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vivo Malaysia’s new Raya film a comedic short on a rich family’s journey

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Smartphone brand vivo in Malaysia has launched its fourth short film for this year’s Raya, which is in line with the upcoming launch of its new vivo X80 Series.

Shot using the new vivo X80 Pro, the film was produced together with well-known local director Ghaz Abu Bakar, who has launched many Malay films, television dramas, and music videos.

Titled ‘Chup! Raya Dulu!’, the short film tells the story of a rich family and their journey in being a part of the community during the Raya celebration. It is also accompanied by a theme song – Takbir Lebaran, which was performed by the Malaysian singer celebrity, Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza. 

vivo Malaysia shared, “The new and self-developed vivo V1+ imaging chip is making its debut in the upcoming vivo X80 series, where it is bound to enhance the display and imaging capabilities of the device.”

Most recently, vivo Malaysia has also announced a special partnership with premier gaming brands Razer and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) to launch a brand-new smartphone series, vivo T1 series, with gaming at its heart.

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Ausfilm’s latest Hollywood-esque trailer assembles the ‘perfect’ post-production team—remotely

Sydney, Australia – In true Hollywood-esque film action, the government-industry partnership organization Ausfilm has released a new film trailer that depicts how one can assemble the ‘perfect’ post-production team across Australia, while doing it remotely.

Titled ‘The Australian Job’ and produced by creative agency Paper Moose, the film focuses on a Hollywood producer and an Aussie ‘fixer’ hatching a plan to assemble the perfect Australian post-production team. Throughout the film, you see a music producer, a color artist, and a VFX artist showcase their work throughout the trailer.

In summary, the film trailer showcases just how easy and financially viable it is to complete post-production in Australia remotely, without global film and TV executives leaving home.

Speaking about the film trailer release, Rachelle Gibson, director of marketing and industry partnerships at Ausfilm, said that the campaign was about changing clients’ perceptions about posting their projects remotely with Australia’s incredibly talented post and VFX studios. She added that through this campaign, they aim to demystify the myriad of screen incentives available across Australia.

“Absolutely every one of the Paper Moose team brought their best game, superb creativity, and good grace and humor during lockdown. Ausfilm and its membership of screen service companies, couldn’t be happier with the campaign,” Gibson said.

The campaign was also made possible by Ausfilm member contributions for visual effects, colour grade, titles, score and sound post-production.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Willmott, creative director, at Paper Moose, commented, “Government incentives and rebates aren’t always the sexiest topic to broach, but what they represent is super exciting. We wanted to show this using the language and tropes of the film industry, and what better way than a thrilling film trailer to demonstrate Ausfilm’s offering and Australia’s great post-production talent.”

The piece was delivered to 5000 high-profile film and TV executives worldwide and includes a bespoke, web-based, screen production tax incentives calculator that both simplifies and showcases the varying incentives Australia offers to attract foreign projects.

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One script, three films: Pepsi PH goes all out in latest Christmas campaign

Manila, Philippines – If there is one thing that Filipinos also anticipate come the Yuletide season, it would be the roll-out of annual film festivals. These year-end film festivals usually create loud buzz as a fixture that celebrates the diversity of Filipino cinematography, and in the spirit of this along Christmas festivities, soft drink brand Pepsi in the Philippines has teamed up with creative agency BBDO Guerrero to release its newest campaign, ‘Pepsi Hit Sa Sarap Christmas Blockbusters’, an ode to the genres that define Philippine cinema. 

The campaign comprises three short digital films, which all use the same dialogue but each with a different theme, which all ends on how a pairing of Pepsi makes the Filipino ‘noche buena’ tastier. 

The first film ‘Familia Noche Buena’ (The Family Dinner) is a short creative take on a dramatic holiday get together. Meanwhile, ‘May Kumagat sa Dilim’ (Something Bites in the Dark) puts a supernatural Pinoy spin on the table, and lastly ‘Eats Sarap 2B With U Again’ (Eats Good 2B with U Again) takes on a slapstick comedy for a cheeky session with friends.

Speaking about the campaign execution, Mikey Rosales, marketing director at PepsiCo Philippines, said, “Pepsi wanted to create something different this year. While most of us are celebrating another Christmas at home, we also know that get-togethers might not always be cheerful – it can be dramatic at times – but together with Pepsi, there’s always some fun to be found in the sharing, the bonding, and of course, a tall glass of Pepsi.”

All of the films feature local Pepsi endorsers and influencers: YouTube content creator Pam Swing, Filipino basketball player Ricci Rivero and Internet sensation Mimiyuhh, alongside longtime endorsers and seasoned actors, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.

Meanwhile, David Guerrero, chairman at BBDO Guerrero, commented, “What’s great about this is that we brought the spirit of Filipino film festivals into the audience’s homes. A light-hearted reminder of what we used to enjoy outside, and put a spin on it to spread good vibes and cheer to families and friends celebrating the yuletide seasons in their homes.”

