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MY A-listers share how vivo’s new flagship series enhanced their days in new campaign

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Smartphone brand vivo has released a new campaign that features nine Malaysian A-list celebrities to share on how vivo’s X80 flagship series enhanced their daily activities.

The campaign features celebrities such as TV personalities Gan Jiang Han, Tong Bing Yu, Jeff Chin, Wayne Tong; alongside Vanilla Crepe Nelson founder Liew, Kubis & Kale founder Aaron Lim, and film director Ghaz Abu Bakar.

In addition, the campaign features testimonials from these celebrities, such as Wong saying that the ZEISS co-engineered vivo X80 series enables him to capture perfect shots with hyper-clarity details and accurate colour tone. Or how vivo’s dual chip supported vivo X80 series helps She Ting’s job as a newscaster to take down important notes and revise news articles whenever and wherever

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

vivo Malaysia’s new Raya film a comedic short on a rich family’s journey

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Smartphone brand vivo in Malaysia has launched its fourth short film for this year’s Raya, which is in line with the upcoming launch of its new vivo X80 Series.

Shot using the new vivo X80 Pro, the film was produced together with well-known local director Ghaz Abu Bakar, who has launched many Malay films, television dramas, and music videos.

Titled ‘Chup! Raya Dulu!’, the short film tells the story of a rich family and their journey in being a part of the community during the Raya celebration. It is also accompanied by a theme song – Takbir Lebaran, which was performed by the Malaysian singer celebrity, Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza. 

vivo Malaysia shared, “The new and self-developed vivo V1+ imaging chip is making its debut in the upcoming vivo X80 series, where it is bound to enhance the display and imaging capabilities of the device.”

Most recently, vivo Malaysia has also announced a special partnership with premier gaming brands Razer and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) to launch a brand-new smartphone series, vivo T1 series, with gaming at its heart.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

vivo Malaysia partners with Razer, PUBG for upcoming gaming-focused series

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Smartphone brand vivo in Malaysia has recently announced a special partnership with premiere gaming brands Razer and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)  as they launch a brand-new smartphone series, vivo T1 series, with gaming at its heart.  

The tech company shared that the series model will be available in two colours, Turbo Black and Turbo Cyan. “Get. Set. Turbo!” is the official slogan accompanying the new T1 series, which conveys vivo Malaysia’s commitment to offering its gaming series to Malaysia soon. 

According to vivo, the partnership with Razer aims to deliver an ‘elevated gaming experience’  on a smartphone, while the tie-up with PUBG is slated to organise an upcoming campaign for Malaysians. 

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vivo MY’s latest campaign to highlight ‘determination’ in reaching for success

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Global technology company vivo in Malaysia has released a new short film, aimed at inspiring Malaysians to reach for their dreams no matter the circumstances.

The new short film features a deaf Malaysian girl’s determination to be a national athlete. It was shot with the vivo X70 Pro, the professional photography flagship smartphone with advanced mobile imaging technology co-engineered with ZEISS.

Titled ‘Shout it Out’, the film follows the true story of Siti, a deaf Malaysian since young who, against all odds, fights her way to master Karate and represent Malaysia in an international Karate tournament. Set in scenes where she constantly faces various challenges and rejections, being laughed at and self-doubt, the film highlights her strong determination coupled with her teacher’s unwavering guidance to get her on the world stage as a national athlete.

Mallory Lee, the director of ‘Shout It Out’, shared that he wanted to capture the true essence and emotions played by Siti, showing her struggles, joy, determination and courage in reaching her dreams regardless of her difficulties.

“Using the vivo X70 Pro, I was able to capture all of that as seen in the final video. I hope Malaysians would be inspired watching this short film as it inspired me,” said Lee.

Meanwhile, Mike Xu, vivo Malaysia’s CEO, believes that every person has the potential of accomplishing great achievements, regardless of their background, and they are humbled to have the opportunity to share the life of Siti through the film. 

“Using the vivo X70 Pro’s advanced imaging technology, the film demonstrated the filming capabilities of the smartphone and its potential as a professional filmography device,” said Xu.

The ‘Shout it Out’ short film is now available and can be viewed on vivo Malaysia Official Youtube Channel.

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Vivo to boost browser native content, taps Outbrain

Singapore – Recommendation platform Outbrain has announced an agreement with global technology company Vivo, to power Vivo’s browser newsfeed with native content.

