Everyone from an older generation would recognise that cassette tape, and we’ve come a long way from then to now, where our future possibilities are limited only by our imagination,” Iskandar added. 

Singapore – Singtel has launched a short film titled “From Mudflats to Smart Nation” to celebrate Singapore’s 58th National Day.

The 23-minute documentary celebrates the nation’s growth and success as a global economic hub and pays tribute to the 100th birth anniversary of Singapore’s founding prime minister, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.

The film delves into Mr. Lee’s visionary ideas for the nation and commemorates his famous quote from 1965, where he envisioned transforming Singapore from humble mudflats into a thriving metropolis.

Mr. Yuen Kuan Moon, Singtel Group CEO, expressed his delight in supporting Singapore’s development over the decades, from pioneering satellite services and laying the first submarine cable to providing fiber and internet access to every household.

Further, Moon emphasized the critical role of telecoms and technology in ensuring better lives and livelihoods, especially evident during the recent global pandemic.

In a statement from Ms. Lian Pek, Singtel’s vice president of strategic communications and brand, she highlighted how Singapore’s economic success is intertwined with its clever use of telecoms and technology, allowing the city-state to leapfrog ahead of competitors and give its citizens a head start in nation-building.

Meanwhile, the film’s release is a crucial moment for Singapore, reflecting its growth and the pivotal role of technology in shaping its identity as a Smart Nation. 

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia To commemorate the celebration of Hari Raya, Malaysian bank RHB Bank has unveiled an inspiring film to prove that even the smallest things can be an instrument to create a bigger purpose. The ad was done in collaboration with ad agency FCB Shout.

The 4-minute film titled ‘Pengembaraan Sempurna’ (A Perfect Journey), features the real-life story of Ramli Aziz, a retired police officer who lost one of his legs due to vascular failure. Due to the current lack of bicycles in the market that are suitable for people with disabilities like himself, Aziz was inspired to create disabled-friendly bicycles using recyclable items.

Eventually, he meets his neighbour who is also a disabled boy that loves bicycles, Aziz similarly becomes a beacon of light and hope by roping in the young boy and working with him to create the said special form of bicycle.

Abdul Sani Abdul Murad, chief marketing officer of RHB Group, said that as a bank that fulfills ESG commitments, the story is personally important to them because they believe that recycling and repurposing are the ways to create a sustainable future for everyone.

Meanwhile, Tjer, FCB SHOUT’s head of creative, added, “This story is as much about environmental sustainability as it is about humanity, and to be able to shine the spotlight on both with such a charming and relatable true story was not an easy feat.”

“While Hari Raya is a time where we look forward to new beginnings, perhaps Pak Cik Ramli’s story can inspire us to also look deeper into the things or people around us that have been left behind by the world, so that we can find a newer and even greater purpose for them to keep progressing,” Ong Shi Ping, FCB SHOUT’s Co-Owner and chief creative officer, added.

Recently, FCB Shout has also crafted a Raya campaign for Pepsi to encourage people to minimise screen time and spend more time with their families.

Singapore Community Chest, the philanthropic and engagement arm of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) in Singapore, has launched a new campaign that aims to showcase the ‘potential’ of every individual. With its mission to add value to every person’s life, the campaign is also an encouragement for everyone to give donations to assist in the organisation’s support for children and adults with vulnerabilities and special needs. 

Community chest provides social services to children with special needs and youth-at-risk, adults with disabilities, persons with mental health conditions, and seniors and families in need of assistance. 

Titled ‘Champion Every Potential’, the 90-second campaign was developed together with independent creative agency GOVT Singapore, who won the account in a pitch last July.

The campaign features 23-year-old Aurora, a dancer and painter with down’s syndrome and 45-year-old housewife Rushsidah, a graduate of a peer support specialist programme under the Social Service Institute, the human capital and development arm of NCSS. Both are supported by Community Chest.

Pearlyn Tseng, director of communications and marketing of NCSS, commented that their service users are a champion on their own and have the power to reach their full potential.

She added, “We have progressed from the early days, where we supported the basic needs of service users, to journeying alongside them to empower them to achieve their potential. We look forward to more partners joining us to uplift communities in need and build a caring and inclusive home for all.”

According to the org, the donations gathered from the campaign will be used to support over 100 social service agencies that run 200 social service programs.

The campaign will run across multiple channels including television, social media and OOH. 