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Air Selangor’s Deepavali film presents festivity’s diverse experience through a love story

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – As the ‘Deepavali’ or the Tamil festivity of lights or also known as ‘Diwali’ in Hindu tradition is fastly approaching on 4 November, utility firm Air Selangor has launched a new animated film to celebrate the festive season’s diverse cultural experiences, all through the perspective of a love story.

The film, created by agency Reprise Digital, follows protagonist Balan as he searches for the girl of his dreams. As he goes on his quest, Balan witnesses the myriad ways in which Deepavali is celebrated and learns to understand the different meanings of Deepavali for all those within the community.

Thanendran Thanesvaran, group commercial director and head of sports marketing at Reprise Digital, who also served as script writer for the film, explained that despite the film’s romantic theme, the backdrop really shows the idea of new experiences and togetherness manifested during the Deepavali festivities.

“The interesting thing we realised in this process is that different Indian communities have their own unique way of celebrating Deepavali, and each culture might not necessarily know much about another,” Thanesvaran stated.

The film was released on 25th October 2021 across digital platforms. It features seven different languages, including Indian languages Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati and Punjabi, something rarely done in a short film.

“While most festive films are longer, this was deliberately kept to under 3 minutes, with multiple languages used, to keep engagement up amongst all Malaysians. Though we had originally hoped to shoot it live, we hope the animation and lively music that has fused together different genres of Indian musical influences is one that will resonate with all Malaysians,” Thanesvaran added.

Meanwhile, Elina Baseri, head of corporate communication at Air Selangor, commented, “The greatest celebrations are those celebrated together, and Air Selangor is very pleased to share this message of community and hope to all Malaysians this Deepavali.”

She added, “The team at Reprise have portrayed a boy-meets-girl story that cleverly transcends cultures while showcasing the vibrancy of Indian cultures. From the story to the music used, the film breaks down cultural barriers and is a relatable one that we hope all of Malaysia will enjoy as much as we did in putting it together.”

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Surfing Australia reveals rich cultural meaning behind new identity in short film

Australia – In line with the celebration of National Reconciliation Week in Australia, Surfing Australia, the governing body for surfing in the country, has launched a short film ‘Welcome to Sea Country’, to showcase the Indigenous meaning behind its national team design and national team name – ‘Irukandji’.

National Reconciliation Week is a time for Australians to learn about their shared histories, cultures, and achievements, and making the most out of the celebration, the body’s film aims to put light on its recently launched name and tagline, ‘The Irukandjis: Deadly in the Water’, which boasts of a unique cultural context.

The new film, which is done in collaboration with BWM dentsu and young Indigenous artist Jasmine Craciun, presents cinematic shots of seven-time world champion Stephanie Gilmore, combined with the equally soulful footage of Yirrganydji Traditional Owner Gavin Singleton and his community, to visualize the spiritual connection both surfers and First Nations people share with the ocean – known as ‘Sea Country’.

In addition, the film consists of traditional line art and ripple effect concept overlayed with free-flowing tentacles design, which will be a true statement for the Australian team across uniforms, surfboard accessories, and transport, as well as team jet skis, and all of Surfing Australia’s internal assets.

Surfing Australia manages the national surf team of the country. Its new name and tagline were named after the Irukandji jellyfish – an extremely venomous species of jellyfish that inhabit the country’s marine waters.

Surfing Australia’s CEO Chris Mater is all thanks to Singleton and the Yirrganydji people for officially giving them the Irukandji name, looking to it as a valuable feature of the future of surfing in Australia. 

“The designs BWM dentsu and Jasmine have created really bring that deeper connection to Indigenous culture to life. And that embedded respect for First Nations people now gives our athletes something much bigger to compete for on the world stage,” said Mater.

Meanwhile, Marcus Tesoriero, the executive creative director at BWM dentsu, commented that no matter how big or small the role is, they all have a role to play in Reconciliation. 

“In a land surrounded by Sea Country, we hope the attention our newly uniformed Irukandjis team get heading to the Olympic Games plays a role in spreading recognition and respect, driving us all to build deeper relationships with First Nations people,” said Tesoriero.

Australian representatives across all surfing genres, such as Junior, Open, Masters, and Longboard, as well as Big Wave, and Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP), among others, will compete under The Irukandjis national identity and united colors at international events such as the Olympics, International Surfing Association (ISA), and World Surfing Games, as well as WSL World Juniors, and Longboard Championships.

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Darlie Malaysia honors motherhood with the release of new film ‘Expectations’

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – In this year’s celebration of Mothers’ Day, oral care brand Darlie in Malaysia has rolled out a new film titled ‘Expectations’, which portrays the struggles of motherhood.

