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Cartelux rolls out centralised digital marketing solution across Ford Motors APAC

Thailand – Australian ad tech company Cartelux, has announced a partnership with Ford Motors ASEAN and Google which will see its centralised digital marketing solution rolled out across Ford’s ASEAN dealer network.

Referred to by Google as ‘the future of automotive retail’, Cartelux announced the partnership at Google’s Think Dealer APAC event, where Cartelux presented the keynote, along with speakers from customers, Ford, and MINI (part of the BMW Group).

The program for Ford in Thailand began in late 2021, followed by South-East Asia (SEA). As part of Ford’s ongoing innovation partnership with Google, Cartelux technology allows Ford to drive local innovation by simplifying and automating the ad creation, approval, and media buying processes. Cartelux enables the dynamic personalisation and localisation of creative assets by each dealer while delivering a consistent brand campaign for Ford. Using Cartelux, Ford dealers can create and amplify ad campaigns in 60 seconds, providing the ability to react quickly to changing market conditions.

Saruth Ingkavat, marketing director at Ford Thailand, said that the Cartelux technology allows dealers to easily launch their own, personalised digital campaigns to drive more traffic and leads to their dealerships and websites. 

“It saves both time and money that dealers would otherwise have spent on setting up, producing, and amplifying their own campaigns. Being able to innovate and deliver campaigns quickly will enhance our agility within a complex and highly competitive retail market,” Ingkavat said.

Ingkavat added, “Initial results have been highly encouraging. Beyond the ability, for dealers to create fully compliant campaigns in less than 60 seconds, and regardless of their digital literacy, Cartelux allows the OEM to control advertising in each dealer’s physical territory. We have seen significant search uplift in provinces where we are running Cartelux activity.” 

Irin Khandhajavana SEA & MENA lead, Automotive at Google, shared “Cartelux allows dealers to participate in Google’s global knowledge pool, creating access to campaign professionality in a simple and time-efficient manner. By partnering with Cartelux and Ford, we established a link between Google’s world-class media targeting capability, retail networks, and consumers, together we ensure the message is making the last mile to the right consumer and the right time. We saw search volumes for Ford triple.”

Ford has also introduced Online to Offline tracking (O2O), to measure those exposed to the campaign online who then go on to take an offline action, such as visiting a dealer or purchasing a car. This innovation takes tracking beyond standard media analytics and provides a 360-degree view of campaign performance and how online efforts drive offline action. Allowing professional performance marketing for each individual dealer.

Meanwhile, Patrick Doble, global general manager at Cartelux, commented, “Google’s partnership with Ford is transforming how automotive businesses innovate.”

“We’re excited to partner with Google to enable Ford to further improve customer experiences with differentiated technology and personalised services,” Doble adds.

Initially adopted by the automotive industry, the need to solve video on a global scale has seen Cartelux secure several new multinational clients across a range of verticals. Cartelux is enabling national sales companies and their local area marketers to leverage the power of scalable video on a local, regional or global scale.

The company is seeing significant growth both domestically and internationally and announced key hires to the executive team: Hervé Genin, general manager EMEA, last year, and Kristin Harder, global head of strategy and partnerships, this year.

Marketing Featured ANZ

Cartelux appoints Kristin Harder as new global head of strategy and partnerships

Australia  Australian ad tech company Cartelux has appointed former Audi Global head of media manager Kristin Harder as global head of strategy and partnerships.

The new role will see Harder steer the strategic direction of the company, launch marketing initiatives, and grow the business’ global partnership networks.

Harder joins from Audi, where during her nine-year tenure, she managed marketing communication, events & sponsorship for China, Audi’s single most important market. Her career grew to incorporate global marketing responsibilities when she became global head of sales media, before taking on global media responsibilities. 

Kristin Harder, head of strategy and partnerships at Cartelux said, “Cartelux is targeting a long-standing pain point within global campaign management by integrating retail networks seamlessly into the campaign and media buying process.” 

Harder welcomed the opportunity to apply her international experience to the fast-paced startup world as Cartelux shapes the future of retail marketing. “I have seen first-hand the critical divide that often lies between OEM and retail networks, in particular in digital advertising. Maximising synergies is critical for reaching in-market audiences at the right time and place. Cartelux has truly innovated this space by offering a simple, time and cost-efficient platform solution,” Harder added.

Cartelux Founder and CEO Josh Williams commented, “Kristin’s global experience, understanding of the most complex automotive retail environment, combined with her global marketing and media background is a perfect fit for the company. I am delighted to have her on board to grow the business together.” 

Harder joins the senior management team of automotive veterans at Cartelux, including Global Industry Lead Automotive Raoul Picello, General Manager EMEA Herve Genin, Global General Manager Patrick Doble, and Chief Financial Officer Stephen Burns. 

