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GCash launches new digital wallet for minors, ‘GCash Jr’

Manila, Philippines – Top e-wallet in the Philippines GCash has launched its new digital wallet designed for youth ages seven to 17 years old. Called ‘GCash Jr’, the new e-wallet aims to provide a safe and reliable digital transaction experience that is fit for the ‘next generation’ of Filipinos.

With the new e-wallet, minors can now buy their favourite things online, level up their gaming experiences, and explore a world of finances with their own GCash Jr. accounts.

GCash shared that there is a separate verification process for minors because there is a need to collect parents’ consent. This will be collected in the form of the requirements, and the parent will also be the one who needs to agree to the terms and conditions.

To verify the GCash Jr. account, app users must have a valid ID (passport, student ID, or national ID), and a parent that is fully verified on GCash with details, such as the parent’s full name, a fully verified GCash number, a picture of the parent holding the minor’s ID used in verification, and an original copy of the applicant’s birth certificate.

“This is just the first of many steps as we innovate for the youth,“ said GCash CEO Martha Sazon on her LinkedIn. 

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airasia Super App launches new in-app e-wallet feature, ‘airasia pocket’

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – The airasia Super App has launched a brand new feature, airasia pocket, which is an e-wallet within the super app that enables users to reload and make payments for all the products and services on the app while being rewarded at the same time. 

The airasia pocket is currently available to all airasia Super App users in Malaysia in the Ringgit Malaysia currency. It is easily accessible through the super app by setting up an airasia pocket account with a few simple steps. Two types of airasia pocket accounts are available – the Lite and Pro. The Lite account is recommended for everyday use with a wallet size limit of RM500, while the Pro account is designed for higher value transactions with a wallet size of up to RM4,999.

Users of airasia pocket will be able to earn airasia points upon activation, apart from enjoying an extra 10% off all AirAsia flight bookings and 10x airasia points with every airasia food order on weekends. 

The airasia pocket’s features are developed by Fasspay, a white-label e-wallet player and an approved e-money provider by Bank Negara Malaysia. This platform is designed to allow its partners to build and innovate on Fasspay’s full-stack payments platform and offer various payment and financial services to their customers.

Mohamad Hafidz Mohd Fadzil, airasia Super App’s chief fintech officer, shared that as fintech and neobanks continue to reshape the financial landscape in Malaysia and across ASEAN, airasia Super App is continuing to be an industry disruptor and expand its fintech services by launching airasia pocket, which enables the app users to make payment for all products and services faster within the Super App ecosystem. 

“This includes payments for flights and hotel bookings, as well as on airasia food, airasia grocer, airasia xpress, or when booking a ride through airasia ride. This aligns with our fintech strategy to drive a seamless user experience and make online payments’ invisible’. By working with our partner Fasspay, users can have peace of mind as this new feature is completely secure, fully compliant, and licensed by Bank Negara Malaysia,” said Fadzil.

Meanwhile, Amanda Woo, CEO of airasia Super App, said, “airasia pocket is the more accessible, faster, and more rewarding way to pay for anything within the airasia ecosystem and will facilitate a better user experience. Having airasia pocket also provides more significant insights into customer behaviour which will assist us in giving better value and more quality services to all our app users.

Chris Leong, CEO of Fasspay, commented, “We are honoured to be a partner in airasia Super App’s fintech journey and will continue to support its aspiration to grow regionally and globally. Fasspay’s mission is to enable our partners, such as airasia Super App, to realise their vision by using this wallet-as-a-service to extend their financial services. This partnership is just the beginning for Fasspay as our ultimate aim is to avail this full-stack payments platform to other customers both small and large globally.”

The top-ups for airasia pocket are currently available via Online Banking (FPX), with more options to be added in the future.

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Gojek, MoMo announce strategic partnership in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam – Indonesia super-app has inked a strategic partnership with Vietnamese e-wallet MoMo, entailing MoMo to be integrated in the Gojek super-app in the local market. 

Through the partnership, Gojek and MoMo will combine their technological strengths and large ecosystems to jointly raise the level of use of cashless payment methods among Vietnamese people, and at the same time provide a better customer experience.

MoMo will support Gojek’s ecosystem of millions of users who are using online technology ride-hailing services such as GoRide, GoCar, and online food delivery GoFood. This then gives Gojek customers the option to pay via MoMo’s e-wallet in addition to credit, debit and cash payments.

Gojek will have the opportunity to reach out to MoMo’s ecosystem of more than 31 million users, and at the same time meet the growing demand of customers who want more payment options on the app, especially the use of contactless payments amid the COVID-19.