The two-minute film is done in collaboration with advertising agency FCB Malaysia. It is the first in a series of brand initiatives by the brand that aims to show the story behind an authentic, confident smile as encapsulated by its tagline ‘Your Smile Shines’.

‘Expectations’ sheds light on the pressures that a mother constantly faces in raising the family. The film narrates how they are constantly met with unfettered opinions in becoming the ‘perfect’ parent such as if they are able to spend enough time with their child, if they are able to teach them proper etiquette, down to the food they provide to the family.

Ultimately, the film is a reminder to all mothers that they are not defined by the expectations of the world and that it is impossible to be perfect and to please everyone around them. 

“Doing your best for those who matter to you is already enough,” Darlie Malaysia reassures.

Melissa Wong, the marketing director of Hawley & Hazel Malaysia, shared that as a mother herself, she knows very well that motherhood is a constant struggle but the burden becomes heavier when moms are weighed down by not only their own expectations of themselves but also the expectations of others of what they should or shouldn’t do as a mother.

“That’s why, this Mother’s Day, we want to remind all moms that even though there will be times where you struggle and believe you’ve failed in the eyes of the world, doing your best will always be perfect enough, especially to the ones who call you ‘mom’,” said Wong.

Meanwhile, FCB Malaysia’s Creative Director Tjer Wang commented that this project introduces Darlie Malaysia’s belief that the only benchmark they should measure themselves against is their own. 

“Hence, in an era of unrealistic depictions of ‘perfection’, what matters most this Mother’s Day is that our moms are celebrated for all that they’ve done for us, despite the unrealistic expectations stemming from social media and the rigidity of societal norms,” said Wang.

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India’s Tata Capital unveils new film bearing new brand promise ‘Count On Us’

Mumbai, India – Tata Capital, the financial arm of the Tata Group, has released a new corporate film based on its new brand promise ‘Count on Us’, done in collaboration with integrated creative agency Infectious Advertising.

Tata Capital’s former brand tagline ‘We only do what’s right for you’ was changed for the first time since the company was established in 2007. The firm offers consumer loans, wealth management, and commercial finance, as well infrastructure finance, among others.

The film portrays a story about the dreams and hopes of the people of India and how Tata Capital is well suited to help them achieve their dreams. According to the firm, its financial solutions are designed to meet India’s diverse customer needs which are articulated in the film.

“Tata Capital as a brand and organization has transformed over the years while retaining the core value of trust. Our corporate digital film reverberates our brand’s promise ‘Count On Us’ and how we as an organization serve our customers fulfill their needs and aspirations with our diverse, innovative, and customized financial solutions,” said Hector Anklesaria, the associate vice president of marketing at Tata Capital.

Meanwhile, Ramanuj Shastry, the co-founder and director at Infectious Advertising, commented, “Tata Capital Corporate film – whose purpose was to bring to life their promise that India can ‘Count On Us’ – is a large canvas film with many logistical challenges. Upcoming director Tim Gollar has done a stellar job of telling a complex story simply.”

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Origins of CNY festivity traditions come to light in this quirky film by TNB

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Utility giant in Malaysia, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), has recently launched its Chinese New Year film centered around the folklore behind the festivities of the occasion. 

The film features the fictional recount of scared villagers who are protecting themselves against Nian, a mythical beast terrorizing the village. After seeking help from an old master they chased Nian away from the village, thanks to displays of red colors, loud sounds, and bright lights.

The film shows the importance of unity in the mid of hardships. In it, villagers realized that as a community, they ultimately hold the power to defeat Nian with a joyful spirit and positive energy. The film brings the message that finding joy is the key to unlocking prosperity and moving forward.


“Many are looking to make a new start in 2021, especially on the back of the multitude of challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Offering an age-old wisdom and timeless folklore, this short film weaves the legend of Nian with a slight twist, and we hope it inspires people to embrace the new year with the spirit of joy and unity that underlies Chinese New Year traditions,” said Mohamad Ariff Zainol, TNB’s chief corporate services officer.

The film was created in collaboration with marketing consultancy Entropia, and directed by award-winning director Quek Shio Chuan.

For April Toh, principal at Entropia, the film speaks to a greater need to join forces and rise in the mid of adversity, as Chinese New Year itself symbolizes new hope and prosperity.

“There’s no better time to re-tell the tale of Nian, as it metaphorically explains the situation we are currently in. We’re facing a common enemy that requires us to join forces to rise above adversity. And that’s precisely what this TNB film wanted to remind us of: together we can conquer anything,” Toh commented.

Meanwhile, Zaheer Kaisar, creative director at Entropia, commented that the film itself is heavily inspired by old Chinese comedy action films, and with a twist of modern-day elements.

