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Conversational AI Haptik ties up with tech firm MDI NOVARE for CX offering

Manila, Philippines – Conversational AI platform Haptik has partnered with MDI NOVARE, the Philippine-based information, and communications technology solutions provider, aimed at facilitating the widespread use and value of AI chatbots for businesses in the Philippines.

The partnership will benefit Haptik by having a strong local partner to improve and solve customer experience (CX) challenges in the Philippines market. Through this, Haptik and MDI NOVARE will jointly transform customer experience across sales, customer support, and co-marketing, as well as sales enablement, and training with AI-powered virtual assistants.

With MDI NOVARE’s vast regional presence and industry experience in the Philippines, the partnership will also strive to help businesses automate customer support, boost lead generation, generate revenue, and at the same time deliver uninterrupted and delightful CX across every channel using Haptik’s cutting-edge AI/ML NLP technology.

Anila Rao, Haptik’s vice president and business head for APAC, shared that with the launch of their conversational partner program a few quarters back, their focus in APAC countries has been mainly to look for strategic partners who can add value and help elevate customer experiences for their clients through Haptik’s AI chatbots and enterprise CX platform.

“Thanks to MDI NOVARE’s presence, scale, and strong reputation of over 30 years in the Philippines region, it did not take us long to decide, collaborate and jolt this strategic agreement together. With Haptik’s industry-leading virtual assistants and chatbots built using the best NLP architecture, we feel it’s a great win not only for MDI NOVARE and Haptik but also for businesses in the Philippines,” said Rao.

Meanwhile, Allan So, MDI NOVARE’s chief commercial officer, commented, “We are happy to team up with Haptik to bring AI solutions to more businesses in the Philippines. Growing our footprint in AI with best-in-class partners like Haptik is part of our mission to be the National Champion in Technology as we bring the power of AI chatbots to deliver next-level Customer Experience.”

Technology Featured ANZ

InMoment, inQuba offers journey-first approach to CX improvement 

Sydney, Australia – Experience improvement solutions company InMoment and customer journey SaaS platform inQuba have teamed up to offer a journey-first approach to customer experience (CX) improvement to greatly reduce churn, increase adoption, and lower costs.

The combined offering gives companies a one-stop solution for customer-centric organisations to integrate their customer experience (CX) and customer journey (CJ) management programs to greatly reduce churn, increase adoption and lower costs.

In addition, the InMoment and inQuba partnership enables CX practitioners to understand why customers stall or quit a transaction across channels, and provides personalised, contextual interventions that move customers forward toward their goal.

“With this journey toolkit, customers can also track individual journeys by overlaying context, understanding segments, anticipating an action with visual analytics and machine learning (ML) all in an effort to stay agile and adaptable, optimise the experience, and remain relevant to the consumer,” both companies said in a press statement.

Wendy Greenham, senior director of global partnerships at InMoment, said, “Today, customer experience insights are not enough. What moves the needle is the ability to drive action and a tangible return on investment. inQuba, like InMoment, goes beyond insights to drive business outcomes for their clients. This partnership will help our joint customers improve acquisition and retention as well as enable reduced cost of service.”

Meanwhile, Michael Renzon, CEO of inQuba, commented, “InMoment XI combined with inQuba Journey Management takes experience improvement to an unprecedented level for CX teams, delivering the holy grail of insights to action to commercial outcome. CX leaders are demanding more – the ability to clearly identify experience themes, zoom into the underlying journeys, understand granular customer and segment detail, and change customer behaviour and commercial outcomes in real time. Together we deliver just that.”

Platforms Featured Southeast Asia

VPBank partners with iGTB to boost CX

Hanoi, Vietnam – Local bank VPBank in Vietnam has signed a partnership agreement with iGTB, the fintech platform of Intellect Design Arena, to enhance its corporate and SME customer’s experience, as well as operational efficiency.

The partnership is aimed to bring the bank closer to the goal of being the most customer-friendly bank through technology in 2022 with iGTB’s products and services for its corporate, commercial and SME clients.

According to VPBank’s CEO Nguyen Duc Vinh, they will continue to improve customer experience and expand the business ecosystem through a new and efficient digital technology, which will transform its cash management. He also added that they are set to significantly increase the competitive edge for the bank and retain their leadership position as a preferred bank of choice for both SME and for corporate customers.