Speaking about the partnership, Nguyen Ba Diep, co-founder and vice president at MoMo, said, “I firmly believe that this partnership will bring optimal payment options and experience. for users. With this cooperation, we hope to partly help technology drivers and partners of Gojek and MoMo to reach more customers, increase sales and quickly recover from the pandemic.”

Meanwhile, Pham Huu Thanh, operations director of payments division at Gojek Vietnam, commented, “Through the integration of MoMo e-wallet on the Gojek application, our users will have more choices when paying for services, thus having a smoother, more convenient, and safer experience when paying for services. use Gojek. Together with MoMo, we are delighted to continue to contribute to the promotion of cashless payments in Vietnam, by influencing to change user habits and constantly expanding the payment ecosystem.”

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Hong Kong superstar Keung To stars in new campaign by HSBC’s PayMe

Hong Kong – HSBC’s mobile payment platform, PayMe, has just launched a new campaign, featuring today’s most popular actor and singer in Hong Kong, Keung To.

The new campaign, which was created in collaboration with creative agency Ogilvy, stems from PayMe’s pride in being the only e-wallet designed specifically for the people of Hong Kong.

Titled, ‘Hong Kong’s Wallet’, the ad centers around a music video showing Keung To in ‘PayMeow cat ears’, singing the catchy PayMe song that highlights the message ‘dine-shop-play anywhere, anytime’, and dancing with PayMeow, the brand’s chubby feline mascot, and his group of dancers.

Furthermore, the campaign includes a series of print and social executions, directing people to ‘PayMeow Spin and Win’ – the in-app game in PayMe that gives users a chance to receive rewards of up to HK$500 in their PayMe wallet and other prizes when they spend HK$100 or more at PayMe for Business merchants. It also includes a PayMeow dance challenge on Instagram with special giveaways signed by Keung To.

Jaslin Goh, HSBC’s head of marketing, CX, and design, said that PayMe has become a part of Hong Konger’s lives, where for instance, they often hear people say ‘pay me lar’ among friends, becoming the country’s wallet. 

“So we asked ourselves who’s best to collaborate with our adorable mascot PayMeow with the magic of bringing people together to enjoy the PayMe cashback promotion?” said Goh.

Meanwhile, Buji Ng, the group creative director at Ogilvy, commented that Keung To is undoubtedly Hong Kong’s favorite singer who is making a strong influence in peoples’ lives.

“Therefore, we paired him up with PayMeow to make a music video debut, creating an unprecedented performance for our audience. More fascinating activities are coming up to engage everyone in town,” said Ng.

HSBC’s PayMe said that the campaign will be running until 30 September 2021.

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EZ-Link, one of SG’s first contactless payments, endeavors in major rebranding

Singapore – EZ-Link, one of the first to offer prepaid card payment in Singapore, has taken a major rebranding, at the same time, unveils new app enhancements to go in tandem with its new brand identity.

The branding comes as EZ-Link marks its 18th year in the market, having started in 2002. The product now carries the new brand direction “For Life’s Little Wins” to underscore the brand’s mission of “eliminating hassle and enabling possibilities for customers in their ‘little’ daily financial routines.”

For the new direction, the company has adopted a new logo and refreshed both its corporate website and EZ-Link app.

Still sporting the same cool colors of blue and green, the new logo now takes a brighter palette with a cleaner font – breaking off of the old one’s edgy typeface.

EZ-Link’s old (above) and new logo (below)

The more striking and almost neon hue is now adapted to both its website and app. The brand’s app also used to display sharp-edged navigation boxes, whereas, in the new one, edges have been carved and assigned more pastel hues.

The company’s old (left) and new (right) website

The company said the new visual identity “reflects [its] renewed focus on digital transformation, while still maintaining key elements that have become strongly associated with the brand.”

EZ-Link’s old app

For the past 18 years, EZ-Link has been a trusted local brand and an integral part of many Singaporean’s daily lives. However, a lot has changed since we launched the first EZ-Link card almost two decades ago. Consumers’ lifestyles have evolved and the world is set on its path to a digital future

Nicholas Lee, CEO at EZ-Link

To kick off the brand refresh, EZ-Link has launched its enhanced mobile EZ-Link Wallet, which is now integrated with EZ-Link’s Rewards program. 

Introduced at the start of this year, the EZ-Link Wallet can be used at local merchants that accept e-payments via the Singapore Quick Response Code (SGQR), Singapore’s unified QR label.

With the integration, users are offered a new avenue to earn and accumulate points that can be redeemed for benefits from over 200 EZ-Link Rewards merchants. Similar to EZ-Link card transactions, every S$0.10 spent on the EZ-Link Wallet will earn one point.

In addition, Android and iOS users can now top-up their EZ-Link cards anytime and on the go via the EZ-Link Wallet, and receive direct cashback and reward credits in their accounts when they spend with the e-wallet.