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Smartphone brand vivo in Malaysia has launched its fourth short film for this year’s Raya, which is in line with the upcoming launch of its new vivo X80 Series.

Shot using the new vivo X80 Pro, the film was produced together with well-known local director Ghaz Abu Bakar, who has launched many Malay films, television dramas, and music videos.

Titled ‘Chup! Raya Dulu!’, the short film tells the story of a rich family and their journey in being a part of the community during the Raya celebration. It is also accompanied by a theme song – Takbir Lebaran, which was performed by the Malaysian singer celebrity, Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza. 

vivo Malaysia shared, “The new and self-developed vivo V1+ imaging chip is making its debut in the upcoming vivo X80 series, where it is bound to enhance the display and imaging capabilities of the device.”

Most recently, vivo Malaysia has also announced a special partnership with premier gaming brands Razer and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) to launch a brand-new smartphone series, vivo T1 series, with gaming at its heart.

Sydney, Australia – In true Hollywood-esque film action, the government-industry partnership organization Ausfilm has released a new film trailer that depicts how one can assemble the ‘perfect’ post-production team across Australia, while doing it remotely.

Titled ‘The Australian Job’ and produced by creative agency Paper Moose, the film focuses on a Hollywood producer and an Aussie ‘fixer’ hatching a plan to assemble the perfect Australian post-production team. Throughout the film, you see a music producer, a color artist, and a VFX artist showcase their work throughout the trailer.

In summary, the film trailer showcases just how easy and financially viable it is to complete post-production in Australia remotely, without global film and TV executives leaving home.

Speaking about the film trailer release, Rachelle Gibson, director of marketing and industry partnerships at Ausfilm, said that the campaign was about changing clients’ perceptions about posting their projects remotely with Australia’s incredibly talented post and VFX studios. She added that through this campaign, they aim to demystify the myriad of screen incentives available across Australia.

“Absolutely every one of the Paper Moose team brought their best game, superb creativity, and good grace and humor during lockdown. Ausfilm and its membership of screen service companies, couldn’t be happier with the campaign,” Gibson said.

The campaign was also made possible by Ausfilm member contributions for visual effects, colour grade, titles, score and sound post-production.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Willmott, creative director, at Paper Moose, commented, “Government incentives and rebates aren’t always the sexiest topic to broach, but what they represent is super exciting. We wanted to show this using the language and tropes of the film industry, and what better way than a thrilling film trailer to demonstrate Ausfilm’s offering and Australia’s great post-production talent.”

The piece was delivered to 5000 high-profile film and TV executives worldwide and includes a bespoke, web-based, screen production tax incentives calculator that both simplifies and showcases the varying incentives Australia offers to attract foreign projects.

Manila, Philippines – If there is one thing that Filipinos also anticipate come the Yuletide season, it would be the roll-out of annual film festivals. These year-end film festivals usually create loud buzz as a fixture that celebrates the diversity of Filipino cinematography, and in the spirit of this along Christmas festivities, soft drink brand Pepsi in the Philippines has teamed up with creative agency BBDO Guerrero to release its newest campaign, ‘Pepsi Hit Sa Sarap Christmas Blockbusters’, an ode to the genres that define Philippine cinema. 

The campaign comprises three short digital films, which all use the same dialogue but each with a different theme, which all ends on how a pairing of Pepsi makes the Filipino ‘noche buena’ tastier. 

The first film ‘Familia Noche Buena’ (The Family Dinner) is a short creative take on a dramatic holiday get together. Meanwhile, ‘May Kumagat sa Dilim’ (Something Bites in the Dark) puts a supernatural Pinoy spin on the table, and lastly ‘Eats Sarap 2B With U Again’ (Eats Good 2B with U Again) takes on a slapstick comedy for a cheeky session with friends.

Speaking about the campaign execution, Mikey Rosales, marketing director at PepsiCo Philippines, said, “Pepsi wanted to create something different this year. While most of us are celebrating another Christmas at home, we also know that get-togethers might not always be cheerful – it can be dramatic at times – but together with Pepsi, there’s always some fun to be found in the sharing, the bonding, and of course, a tall glass of Pepsi.”

All of the films feature local Pepsi endorsers and influencers: YouTube content creator Pam Swing, Filipino basketball player Ricci Rivero and Internet sensation Mimiyuhh, alongside longtime endorsers and seasoned actors, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.

