Queensland, Australia – In a bid to reduce the risk of skin cancer across the state, Queensland Health has partnered up with advertising agency CHEP Network to launch the latest sun safety campaign, with a twist that definitely generates awareness. 

The campaign has been crafted to resemble a horror film starring Queensland’s sneakiest killer – the sun, with a series of trailers and promotional posters telling audiences that the sun can also be a cause of something terrifying.  

Utilising well-known horror tropes including a spooky young girl, a foreboding elderly lady, a bathroom mirror scene and lots of screaming, the campaign is aiming to engage 18-34 year olds across the State to better protect themselves from the sun’s damaging UV radiation as this age group, melanoma is the most diagnosed cancer.

The campaign tagline ‘You do the 5. You Survive’, aims to educate young Queenslanders how to be safe in the sun by adopting the slip, slop, slap, seek shade and slide on sunglasses advice that is crucial in protecting your skin from the sun, and reducing your risk of skin cancer.

Talking about the campaign, Phil Shearer, executive creative director at CHEP Network Brisbane, said, “Our audience know they need to be sun safe. Unfortunately they’re not putting that into action in their daily behaviour. It’s scary. We knew we had to do something different to engage a notoriously difficult audience.”

“To properly get their attention, we made some scary film trailers to get under their advertising radars and remind them that the sun can actually kill,” he added.

The campaign launches today across online video and audio, social media and a range of out-of-home placements.

Australia – CHEP Network has recently announced its appointment of Robert Stone as the agency’s director of people and culture.

In his new role, Stone will be leading the agency’s people and culture initiatives, in addition to joining the businesses executive leadership team.

Stone joins from Wunderman Thompson where he held the role of chief people officer across Australia and New Zealand. In addition to his time at Wunderman Thompson, Stone has held senior leadership positions at McCann in the UK, Asia and in Australia, and Adidas in Germany, where he oversaw the brand’s talent initiative.

Speaking on his appointment, Stone said, “It might sound weird coming from a People & Culture guy, however, I really care about ‘the work’ and I believe that we have one of the most exciting and interesting agency offerings, that is producing world class creative due to our deep Tech, Data, Media, PR and Experience capabilities.”

Meanwhile, Lee Leggett, CEO at CHEP Network, commented, “I couldn’t be happier to have Rob joining the team. Not only is he a brilliant people and culture leader, but he cares deeply about our industry and the work, and that comes through in his approach. I’m looking forward to seeing the positive impact he has on our people and our business.”

Australia – OnePass, a membership program by Wesfarmers, and advertising agency CHEP Network have launched ‘Onesie’ as part of their latest brand campaign to showcase the membership program’s new range of benefits.

‘Onesie’ is a CGI penguin with a gruff voice that will help spread the news about the supercharged offering for OnePass members.

This is CHEP Network’s first project for the brand after it was appointed as its creative agency earlier this year. 

The new campaign is also rolling out a commercial on all free-to-air TV, online video cinema, OOH, social influencers, and in-store at OnePass-affiliated retailers. 

OnePass’s newest supercharged membership offering includes the ability for in-store shoppers at Kmart, Target, Bunnings, and Officeworks to earn five times Flybuys points on every shop. 

Kellie Cordner, chief customer and marketing officer at OnePass, said, “We know budgets are tight for many Aussie households, and we’re looking to help ease the pressure through a range of supercharged benefits for members of our program. What better way to introduce Aussie families to the new and improved OnePass than with a CGI penguin showing them a smarter way to get more value from their favourite retailers.” 

Speaking on the campaign, Thomas Penn, managing director at CHEP Network Melbourne, also added, “It’s been brilliant partnering with the team at OnePass as the business finds new and innovative ways to provide value for Australian families. We’re looking forward to continuing to support the brand’s ongoing growth and success.” 

Australia – CHEP has named Nick Jia as its executive director for marketing technology. 

Considered one of Australia’s leading MarTech experts, Jia’s new role will see him supporting the growth of the marketing technology function at CHEP, supporting the increasing demand for sophisticated personalisation, cross-channel marketing, and customer data management solutions. 

Jia joins from Anchora as chief growth officer where he successfully built and launched their MarTech capability. Prior to Anchora, he spent time in software vendor roles at Adobe and Experian, in addition to technical consulting roles in a range of agencies across the country. 

Over the course of his career, Jia has partnered with leading brands including Bupa, IAG, Kayo, Singapore Airlines, Tabcorp, Velocity and more to accelerate their commercial performance through the application of new technology solutions. 

CHEP Network’s chief technology officer, Mark Gretton, said, “Since we launched our MarTech practice seven years ago, we have seen companies adopt a whole raft of solutions. [However,] the next wave of AI-infused, [cloud-based] tech is even more exciting. As Gartner’s CMO Spend Survey reports, CMO’s are now spending roughly 25% of their budget on MarTech.” 

“With the space continuing to grow and evolve, and our clients’ needs changing day-by-day, I’m thrilled to have a brilliant commercial, technical and strategic mind in Nick joining our team. He comes into a business with a well-established and mature MarTech function that I think he will only help turbo-charge with his deep data-driven marketing expertise.”

Jia himself commented, “I’ve worked in a number of different shaped businesses over the last 15 years and really enjoyed my time in all of them. However, there isn’t another services business in Australia that has managed to fuse together the full spectrum of creative, media and technology services at scale with the same coherence as the CHEP team.” 

“The benefit of this really shows in CHEP’s work in helping the biggest businesses in the region transform and innovate their entire end-to-end digital customer experiences. The highly collaborative, ego-free and positive culture has been something I continued to hear great things about. It feels like the business is about to embark on a whole new wave of growth and momentum, and I’m super excited to be a part of it.”