“VPBank has always been a pioneer in selecting the most up-to-date technology to power accelerated digital transformation. Strengthening our IT Infrastructure to enable and automate digital strategy is our key to improving productivity by 20-30% in order that we stay ahead of the competition. This is why harnessing disruptive digital IT initiatives is currently a major priority for us,” Duc Vinh said.

Meanwhile, Manish Maakan, CEO at iGTB, commented that the partnership powered by iGTB’s global expertise in transaction banking technology will help VPBank achieve its goal of becoming the most customer-friendly technology-driven bank and the most valuable bank in Vietnam.

“I am proud that this latest VPBank deal transformation deepens Intellect’s portfolio to a dominant position in Vietnam. Our investments into iGTB Cash Cloud and platforms are the keys to a faster go-to-market, so that our client portfolios across APAC, Middle East, Europe and Americas can realise early returns on their technology investments,” Maakan said.

He added, “Our simultaneous market-depth strategy is a result of years of investment into local Vietnamese regulations & payment systems, backed by iGTB’s local relationship managers and delivery teams out of Hanoi, and our longstanding partnership with Vietnamese FPT Information Services.”

This transformative cash management platform aims to delivers a seamless customer experience with a completely digital integrated transaction banking suite of iGTB’s cash management, trade finance, payments, account services, collections and liquidity ,management powered by its front-end contextual banking experience (CBX) platform.

Technology Featured ANZ

Alida to launch data centre in Australia

Sydney, Australia — Alida, a Total Experience Management (TXM) software company, has announced the upcoming launch of its new data centre in Sydney in winter this year. 

The new Sydney data centre, which will cater Australian and New Zealand customers, enables an increase in data performance and speed in these regions. It also promises to aid global organisations operating or looking to expand within the Oceanic region. Having locally available data will enhance the data collection process and efficiently meet clients’ regional compliance requirements. 

Riaz Raihan, president of products and engineering at Alida, believes that customer centricity lives at the heart of Alida’s business priorities and is the driving force behind this exciting new data centre.

“We made the decision to launch this service expansion after carefully listening to our customers and taking action on their desired data needs. We look forward to offering our customers in Australia and New Zealand a local CX solution that yields high performing and reliable data collection services,” said Raihan. 

Meanwhile, Steven Medeiros, SVP and general manager at Alida APAC, shared that Alida’s expansion in Australia will enable their clients to build better engaged and online communities for ongoing customer feedback.

“Working together with our local partners, we are in a great position to help organisations across Asia Pacific to improve their customer experience, accelerate innovation, increase revenue, and mitigate decision risk,” said Medeiros. 

Technology Featured Global

Anzu, Oracle Moat join forces to enable first-to-market viewability measurement for in-game ads

Tel Aviv, Israel – In-game advertising solution Anzu and Oracle Moat, a measurement and marketing analytics suite that is part of Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience (CX), have announced the launch of its first-to-market viewability measurement for in-game ads. 

This means advertisers working with Anzu have access to third-party viewability verifications and in-view metrics by Oracle Moat when running in-game ads, either direct or programmatically, on mobile and PC.

The in-view ad impressions within in-game take into consideration the percentage of the creative on-screen, the ad size, time in view, and the angle of the ad to ensure a robust and accurate measurement is made. 

Moreover, these metrics are also available globally, no matter where advertisers are running their campaigns from. In addition to in-view metrics, Oracle Moat will also continue to verify impressions delivery and detect invalid traffic (IVT) across Anzu’s in-game banner and video ad formats.

Ben Fenster, chief product officer at Anzu said, “Providing third-party measurement is essential to building effective media strategies, industry confidence, and wider adoption of in-game advertising, helping to establish it as an ad category. We’re excited to be the first to bring Oracle Moat’s viewability measurement for in-game ads to advertisers, and we look forward to helping them establish clear benchmarks when it comes to viewability so they can see how their in-game campaign performance compares to other channels.”

Meanwhile, Mark Kopera, head of product at Oracle Moat added, “As advertisers continue to invest in in-game advertising, it’s crucial that they can measure key viewability metrics, like the percentage of an ad that appeared on-screen, time in-view, and more. By expanding our collaboration with Anzu, we’re able to give advertisers the measurement tools they need to make more informed buying decisions to reach these highly engaged audiences across gaming environments.”