The appointment comes at a time of rapid global growth for the business following client activations in Thailand, India, Australia, Switzerland, Spain, and Germany.

Technology Featured ANZ

MINI ANZ extends platform agreement with adtech Cartelux

Australia – Automotive brand MINI in Australia and New Zealand has extended its retail advertising technology partnership with local-based adtech Cartelux.

Through the renewed partnership, Cartelux will be responsible for allowing MINI dealers in the region to create and launch digital advertising campaigns in less than 60 seconds, making Australia and New Zealand the first markets in a global pilot for the BMW Group.

Additionally, Cartelux will be simplifying and automating ad creation, streamlining approvals needed, and expediting the media buying process, to save time and cost for the regional office, which is based in Melbourne, and the entire Dealer Network.

MINI ANZ’s Retail and Network Marketing Manager Victoria Abbass shared that Cartelux is enabling MINI to deliver cohesive, integrated digital campaigns in a way that was previously much more laborious.

“Working with Cartelux, all our dealers can now run vibrant digital advertising campaigns for local area marketing with minimal input and effort. This means the dealer marketing managers are free to focus on other priorities, delivering cost, and time efficiencies,” said Abbass.

Meanwhile, Patrick Doble, global general manager at Cartelux, said, “It’s exciting working with MINI on this platform and seeing how Victoria is extending capabilities to dealers that really innovate and benefit the company.”

Technology Featured ANZ

Adtech Cartelux appoints Geoff Reilly as CFO

Sydney, Australia – Local-based adtech Cartelux has appointed Geoff Reilly as the company’s new chief financial officer to drive Cartelux’s financial function through the next stages of significant growth.

He will be responsible for guiding Cartelux through its current phase of rapid expansion as it closes its seed funding round and aims for a significant Series A round later this year.

Reilly’s background spans 20 years’ experience both in Australia and internationally in the capital markets, operations, and financial functions of technology companies, and more specifically enterprise SaaS startups with similar business models to Cartelux. He was previously chief financial officer at Singapore-based software-as-a-service company (SaaS) TradeGecko and helped steer the company through its merger with Intuit in late 2020.

Commenting on his appointment, he said, “I’m very excited to be joining Cartelux at this important time and look forward to working with Josh Williams and the executive team in their objective of executing the delivery of the business’ global growth strategy. My aim is to build on Cartelux’s strength and negotiate the best opportunities for the business through its next phase of funding.”

According to Joshua Williams, chief executive officer and founder of Cartelux, Reilly’s appointment signifies an important milestone for the company as it looks to the next phase of its growth.

“Geoff’s appointment will ensure Cartelux can navigate its way through this crucial phase of our journey, scaling global operations and navigating significant growth. He brings extensive international experience and has successfully driven a number of substantial growth programs throughout his career. As we continue to evolve as a company, Geoff’s financial acumen, steady demeanor, and strategic thinking is a great addition to our leadership team, and Cartelux.”

Williams also added that Cartelux has had a hugely successful 2020 as COVID-19 saw the adoption of ad technologies expedited by approximately half a decade, including its recent global deal with Kia Motors.

“The demand for Cartelux’s services has never been higher and Geoff will provide an experienced set of hands to help steer us through this exciting period,” Williams stated.

Technology Featured ANZ

Adtech Cartelux pilots new marketing solution with Kia Australia

Sydney, Australia – Australian-based adtech company Cartelux has launched its centralized marketing solution, and it has decided to pilot it to the Australian arm of global automotive brand Kia, specifically in its dealer’s network.

Through the solution, Cartelux’s technology will assist Kia in driving local innovation by simplifying and automating ad creation, approval, and media buying process. This then enables dynamic personalization of creative assets by each dealer, while delivering a consistent brand campaign for Kia. 

For Nikolas Souliotis, digital marketing manager at Kia Australia, their partnership with Cartelux means achieving success in the digital age between the brand itself and its numerous dealers nationwide.

“The Cartelux platform offers an entirely new playground allowing better marketing alignment across national and local tiers through scalable video and data consolidation. This enables us to see consumers through the same lens and drive better results and greater efficiencies – it’s the future of performance-driven retail marketing,” Souliotis said.

Meanwhile, Randy Han, global lead for Kia at Google noted that Kia’s partnership with Cartelux means creating more engaging video content for the automotive brand, as Kia has been looking for simple ways to create dealer ad content at scale.

Patrick Doble, global general manager at Cartelux, commented, “Kia is one of the world’s most innovative and fastest growing brands. The program for Kia will commence with providing digital video advertising, which geo-targets campaigns based on the dealers primary marketing area.”