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Video ad network Vidy expands network through crypto asset launch

Jakarta, Indonesia – Vidy, a video ad network, is launching its new cryptocurrency asset called VidyCoin in its own blockchain-powered decentralized network – a move to prevent ad fraud among ad publishers.

VidyCoin is used to reward consumers when they play a video ad supported by Vidy, and can be used to buy goods in the Vidy network. Ad publishers can also earn VidyCoins and can be used in running ads, or getting access to publishers’ premium features.

“At Vidy, we put the power of your data and earning potential back on your hand. So, users can earn money while watching video and surfing the web, right at home,” said Patrick Colangelo, Vidy founder, and CEO.

Furthermore, Vidy also utilizes VIDYX, a token ecosystem in the platform. VIDY is now used as a platform token based on the cryptocurrency Ethereum, a staking mechanism for VIDYX withdrawals, bonuses, and campaign priority access. Meanwhile, VIDYX is a utility token, acting as attention-powered rewards that drive tradable data contracts on the platform blockchain.

“VIDYX is really a fuel of power of Vidy’s engine, bringing good values by allowing users to earn money from our platform. This gives you the right to earn extra income, directly powered by real users and the attention online. By doing so, we are bringing the mechanism and more value to the ecosystem,” Patrick added.

Vidy has worked with regional media companies and publishing groups such as Vogue Singapore, CNN Indonesia, CNBC Indonesia Kompas Gramedia, and Esquire.