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Expert Up Close: Alberto Canteli, CEO & Chairman of Havas Group

As the post-pandemic shapes the way where brands should go, MARKETECH APAC features a leader in the advertising industry to share with us what companies should do and improve upon after these unprecedented changes.

Originally from Asturias in the North of Spain and currently based in Dubai, MARKETECH APAC features Alberto Canteli, the chief executive officer for Havas Group in the Nordics, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and the CommonWealth of Independent States, Turkey, the Middle East, as well as Southeast Asia, Korea & Japan. 

A truly-frequent flyer, Alberto joined the group in 2000, and he has been a key pillar on the international expansion of Havas Group during the first decade of the new millennium. 

In our conversation, Alberto mentioned that the pandemic has obliged us to be fully digital, to become fully technological, and to become much more flexible and ready for the next changes that are coming in the next decades.

“I think the pandemic has strengthened several values. I think what we all want is to build a future that is a bit more balanced, and a future that takes care of nature a bit more, a future that is focused more on health and well-being,” said Alberto on what brands should be aware of after the pandemic. 

On sustainability, Alberto commented, “The backbone of our core positioning is sustainability. We are a meaningful brand agency. This is how we position ourselves. We want to build a better world through the construction of brands as well as the construction of meaningful connections between brands and society.” 

In the interview, Alberto further discussed his insights on sustainability and purpose and how it goes hand in hand in running a business. 

Head on to Spotify to listen to the full conversation. 

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Expert Up Close: Steve Tzikakis, Global CEO of Sitecore

As digital experiences continually see unprecedented changes, MARKETECH APAC sat down with a leader in the tech space to share with us how it is to carry leadership at a time of great transformation on the internet and among digital consumers. 

Steve Tzikakis, the global CEO of Sitecore, one of the leading digital experience platforms (DXP), conversed with us to share his principles as a tech and growth leader as well as his insights on the further realisation of Web 3.0 and the evolution of customer experience management (CXM). 

Watch some of the highlights of the interview with Sitecore’s Steve Tzikakis

Steve, who’s had extensive leadership in the tech industry, and was formerly president of software development SAP for EMEA South, joined Sitecore as its CEO in 2020. 

“We really wanted to push the company forward towards innovation,” Steve says of his jump to Sitecore.

Products innovation, customer-centricity, and the partners in the ecosystem are what Steve believes to be the three most important focuses for any company eyeing innovative growth. 

“For me, it’s not just about the leader’s mindset, but it’s what the leaders do to enable [and] accelerate growth,” he said. 

With the inevitable pivot of businesses such as Sitecore to strategising for the new Web 3.0, Steve imparts his views on the new dimension of the internet. 

“It’s all about democratising data on one hand, at the same time, accelerating the metamorphosis of content, and how you go into augmented realities, how you have more uses of artificial intelligence – all of these things are core parts,” said Steve. 

In the conversation, Steve shared further about his significant learnings as a tech leader, his views on the looks of CXM in the post-pandemic as well as the role of the evolving corporate work structure in delivering excellent customer experiences. 

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Expert Up Close: Shahid Nizami, ActiveCampaign’s regional VP for APAC

In a close interview with MARKETECH APAC Founder Joven Barceñas, Shahid Nizami, the new regional vice president for Asia-Pacific of US-based SaaS unicorn ActiveCampaign, shares the career journey he’s had in the marketing tech space, and bares with us his professional stand on current issues in marketing as well as the biggest learnings he’s gained through his longevity in the industry. 

Nizami, who is a Google, Oracle, and Hubspot alum, boasts more than 17 years of experience in the marketing tech space. 

Of what makes him stay, he shares, “All [these] years, the love for marketing has only grown, especially having been at Google, and [seeing] how marketing can really change the world and [seeing] the impact of that.” 

He continues, “Over these years, the MarTech world has changed a lot. Every single year that graph only grows bigger and bigger. This means that there are more complex problems which need to be solved.”

During the conversation with Nizami, we also didn’t let the opportunity slip to ask his opinion on the recent OCBC catastrophe in Singapore – the phishing scam that had nearly 500 customers losing their money amounting to at least S$8.5m. This drove financial bodies in the country to order the removal of all clickable links in emails and SMSes sent to retail customers – an action that has now become an important matter of customer experience. 

“As a marketer, you might think at the first go that – what does it mean for us? But I believe, and I strongly believe that anything that improves the end customer experience is actually a good thing,” said Nizami. 

“And it’s about how do you convert this opportunity where customers are losing trust in their banks? It is a problem into an opportunity where now the banks are like, how can we earn their trust back?” he added. 

Listen to the full conversation between Barceñas and Nizami over at Spotify, where Nizami shares further on what has been his biggest challenge as a marketer in the past 2 decades and whether he, in the future, also plans to join others who have decided to establish their own companies.

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