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Mountain Dew PH’s new campaign lets consumers turn themselves into memes

Philippines – Image filtering is the new stunt of Mountain Dew on its latest meme-fueled campaign. The release of the ‘meme-generating’ augmented reality filters on Instagram comes after Mountain Dew’s initial three launch films, which was created in collaboration with creative agency BBDO Guerrero.

The three prior films highlight a comic parody that claims—literally and figuratively—everything is “mas cool ‘pag my Ice,” which in English translates to “cooler with Ice”.

Meanwhile, the filters use face-swapping technology to let fans own that ‘cooler’ element in their own way by inserting their faces over choice characters in popular online films and literally turning themselves into a meme. These filters were inspired by two out of the three launch films for Mountain Dew Ice which puts some of the most famous local memes and viral content.

Mikey Rosales, the marketing director at PepsiCo, shared that there has been an outpouring of engagement and praise for the “mas Cool ‘Pag may ice” campaign presenting such a bold and unconventional take on modern Filipino meme-culture.

“From polarizing online debates to the full-on explosion of fandoms—the reception of all three videos has been absolutely thrilling, to say the least,” said Rosales.

David Guerrero, BBDO’s creative chairman, said that they wanted to create something that was not just funny and attention-grabbing but resonated very strongly with the market.

“Mountain Dew Philippines is very much tapped into youth culture. And with all of us consuming and generating more memes and viral content than ever, it felt fitting to capture this generation’s spirit through the lens of the Internet,” said Guerrero.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

PH creative agency BBDO Guerrero launches eco-friendly ‘The Dissolving Bottle’

Makati, Philippines – Filipino creative agency BBDO Guerrero has launched an open-source re-design of traditional shampoo packaging, called ‘The Dissolving Bottle’, giving it an eco-friendly makeover.

The Dissolving Bottle aims to make shampoo bars more intuitive by giving them a shape similar to small bottles used in hotels. The shampoo uses zero plastic, which is a great way to reduce wastes.

Each bar is equal to a 90ml bottle of shampoo, weighs 130 grams, and is made with all-organic ingredients by local Filipino manufacturer, The Naturale Market. The partner brands also got a chance to customize their own versions of The Dissolving Bottle.

According to the agency, the product has already been tested with some hotels in the Boracay island and had received great feedback.

David Guerrero, chairman of BBDO Guerrero Creative, said, “We have long been involved with campaigns to fight plastic waste. And with The Dissolving Bottle we have a solution that can clean your hair without a bottle.”

The agency is also offering to supply the molds at cost to artisanal producers for community livelihood projects. Interested parties can inquire at The Dissolving Bottle website.