Meanwhile, David Guerrero, chairman at BBDO Guerrero, commented, “What’s great about this is that we brought the spirit of Filipino film festivals into the audience’s homes. A light-hearted reminder of what we used to enjoy outside, and put a spin on it to spread good vibes and cheer to families and friends celebrating the yuletide seasons in their homes.”

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – As the ‘Deepavali’ or the Tamil festivity of lights or also known as ‘Diwali’ in Hindu tradition is fastly approaching on 4 November, utility firm Air Selangor has launched a new animated film to celebrate the festive season’s diverse cultural experiences, all through the perspective of a love story.

The film, created by agency Reprise Digital, follows protagonist Balan as he searches for the girl of his dreams. As he goes on his quest, Balan witnesses the myriad ways in which Deepavali is celebrated and learns to understand the different meanings of Deepavali for all those within the community.

Thanendran Thanesvaran, group commercial director and head of sports marketing at Reprise Digital, who also served as script writer for the film, explained that despite the film’s romantic theme, the backdrop really shows the idea of new experiences and togetherness manifested during the Deepavali festivities.

“The interesting thing we realised in this process is that different Indian communities have their own unique way of celebrating Deepavali, and each culture might not necessarily know much about another,” Thanesvaran stated.

The film was released on 25th October 2021 across digital platforms. It features seven different languages, including Indian languages Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati and Punjabi, something rarely done in a short film.

“While most festive films are longer, this was deliberately kept to under 3 minutes, with multiple languages used, to keep engagement up amongst all Malaysians. Though we had originally hoped to shoot it live, we hope the animation and lively music that has fused together different genres of Indian musical influences is one that will resonate with all Malaysians,” Thanesvaran added.

Meanwhile, Elina Baseri, head of corporate communication at Air Selangor, commented, “The greatest celebrations are those celebrated together, and Air Selangor is very pleased to share this message of community and hope to all Malaysians this Deepavali.”

She added, “The team at Reprise have portrayed a boy-meets-girl story that cleverly transcends cultures while showcasing the vibrancy of Indian cultures. From the story to the music used, the film breaks down cultural barriers and is a relatable one that we hope all of Malaysia will enjoy as much as we did in putting it together.”

Australia – In line with the celebration of National Reconciliation Week in Australia, Surfing Australia, the governing body for surfing in the country, has launched a short film ‘Welcome to Sea Country’, to showcase the Indigenous meaning behind its national team design and national team name – ‘Irukandji’.

National Reconciliation Week is a time for Australians to learn about their shared histories, cultures, and achievements, and making the most out of the celebration, the body’s film aims to put light on its recently launched name and tagline, ‘The Irukandjis: Deadly in the Water’, which boasts of a unique cultural context.

The new film, which is done in collaboration with BWM dentsu and young Indigenous artist Jasmine Craciun, presents cinematic shots of seven-time world champion Stephanie Gilmore, combined with the equally soulful footage of Yirrganydji Traditional Owner Gavin Singleton and his community, to visualize the spiritual connection both surfers and First Nations people share with the ocean – known as ‘Sea Country’.

In addition, the film consists of traditional line art and ripple effect concept overlayed with free-flowing tentacles design, which will be a true statement for the Australian team across uniforms, surfboard accessories, and transport, as well as team jet skis, and all of Surfing Australia’s internal assets.

Surfing Australia manages the national surf team of the country. Its new name and tagline were named after the Irukandji jellyfish – an extremely venomous species of jellyfish that inhabit the country’s marine waters.

Surfing Australia’s CEO Chris Mater is all thanks to Singleton and the Yirrganydji people for officially giving them the Irukandji name, looking to it as a valuable feature of the future of surfing in Australia. 

“The designs BWM dentsu and Jasmine have created really bring that deeper connection to Indigenous culture to life. And that embedded respect for First Nations people now gives our athletes something much bigger to compete for on the world stage,” said Mater.

Meanwhile, Marcus Tesoriero, the executive creative director at BWM dentsu, commented that no matter how big or small the role is, they all have a role to play in Reconciliation. 

“In a land surrounded by Sea Country, we hope the attention our newly uniformed Irukandjis team get heading to the Olympic Games plays a role in spreading recognition and respect, driving us all to build deeper relationships with First Nations people,” said Tesoriero.

Australian representatives across all surfing genres, such as Junior, Open, Masters, and Longboard, as well as Big Wave, and Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP), among others, will compete under The Irukandjis national identity and united colors at international events such as the Olympics, International Surfing Association (ISA), and World Surfing Games, as well as WSL World Juniors, and Longboard Championships.