Platforms Featured Southeast Asia

PLDT taps Medallia, Kantar to support telco’s CX implementation

Philippines – PLDT, one of the largest telcos in the country, alongside its wireless subsidiary Smart Communications, have announced its partnership with global customer experience and employee platform Medallia.

Through the CX implementation Medallia will be supported by global media company Kantar in implementing the technology solution across PLDT and Smart. Medallia and Kantar joined the PLDT team for a digital signing ceremony to officially seal the deal. Furthermore, with support from Medallia and Kantar, PLDT and Smart aims to optimise customer experience management across all channels, including digital platforms, mobile phone applications, and contact centres. 

Alfredo S. Panlilio, president and CEO of PLDT and Smart, said, “A large part of our commitment to provide world-class connectivity for all Filipinos is to empower our people and processes with technology that allows them to render the best customer experience.”

He added, “Our engagement with Medallia and Kantar gives us this technology, and empowers us to listen and respond to our customers more effectively, as they are our North Star for all group-wide efforts,.”

Meanwhile, Leslie Stretch, president and CEO of Medallia, commented, “To thrive in the highly competitive world of telecommunications, providers must delight customers and employees by responding to their needs with the same speed, interactivity, and connectivity that they expect from your network.”

“Medallia helps amplify the voice of customers across all touchpoints, enabling PLDT and Smart to listen and act on feedback in a consistent, deliberate, and thoughtful manner. We look forward to working with PLDT and Smart to delight customers with world-class experiences,” Stretch added.

He added, “Medallia continues to expand across the telecommunications industry in APAC and currently works with customers in key markets including Singapore, Japan, and Indonesia, to help optimise their customer experience.”

Platforms Featured Southeast Asia

MY telco U Mobile taps GrowthOps for revamped digital CX platform

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Local telco provider U Mobile has tapped marketing and technology solutions provider GrowthOps for its refreshed website and customer experience delivery platform, U.COM.MY. The partnership between the two companies started development for this project eight months ago.

The new and enhanced platform is powered by Adobe Experience Cloud and hosted on Amazon Web Services, enabling the telco to have greater autonomy and agility in managing content, as well as access to deeper and more comprehensive user analytics.

Through the improvements, U.COM.MY now offers an enhanced, trilingual customer experience through personalised content delivery, which enables the telco to achieve their overarching goal to better service their customers on digital channels.

Boon Keong, head of consulting at GrowthOps, said, “Today, marketers are being tasked with how to create an engaging experience with their customers through seamless design and analytics-driven content personalisation. In this instance, we have been able to help U Mobile to take their digital transformation journey [directly] to their customers.”

Meanwhile, Jasmine Lee, chief digital officer at U Mobile, commented that they believe that the refreshed U.COM.MY will equip them with more insights that will enable them to make more data-led decisions resulting in new digital experiences that benefit their customers.

“U Mobile is always looking at new ways to realise unlimited potential, hence, we are delighted to have partnered with GrowthOps to create and launch an enhanced U.COM.MY. Through this initiative, GrowthOps have shown to have the right capabilities to take our platform to the next level,” Lee said.

Technology Featured APAC

ADA introduces new business platform for CX boost on WhatsApp

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Data and artificial intelligence company ADA has announced that it is now a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) in Asia-Pacific. Through the offering, ADA will empower businesses to connect with their customers in a private and secure environment across its markets in South and Southeast Asia.

WhatsApp Business Platform allows businesses to drive better conversations with their customers in a personalised manner, thus boosting customer engagement and increasing customer satisfaction, leading to better sales conversions.

The new integration comes in line with business recovery making its way across Southeast Asia, as well as retailers bouncing back from COVID-19. ADA notes that WhatsApp chatbots can also give operators in-store support to help guide the customer journey and enhance every bit of the customer experience.

“Over 2 billion people around the world use WhatsApp and it is the most popular messaging application in Southeast Asia. As the number of people using this app will continue to rise with the growth of digital consumers across the region, brands and businesses will need to better connect and communicate with their customers who are turning to chat with businesses on WhatsApp,” the company said in a press statement.

Meanwhile, Srinivas Gattamneni, CEO at ADA, noted that chat commerce is changing the way businesses operate, and customer engagement solutions are the key drivers.