With the latest upgrade, EZ-Link said it aims to deliver a more seamless and rewarding experience for users’ transport and retail transactions. 

Lee said, “As we push forward in our digitalization journey, we must always put people at the heart of our innovation. This is in line with our new brand direction, which is rooted in the belief that our everyday life is lived in small moments that can be turned into little wins.”

In accordance with its branding move and to better differentiate its offerings, EZ-Link’s new and existing products will now be housed under three sub-brands: EZ-Link Rewards, EZ-Link Wallet, and former EZ-Pay, EZ-Link Motoring, which is the brand’s upcoming solution for electronic toll and parking payments.

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Multicurrency e-wallet YouTrip stays top-of-mind via informative TikTok’s

Singapore – As Singapore’s multi-currency mobile wallet YouTrip reaches its four-month mark in the short video platform TikTok, it shared how it maxes out the platform’s massive userbase to stay present in consumers’ minds. 

YouTrip established its TikTok account in June of this year, and as of current, it has a total of 32.5k followers and has garnered 691.3k likes across its videos.

YouTrip’s service comes with a prepaid Mastercard and enables users to pay in over 150 currencies with no fees. Branded as a “travel” wallet, its TikTok videos circle lifestyle content, such as tips on how to enjoy international destinations such as Spain, a list of the “coolest” Apple shops, and how one can get a taste of travel through whipping up different versions of super grain bowls. 

The brand revealed that it uses a two-pronged approach to leverage its presence in TikTok: making informative content and staying relevant to trends.

For valuable content, it adopted a strategy of adapting original blog articles that had performed well to the TikTok format. During the firm’s content planning process, it identified e-commerce shopping guides and hotel reviews as such. One of its most successful TikTok videos featured a guide to get the “Cheapest Nintendo Switch,” garnering over 119k views to date.


If you know someone looking to buy a Nintendo Switch, share this with them! ???? #nintendoswitch #gaming #videogames #youtripsg #foryoupage #fyp

♬ original sound – YouTrip SG – YouTrip SG

In terms of staying within the wave of trends, YouTrip identified that it is vital to be the first-mover in driving reactive content on trending topics, audios, or hashtags.

Hopping onto the challenges bandwagon, YouTrip took an informative spin on the challenge featuring the trending song Kings and Queens by American singer Ava Max. In such challenge, users showcased culture and traditional costumes. YouTrip took the opportunity to emphasize its branding on travel and culture, and published a version featuring real queens from around the world. The rendition garnered over two million views and 12.8k followers in two weeks.

The brand shared that by driving travel content, it also aims to strengthen its brand positioning to remain top-of-mind for when travel rebounds.

Head of Marketing Jeremy Lim said that curating meaningful content that resonates with users has been the core of YouTrip’s marketing strategies.

“Our venture into TikTok allows us to tap into our creativity to find new ways to connect with our users. We encourage brands to consider including TikTok in their marketing mix as well if they aim to establish themselves as relatable and reliable,” he said.

Chew Wee Ng, head of SEA business marketing at TikTok also commented, “TikTok is about embracing the creative, positive, and real moments that make our community so special, with solutions for businesses to connect and grow with our wonderfully expressive community.”

Ng also emphasized that with the right content strategy and a touch of authenticity, any brand can find success on the global stage with TikTok.

“YouTrip’s rapid growth on the platform is a prime example. As one of the first movers, they’ve incorporated TikTok early into their marketing mix and are now reaping its successes through a customized content strategy, collaboration with the TikTok community, and growing with a global audience,” said Ng.

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Grab PH rolls out cash-to-GrabPay transaction for car rides

Manila, Philippines Cashless transaction has just been made easier with Grab’s Cash-in With Driver feature, which allows cash-paying commuters to receive their change through their GrabPay, Grab’s in-app e-wallet.

Grab activated the new feature to help cash-paying commuters to easily transition towards cashless payments and unlock benefits that GrabPay has to offer, such as GrabRewards points, and other dedicated deals, and promotions.

According to Ronald Roda, Grab Philippines’ head of transport and shared Services, Grab hopes that through this new innovation, more commuters would utilize cashless options.

“With many of our kababayans required to physically be present in their workspaces and offices, transportation remains key in effectively driving safe and sustainable economic recovery for our communities and our country. Through this innovation, we hope to help ease the cashless barrier for our commuters by enjoining our driver-partners to not only provide a safe and reliable means of transportation, but to also help more Filipino commuters embrace cashless payment, and unlock the many benefits that await them with GrabPay.”

The new feature will be fully rolled out by November 2020. It will be available on GrabCar 2-seater and 4-seater in Metro Manila, GrabBayanihan Car, GrabCar 2-Seater in Cebu and Pampanga, and soon on GrabTaxi.