“Legend has it, an old wise man got the villagers together to defeat the monster Nian by beating drums and gongs, and lighting fireworks with bright red decorations and clothes. When we dug deeper, we realized it was not so much the actions that chased the Nian away, but it was all about joy and good energy. We retold this story in the most entertaining, action-packed, and cinematic way,” Kaisar stated.

Currently, the film has garnered more than 4 million views on YouTube, and has been shared across TNB’s socials. Viewers can also interact with an alternative personality from the film, the master, on his Instagram account.

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WATCH: RHB Bank’s new CNY-themed ad an adage to undying parental love

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – As the Chinese New Year draws near, Malaysia-based RHB Bank has released its Chinese New Year-themed film ad titled ‘Love Carries On’, a tear-jerker story centered on the importance of parental love.

Based on the true story of a father and daughter from Sibu, Sarawak, the film focuses on the graduation speech of Ngu Nyok Ping, the daughter, as she reflects on the past memories she had with her father carrying her in his back. Due to her disability, rendering her unable to walk, her father has been constantly carrying her to school so that she can continue receiving education. The film also showed the father-daughter tandem enjoying the passing of Chinese New Year festivities each year.

Despite the threat of the disability to Nyok Ping’s future, the film showed how her father’s incredible actions of love paid off, helping her obtain her master’s degree. Today, Nyok Ping dedicates her life to helping fellow disabled members of her community. 

The real life version of the characters in the film, (left) Ngu Ee Kiong, the father and (center) Ngu Nyok Ping, the daughter, seen here after her 2016 graduation of her master’s degree from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)

“There may be times we find ourselves faced with an obstacle too big to overcome on our own or a dream too far for us to reach, but with the unconditional support and love from those around us, we will realize that we’re never truly alone in our journeys. It’s in them that we will find the strength to progress and succeed,” said Abdul Sani Abdul Murad, group chief marketing officer of RHB Group.

“That message is the bedrock of this film, and it’s especially relevant now because even as we are preparing to usher in the Chinese New Year, many of us are still faced with the waves of challenges brought upon by the pandemic. This spot aims to remind Malaysians that they’re never alone during these times, and it encapsulates what RHB’s brand promise of ‘Together We Progress’ means amazingly well,” added Murad.

The film, created by advertising agency FCB Malaysia, has been shared across RHB Bank’s social media pages. To date, the film has raked in more than six million views, 15,000 likes, and 1,500 shares across RHB’s social media platforms.

For FCB Malaysia creative director Tjer Wang, the story is described to be “unbelievably out of this world and profound.” The agency made sure that as the story is being adapted, the core message remains. 

“We spent a good amount of time on fact-checking just to ensure that it was real and not fiction. It was retold and reimagined just as beautifully in the most effortless manner, despite the tremendous amount of depth that it carries,” Wang stated.

Meanwhile, Ong Shi Ping, co-owner and chief creative officer of FCB Malaysia commented that the film speaks to a deeper meaning of parental love, stating that the film showed a parent’s determination to lead his child in the right direction despite the given circumstances.

“Not only did this amazing dad keep his belief in his daughter’s capabilities, he also did what not many people could or would do to guide her in finding her own place in the world. And because of that, Ms. Ngu managed to achieve the kind of success that most of us can only dream of. It’s a truly remarkable story about progress,” Ping stated.

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Paytm’s New Year film spotlights brand’s commitment to Indian households

India – India’s Paytm, financial services and e-commerce company, has unveiled its new year film, which showcases a culmination of how the brand’s service has helped every Indian household through the challenging past year brought about by the pandemic.

The film shows glimpses of its host of products and services that use digital technology aimed at improving consumers’ lives, including instant money transfers through the Paytm app, its voice-activated POS (point-of-sale) machine Paytm Soundbox, and mobile payment service Paytm All-in-One QR for the business of merchants.

The brand said the campaign, which is called ‘#Har Ghar ka, Desh bhar ka — Paytm, Proudly Indian’ – which means ‘Of every household, across the country’ – aims to act as a message of hope for the new year ahead, reaffirming its commitment to support all citizens as the nation enters a new year. 

Vice President for Product Marketing Abhinav Kumar said, “2020 as a year saw difficulties come in various ways. The world for once felt the same throughout — fear, anxiety, and many other emotions that swept across. Over the years, Paytm has been present in people’s lives and tried to make a difference in the best way possible. During these unprecedented times, we are glad to be a small agent of help which bridged the gap for many.” 

“‘Har ghar ka, Desh Bhar ka’ is our ode to the many who fought through these tough times and moved forward with courage. The new year brings in new hope and we would like to believe the best is yet to come,” Kumar added. 

Some of the brand’s dedicated COVID programs over the year included distributing hygiene essentials to frontline workers, and serving over 4.4 million meals to daily wage earners in the areas of Noida, Mumbai, Bengaluru, as well as Hyderabad, and Chennai.