“With this WhatsApp Business Platform, ADA now offers a truly seamless end-to-end business solution across our practices – e-commerce, martech, business insights, and marketing services – for that complete customer experience and journey. The face of chat commerce as we know it will change too, with the integration of our AI and machine learning models, deepening the level of personalisation and quality of conversations,” Gattamneni said.

The new endeavour from ADA reflects the company’s vision for this year in improving the e-commerce experience in the region. During an exclusive interview by MARKETECH APAC with Gattamneni in recognition of ADA’s e-commerce solution as Product of the Year, he said that businesses need to be efficient, agile, and falling in front of new trends to cope with the ever-changing digital landscape of business.

“Be efficient with your resources and invest in what gives you the best return, whether it’s your marketing campaigns, strategic partnerships, or the various e-commerce platforms. Automation is also key to optimising your e-commerce operations in areas including content production, customer service, and fulfilment,” he told MARKETECH APAC.

Technology Featured Global

CXM platform Alida ties with Rybbon for enhanced customer engagement

Toronto, Canada – Customer experience (CX) management and customer insights platform, Alida, has partnered with Blackhawk Network’s digital rewards provider Rybbon, with the aim to enhance its TXM platform to provide clients with the ability to grow engagement through incorporating incentives as part of their Voice of Customer (VoC) and Voice of Employee (VoE) programs.

With the integration of Rybbon’s PointsJoy solution, Alida will be streamlining points-to-rewards programs by allowing clients to preset the number of points to award for a completed survey. This solution includes Rybbon’s AutoRewards feature which enables organizations to set a predetermined points threshold. When respondents meet or exceed this threshold, a reward email will be automatically sent to the respondent, enabling them to redeem their points for a desired digital reward from a curated reward catalogue.

Jignesh Shah, Blackhawk’s head of global integrated incentives, believes that continued survey respondent participation is a necessity to truly understand the voice of the customer.

“By combining their powerful rewards program with Alida’s leading customer experience management platform, Alida clients will be able to boost engagement and retention rates by providing respondents with points that can be accumulated and redeemed for digital rewards,” said Shah.

Meanwhile, Riaz Raihan, Alida’s president of products and engineering, shared that their priority is to help clients improve experiences for their customers and employees, driving loyalty and retention.

“With the new Rybbon integration, rewarding customers for continuous engagement with your organization is now easier than ever. With a myriad of global incentive options, companies can now offer their customers and employees incentive choices that matter most to them,” said Raihan.

To learn more about boosting customer experience engagement in 2022, businesses may register for Rybbon’s upcoming webinar on its website.

In November 2021, Alida has also partnered with growth company GrowthOps, to deliver elevated CX and insights to organizations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia.

Technology Featured East Asia

Hitachi joins Medallia’s strategic partnership program in Japan

Tokyo, Japan – Japan-based multinational conglomerate Hitachi has joined the strategic partnership program of experience management company Medallia in Japan. Through the partnership, Medallia will align with Hitachi’s Financial Institutions Business Unit to reinforce support for sales and service delivery efforts.

Said partnership is catered to Hitachi’s clients within domestic financial institutions, ranging from customer experience (CX) advisory service to system adoption.

Denise Miura, who was recently appointed as vice president for Asia-Pacific at Medallia, noted that the CX solution market in Japan is hitting a major tipping point in terms of expansion.

“In such a market environment, there is significant importance to forming a partnership with a first-rate company such as Hitachi. We are looking forward to this partnership,” she stated.

Meanwhile, Shigeru Suzuki, senior director for financial information systems, 2nd Division, at Hitachi, commented, “We feel honored to have this collaboration opportunity with Medallia to provide quality CX service to our customers in Japan. We look forward to providing new value through this excellent experience management program that will contribute to the improvement of customer experience value.”

Medallia’s presence in Japan has been ramped up in recent years, including inclusion of Japan-based tech system integrator Dirbato, as well as a partnership with multinational conglomerate SoftBank.
Irence Wee, APJ head of alliance and ecosystem at Medallia, commented, “We are very happy to announce our partnership with Hitachi in Japan. We look forward to accelerating the adoption of experience management programs by Japanese companies through our closely aligned effort with Hitachi.”