Through the agreement, Vivo will utilize Outbrain’s OB News feature, which relies on content from Outbrain’s premium publisher network and allows partners to tap into a stream of editorial content from these sites at no extra cost alongside trusted native monetization.

Said news and native advertising format allows Outbrain’s partners to choose from a range of categories to match their users’ interests and will specifically help Vivo’s daily active users across Southeast Asia discover leading editorial content in new ways and in new places.

Bob Xu, business development director at Vivo, said, “The easy integration of OB News into our platform allowed us to already see a marked improvement in our user engagement and monetization strategy. Outbrain’s recommendation technology is second-to-none in terms of editorial content and brand-safe environment.”

Meanwhile, Stephanie Himoff, VP of publishers at Outbrain, commented, “We continue to work with top-tier OEMs to be the premier business partner in the industry. Utilizing our best-in-class recommendation technology, such as OB News, to help partners optimize their engagement and monetization journey is something we continue to pride ourselves in as we work with Vivo to put our recommendations in front of audiences across the world.”

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vivo India launches new Deepavali campaign, sparks ‘joy of homecoming’

India – Smartphone brand vivo in India has released its campaign for Deepavali or Festival of Lights which takes the theme of the ‘Joy of Homecoming’.

Created in collaboration with Dentsu Impact, the creative agency from the India division of dentsu international, the film aims to address the need of treasuring special moments through encapsulating the role of smartphone photography in rekindling the ‘joy’ of connections and elevating the festive cheer. 

Starring the Bollywood actor Kanwaljit Singh, the ad film starts by showing the ‘loneliness’ of an old man whose entire family has moved out, allowing travelers to rent his house for short stays. It then transitions to showing a young man who has decided to get away from the polluted city life, arriving at the old man’s house to celebrate Deepavali. An emotional roller-coaster, the film ended on a happy note, uniting the old man and his family.

Nipun Marya, the director of brand strategy at vivo India, shared that the campaign aims to bridge the emotional and physical distances between families and spread happiness through smartphone photography. 

“At vivo, we understand that technology is an enabler for the joy in our lives, and through this campaign, we want to celebrate homecoming and rekindle the joy of connection,” said Marya

For Anupama Ramaswamy, Dentsu Impact’s managing partner and national creative director, Deepavali is a very apt occasion to send out the message of strong bond, as it is about celebrating the coming home of children after a long period of time. 

“What really tugs at heartstrings is the song that accompanies each moment. It has been carefully composed to highlight every emotion – ‘happiness’, ‘sadness’, ‘laughter’, and tears. The lyrics have also been written from the heart, each word flowing seamlessly into the next to tell us that memories have the ability to bridge any distance and pull anyone back home. And vivo, with its high-quality camera, is the perfect tool to stir these memories via the power of pictures,” said Ramaswamy.

The campaign has rolled out across mainline and digital platforms.

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vivo MY calls for everyday life documentation in latest campaign

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Smartphone brand vivo in Malaysia has launched a new campaign called ‘Memories of Life’ where smartphone users are called to document their everyday life through video footage. Vivo will then collect these footage which will be made into a full-on documentary dedicated to everyday life.

For the smartphone brand, the campaign’s inspiration stems from the fact that anyone’s ordinary life contributes to the history of humanity, be it a simple sentence or a smile, where every unique story forms the memories of this era.

Interested participants may submit their videos from 27 October 12am to 10 November 11:59pm, film a video within 15 to 60 seconds according to the themes of love, care, hope, dream and joy. To submit the video, participants must upload the video to social media with the hashtag #vivoMemoriesOfLifeMY, and tag @vivo_malaysia on Instagram and Twitter or @vivoMalaysia on Facebook.

In addition, participants are required to send the video through email to [email protected] 

Participants whose videos have made it to the final cut of the documentary can win prizes from vivo, including vivo X70, vivo TWS 2 ANC, and vivo TWS 2e smartphone units.

For Mike Xu, chief executive officer at vivo Malaysia, the company has garnered positive support from users around the world, and they are honored that their smartphones have become a part of their lives.

“Vivo has witnessed and captured users’ truest memories, the ups and downs and the joy and sorrow. It also provides users with convenience and pleasure for their lives and accompanies them through every trivial matter in their lives. This is indeed the most significant and valuable purpose of vivo smartphones,” Xu stated.

