Netflix launches new content category “One Story Away”

Shaina Teope | Sep 11, 2020

Netflix pays tribute to the power of storytelling, launches a new grouping of content that is based on the similar experiences and memories movies evoke in viewers.

Entertainment bosses bullish on business amid COVID-19

Shaina Teope | Sep 9, 2020

Majority of senior executives in the entertainment industry feel optimistic about business even amid disruptions brought about by the pandemic.

Amazon music partners with Twitch, now makes available live streaming on app

Shaina Teope | Sep 3, 2020

Through the partnership with Twitch, music can now be live streamed on Amazon Music which for the longest time has only been streaming recorded music.

Facebook News to launch in India

Shaina Teope | Aug 27, 2020

First launched in the US, Facebook News will now be soon experienced by users outside the the country as the media giant expands presence over the next six months.

Rolls-Royce refreshes brand identity

Shaina Teope | Aug 26, 2020

International vehicle brand Rolls-Royce has decided to take action on its growing younger consumers, revamps the brand visuals for a more modern and edgy feel.

Facebook CMO steps down

Shaina Teope | Aug 25, 2020

Facebook CMO Antonio Lucio bids farewell to the company as he takes the time off to focus solely on advocating causes of diversion and inclusion.

Navigating uncertainty with marketing measurement

MARKETECH APAC | Jul 23, 2020

Leah Pope, CMO at Datorama shares four key steps to building a measurement strategy that can guide marketers through this volatile time and into the future.

Flexible data architecture is critical for analytics, says in a report

MARKETECH APAC | May 16, 2020

The report explores how chief data officers and heads of analytics are building data infrastructures, services, and use cases that drive business value.