Southeast Asia

Opportunities and challenges for Vietnam game industry post-COVID-19 era

MARKETECH APAC | Jul 28, 2020-19

GAMOTA believes that the booming of online game entertainment during COVID-19 pandemic has brought significant growth in China's mobile game industry.

#MARKETECHMondays: Mark De Joya, Head of Corporate Communications at Max’s Group, Inc.

MARKETECH APAC | Jul 25, 2020-19

Get to know Mark De Joya as he shares his career journey, his mentors, career tips and find out what he means by “Math + Meaning = Magic".

Entropia XR and BMW’s AR showroom unveils the All-New BMW X5

MARKETECH APAC | Jul 21, 2020-19

The AR experience presents a 3D model of the All-New BMW X5 xDrive45e M Sport that users can tap to place in any location seen via their phone camera.

The ripples effects of ad fraud

MARKETECH APAC | Jul 21, 2020-19

April Tayson highlights that the most important step in solving ad fraud is understanding the problem, and then taking fraud seriously.

Arthur Ng joins industrial-focused ecommerce platform, Keepital, as Chief Commercial Officer

Jacob Corpuz | Jul 19, 2020-19

As the new CCO, Ng's position is vital in Keepital's current position to scale aggressively and reach out to help more SMEs in the region

Entropia and UMW’s Virtual Museum gets a nod at International VR Awards

MARKETECH APAC | Jul 17, 2020-19

The campaign offers six degrees of freedom to move through UMW’s memories by flipping through the founder’s diary and teleport from one scenario to the next.

Introducing CiaoChow, the first virtual gourmet food court in Malaysia

MARKETECH APAC | Jul 15, 2020-19

Tamarind Restaurants introduces CiaoChow, a new virtual gourmet food court platform in Malaysia that brings your favorite cuisine to your doorstep

Saphron launches first cybersecurity insurance for SMEs in the Philippines

MARKETECH APAC | Jul 14, 2020-19

The newest offering provides coverage and support for security and data breaches designed for SMEs.

Qualtrics launches XM Institute for XM Community

| Jul 13, 2020-19

Qualtrics launches XM Institute, an active online and in-person community, and a resource destination for XM professionals, practitioners, and leaders.

Influencer marketing in the new normal

MARKETECH APAC | Jul 9, 2020-19

Philippine influencer marketing expert, Ace Gapuz, shares influencer marketing tips on what you can do as a brand in these trying times.