Vivo will launch the documentary from 6 December until 10 December 2021.

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Here are the top 10 most ox-some CNY ads on YouTube by Malaysian brands

Malaysia – Gong xi fa cai! With Chinese New Year a monumental celebration across Asia, brands didn’t waste a second making the most out of the festive holiday, pulling out the theme to showcase each of their creative advertisements. 

In Malaysia, brands across all industries flexed their red-accented and gilded films on YouTube to ring in the year of the Metal Ox, and the platform has just revealed the CNY ads that made it to its top 10 this year.

The ads were chosen not only based on views but also watch time and audience retention. Take a look at the list, arranged in alphabetical order.

1. Celcom Axiata: Double Your Joy with Any 2 Phones @ RM188

Celcom Axiata: Double Your Joy with Any 2 Phones @ RM188

In a simple but graphically endearing ad, telecom Celcom Axiata drew in Malaysian viewers not just with its creatives but with an attractive offer letting customers nab 2 phones at RM188, from a slew of mobile models such as Huawei, Vivo, and Realme.

2. Daikin Malaysia: Daikin CNY 2021: The Extraordinary Family GO

Daikin Malaysia: Daikin CNY 2021: The Extraordinary Family GO

Air condition manufacturer, Daikin Malaysia, stresses the importance of family this CNY through a comedic short film, bringing the message through the all-too-familiar and anxious scenario of a guy’s courtship to a girl’s parents.

3. McDonald’s Malaysia: Golden Prosperity Burger

McDonald's Malaysia: Golden Prosperity Burger

Global fast-food brand McDonald’s is known for regularly sprucing up its food offerings to align with current cultural celebrations, and this CNY, it offered Malaysian customers a special ‘Golden Prosperity Burger’ to add to their momentum of festivities.

4. NESCAFÉ Malaysia: Happy New 牛 Year ~ NESCAFÉ

NESCAFÉ Malaysia: Happy New 牛 Year ~ NESCAFÉ

With a straightforward sing and dance video, NESCAFÉ in Malaysia delivered its greetings by partnering with famous personalities and performers Pong Pong, Jestinna, DJ Perry Kuan, and Ariff Bahran.

5. Shopee Malaysia: Shopee CNY Sale is Happening Now! 

Shopee Malaysia: Shopee CNY Sale is Happening Now!

With a quirky and cheery acoustic performance, Shopee in Malaysia released its share of the 2.2 sale ad, which offered eight-themed marketing deals such as its daily RM8,888 Shopee Fortune Box, and daily 88% Off Vouchers.

6. Tenaga Nasional: TNB CNY 2021 – Nian-tastic New Start

Tenaga Nasional: TNB CNY 2021 – Nian-tastic New Start

Still within the message of family and togetherness, electricity giant Tenaga Nasional goes all the way back to give audiences a piece of the origins of the celebration.

7. Tesco Malaysia: The TESCO ONG Medley 2021

Tesco Malaysia: The TESCO ONG Medley 2021

Through a jovial medley, grocery chain Tesco in Malaysia reminded how through its range of fresh produce and food products, customers can achieve a fruitful celebration this CNY.

8. Vivo Malaysia: Vivo CNY Huat Cow Cow 2021

Vivo Malaysia: Vivo CNY Huat Cow Cow 2021

With a brief 15-second but upbeat music clip, Vivo Malaysia invited viewers to learn how to Huat Cow Cow, or how to bring in ‘maximum prosperity’.

9. Watsons Malaysia: Watsons CNY #HappyBeautifulYear​ 2021

Watsons Malaysia: Watsons CNY #HappyBeautifulYear​ 2021

Much like others in this list, health and beauty retailer Watsons in the country made use of a musical short film, featuring a star-studded cast including Summer Grace, Danny Ahboy, and Jenn Chia among many others.

10. Yakult Malaysia: YAKULT新年2021 ‘Miles apart, but close at heart’

Yakult Malaysia: YAKULT新年2021 'Miles apart, but close at heart'

Even before the pandemic struck, family members are forced to spend time apart for a number of reasons such as those that choose to work away from their hometowns for better opportunities. In a touching short film, Yakult Malaysia showed that there are still ways for families to send love albeit from a distance this CNY.