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AnyMind Group launches new HTML5 game feature ‘AnyManager GAMES’

Singapore – AnyMind Group, an end-to-end commerce enablement company, has launched a new HTML5 game feature on its publisher platform AnyManager called ‘AnyManager GAMES’. This enables web publishers to increase ad revenue sources by implementing a variety of games on their sites.

‘AnyManager GAMES’ enables web publishers to choose from a library of already-developed HTML5 games, try the games out in AnyManager, and implement these games on their desktop and mobile sites by implementing a single JavaScript tag. In addition, publishers can implement a variety of ad formats on their selected games including banner and interstitial ad formats. 

With the new game feature, publishers can now increase their means of ad income without the need to develop their own games or create additional content, whilst providing users with a new point of engagement on their sites. 

AnyMind Group said that with this new feature, it looks to expand its publisher base and available inventory for publishers, and provide advertisers in Asia and internationally with access to a greater ad inventory pool. 

Hitoshi Maruyama, managing director of publisher growth at AnyMind Group, said that they are entering the age of next-generation commerce, where business can be done through a single platform, is borderless and open, and data can be utilised and maximised freely across traditionally siloed business functions. 

“We have empowered publishers in Asia for the past five years through our constantly growing suite of solutions, and we will continue to move the needle for innovation to bring more growth to publishers,” added Maruyama.

In July 2022, AnyMind has raised ¥4b in funding, around US$91.7m, to strengthen the company’s advancement in the e-commerce enablement space and fund future acquisitions.