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HK-based design studio Atelier Pacific marks Shanghai expansion with ‘Art Tram’ design

Shanghai, China – Atelier Pacific, a Hong Kong-based multidisciplinary design studio, finally expands outside of Hong Kong into Shanghai, as well as collaborating with tramway system Hong Kong Tramways in presenting their ‘Art Tram’ design as a form of tribute to the positive energy Hong Kong is known.

The studio’s expansion to Shanghai falls also under their 25th anniversary of business in Hong Kong, where they will be offering a wealth of experience in public space design, including venues as varied as museums, malls, and railway stations. The studio aims to bring its expertise to the Greater China region, applying it to the design of spaces for the post-pandemic era.

Speaking about the expansion and the new project collaboration, Nic Banks, founder and director of Atelier Pacific, believes that collaboration has become more essential than ever in ensuring growth and innovation in the design industry.

“As a company, collaboration with our clients is at our core – we have done so effectively for more than two decades and it has allowed us to achieve high levels of success throughout the Asia-Pacific region. As we open our new office in Shanghai, we look forward to further expanding our business throughout the Greater China region, while continuing to provide our clients with the unparalleled quality of service that we are renowned for,” Banks stated.

Their collaboration with Hong Kong Tramways features trams that are donned with cartoon-esque fantastical views of the city, showcasing its unique characteristics and culture in a fun and engaging way for the public to enjoy, while also drawing attention to Atelier Pacific’s contribution to the cityscape. 

Throughout the design, familiar scenes are present, such as a group of friends playing mahjong on the side of the street, celebratory lion-dances, and roast ducks hanging by the window of a local restaurant. Key Atelier Pacific projects for clients such as the Hong Kong Museum of Art, Louis Vuitton, MTRC and others, are also featured, highlighting the studio’s collaborative client approach to success.

Despite the pandemic, Banks noted that the circumstances has allowed them to rethink their purpose and value, as well as creating more visions that best represent the creative mindset designed for their clients beyond commercial design projects.

“We wanted to contribute something non-commercial and invest in a design that would bring a positive message to the Hong Kong people at the start of the year and the start of our next 25 years of business. Hong Kong Tramways was the ideal partner to make this happen. Our entire team was involved in this meaningful project from beginning to end, devoting their professional design skills to create art that’s purpose was to unite and bring happiness to Hongkongers,” Banks explained.

Marketing Featured East Asia

To incubate more sub-brands is retail chain MINISO’s goal this year

Guangzhou, China – Chinese variety store MINISO has unveiled its new business initiatives this year, by focusing on including more sub-brands to its growing retail platform.

Dubbed the ‘X Strategy’, MINISO aims at diversifying its business and becoming a world-leading new retail platform capable of incubating more sub-brands.

It should be recalled that in December last year, MINISO launched its sub-brand ‘TOPTOY’, a toy store for children and young adults, opening nine stores in five Chinese cities over the last 6 weeks. 

Furthermore, TOPTOY’s launch also paved the way for MINISO’s new strategic product focus this year, centered on the category of ‘Art Toy’.

A branch of TOPTOY inside a MINISO retail chain.

In addition to their new business alignment, MINISO also aims to boost its online presence on top of its proven success in brick-and-mortar channels. This comes also with the announcement of unmanned, self-service stores in China, with products also soon available on all online channels including its own e-commerce, WeChat mini-programs and flagship stores on major e-commerce platforms. Similarly, MINISO will further strengthen its e-commerce channels in key overseas markets.

“COVID-19 is a catalyst that has accelerated our digital transformation and embrace of online channels. We will keep broadening our online sales channels,” said Robin Liu, chief marketing officer at MINISO.

MINISO aims to expand in its domestic market, specifically in tier cities and select rural areas, as well as internationally, in countries with populations of at least 50 million – India, Indonesia, the U.S., Colombia, Mexico, Egypt, and Spain.