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AllValue to boost e-commerce, taps consumer engagement MoEngage

Manila, Philippines – AllValue, the fast-growing retail group in the Philippines, targets to boost the digital and e-commerce growth of two of its brands, AllHome and AllDay, and has tapped consumer engagement platform MoEngage to help bring this to fruition.

AllHome is its one-stop shop brand for home living, while AllDay is the group’s fast-growing mid-premium supermarket chain. MoEngage said that AllValue aims to capitalize on the online sales momentum and the recent surge in e-commerce sales in the country through an in-depth look into customer behavior data.

“We are betting big on the current digital wave that will expand the e-commerce market size in the Philippines. With more and more customers discovering our enhanced e-commerce experience, we recognized the need to align ourselves with a data-driven mindset to mount effective customer-facing campaigns and to further drive our platforms’ development,” said Camille Villar, AllValue’s vice chairman.

MoEngage is a full-stack solution consisting of customer analytics, automated cross-channel engagement and AI-driven personalization. It said that AllDay’s challenge is making sense of large-scale retail data that is primarily undifferentiated, while AllHome aims to unearth insights and patterns for its broad spectrum of customers: from homeowners to architects, engineers, and designers.

Through its optimized e-commerce platforms, AllValue is able to telegraph current customer behaviors by providing relevant product recommendations, sorting out logistic challenges for home deliveries, and allowing safe payments to offer a comprehensive and convenient E-commerce experience. MoEngage said that this is the exact window where they can provide breakthrough insights to push AllHome and AllDay ‘s e-commerce initiatives to the next level.

“To sell premium retail products, one must put together a great website and an awesome checkout experience. However, that is not enough in the hypercompetitive e-commerce world. One must complement it with well-timed and limited offers for browsed products that are simply hard to put down,” commented Saurabh Madan, GM of MoEngage for ANZ and SEA.

He adds, “Product differentiation alone might not cut it for many businesses who plan to make a shift to online sales. Consumer brands also need to focus on a customer-centric engagement strategy, and that’s where MoEngage can help.”