DoubleVerify announces new CTV brand safety solution for advertisers


New York, USA – Digital media analytics platform DoubleVerify (DV) has announced a new brand safety solution for connected TV (CTV), which will offer app-level transparency for advertisers and brands. 

The development of the solution, which is first in the industry, is in response to advertisers’ concern with regards to the lack of standardization of data on the app due to bundled app and content-level data shared to them. 

DV provides all the information advertisers need including the real world app name, the devices and IDs associated with it. It eliminates the non standard and random Bundle IDs which, typically, only contain a subset of the programs where their campaign ran across and does not have guarantee of accuracy.

One of the significant features of DV’s CTV solution is its inclusion and exclusion lists which allow advertisers to target or avoid specific CTV apps, aligning their inventory and brand suitability. 

The solution also enables advertisers to measure the quality of their campaigns and determine infractions through its delivery reporting, allowing them to optimize their campaigns in-flight and refine their strategies in the future.

According to DV CEO Mark Zagorski, as a higher number of audiences use its platform, advertisers’ demand for transparency in CTV will continue to accelerate.

“We’re proud to be the first in the market to introduce this solution and enable effective CTV app-level brand safety and suitability controls for global advertisers,” Zagorski said.

“Our new inclusion and exclusion lists empower advertisers to assume greater control over brand-content fit, by selecting only apps that align with their suitability standards and criteria. If there is no clear or verified data specific to the environments and programs where CTV campaigns run, then every advertiser is exposed to brand suitability risk when buying on CTV,” He added. 

Earlier this year, DV also launched a new transparency and reporting solution for CTV inventory to address the lack of obscurity in CTV. The solution provides full transparency for buyers accurate data on where their CTV campaigns have run.  This solution charts app names across platforms and devices with more than 6,000 apps mapped across leading industry platforms.

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