Australia – La Trobe University in Australia has launched a new campaign and brand platform, ‘The Impact is Real’, with the aim to demonstrate the very real impact that La Trobe students, academics, and partners have on people’s lives. 

Developed in collaboration with advertising agency CHEP Network, the new brand platform showcases the university’s strength in health, science, and technology. Alongside the brand platform, a new film was also released, which features the current LaTrobe University students, including The Australian Ballet’s Principal Artist, Benedicte Bemet (Bachelor of Psychological Science).

Natalie Ellisdon, La Trobe University’s CMO, shared that La Trobe is focused on delivering real impact in communities today, and they do this through their close collaborations with industry, conducting relevant research and focusing on building the skills of their students so that they have the tangible experience that is directly and immediately applicable to the work that they do. 

“Our focus and growth in the areas of health, science and technology and the growing needs of society in these areas mean this impact will only continue to expand well into the future,” said Ellisdon.

Meanwhile, Darcy Muller, La Trobe University’s director of brand and creative, noted, “We wanted to position La Trobe as a University that has a clear focus and is differentiated from its peers. Most universities talk about intangible ideas of changing the world, but we want to show how La Trobe people actually affect lives right now.”

Thomas Penn, CHEP’s general manager, commented that they are thrilled to be partnering with an ambitious brand that’s truly preparing Australians to make a positive impact in the new economy. 

“La Trobe University’s impact on its students is apparent in all that they achieve, and we look forward to continuing to tell that story under this new brand platform,” said Penn. 

The campaign is now available across TV, radio, OOH, cinema, and digital channels.

Australia – Advertising agency CHEP Network has elevated Amy Weston, its former creative director, to be its new executive creative director, joining the national creative leadership team. 

Weston joined CHEP over seven years ago, and during her time with the agency has led innovative creative work for clients including 7-Eleven, AGL, Mazda, and TAC, as well as Pernod Ricard, and RACV, amongst others. Over the course of her career, she has turned t-shirts into road safety tools with RACV’s ‘Booster Tag’, made young drivers fear social death more than actual death in MAC’s ‘Lose your License’ and ‘You’re Screwed’ campaign, and most recently created 7-Eleven Australia’s first entry into the beauty world with its Coffee Body Scrub. 

Moreover, Weston’s work has been recognised at a host of local and international award shows, and has recently joined The Aunties’ senior mentorship programme, using her experience and expertise to help support the next generation of female leaders. 

Commenting on her elevation, Weston said, “It’s a pleasure to be recognised in this role and I’m excited to continue making world-class work with all the clever people at CHEP.”

Meanwhile, Glen Dickson, CHEP’s deputy chief creative officer, noted, “Amy is a truly creative person. And a natural creative leader. She’ll do amazing things in her new role at CHEP – for our clients, our people and our work.”

Australia – Milk formula brand in Australia and New Zealand, Karicare Toddler, has partnered with Anne Geddes, the Australian photographer dubbed ‘the original baby-photo influencer’, to launch a new campaign that aims to address the pressure that Australian parents feel to be picture-perfect.

Developed in partnership with advertising agency CHEP Network, the new campaign sees Geddes reimagine her iconic photography style to support parents by demonstrating that real parenting moments are just as perfect as the stylised version people see on social media. Instead of imagery of perfectly calm and peaceful children that was behind her rise to fame, the campaign showcases children at their messy, honest, and chaotic best – throwing tantrums, ‘rearranging’ the set, and more – all against Geddes’ iconic, ethereal style.

Titled ‘Feed the Real’, the campaign is also supported by research that found that almost 96% of Australian parents believe there is pressure on them to be perfect, with social media proving to be a key contributor to that pressure, with more than 78% believing social platforms contribute to the pressure they feel, while 61% often feel bad after seeing ‘perfect’ images of other families on social media.


Commenting on the purpose of the campaign, Geddes said that her journey as a baby photographer began before the rapid growth of social media and the ubiquitous sharing of their lives online, and nowadays, she sees new parents comparing themselves to the overly perfect and Insta-friendly images and videos that appear in social media.

She added, “This creates an unhealthy pressure on parents. It almost makes it competitive, and I don’t think that’s right. I’ve created images with Karicare Toddler that aren’t the typical Anne Geddes perfect, but in another way, they’re perfect as well! We have captured the real moments we all know, which are just as beautiful. I hope this campaign starts an important movement where we all start to portray a more realistic view of parenting.”

Meanwhile, Ximena Ramirez-Arango, Karicare Toddler’s head of marketing, noted that parenting is hard and it’s clear that social media is adding to the pressure parents feel, but parenting is also amazing and rewarding, so at Karicare Toddler, they want to celebrate real parenting with both its highs and lows and help ease some of the pressure that parents are experiencing.

“The #KaricareToddlerFeedTheReal movement is all about supporting and encouraging parents to see the messy, chaotic reality of parenting as just as perfect as the filtered version we see online. We want all parents across the country to feel comfortable sharing those real moments, and to change what we see in our social media feeds,” said Ramirez-Arango.

Justin Ruben, CHEP Network’s executive creative director, commented that this has been a wonderful opportunity to work with the Karicare Toddler team and an icon like Anne Geddes to help change the way parents think about what they see on social media and how they can make a positive change by simply embracing all the crazy and wonderful moments that parenting brings, rather than worrying about having to present a picture of perfection.

“If we make a small change to how we present our experience of parenting on these platforms and instead, celebrate the real as being perfect too, we can make a positive impact on parents across the country,” said Ruben.

The campaign imagery and content will roll out across digital, social, OOH, influencers, and PR, in addition to a film featuring Anne on-set that talks about the perfection that they can and should see in the real parenting moments they all experience each day.