Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – As retailers now prioritise a safe shopping experience for customers, a recent survey revealed that 90% amongst 500 Malaysian online sellers indicated Shopee as a platform of choice.

According to the survey, Malaysian sellers also conceded how the platform was instrumental in protecting their businesses from any forms of online scams or fraud last year.

These insights have resulted in beneficial outcomes, one of which includes how sellers managed exceptional ratings while safeguarding their brand reputation, as well as the loss of followers and customer complaints. Another advantage is that businesses were able to avert any liabilities from scams coming from order cancellations and processing fees. 

Businesses have also maintained their long-term operations due to fewer business disruptions and client loyalty.

Committed to providing a risk-free shopping experience, Kenneth Soh, head of marketing at Shopee, said, “These findings demonstrate the high level of trust that Malaysian sellers have in Shopee’s ability to provide a safe and secure platform for their businesses.”

Furthermore, the survey yielded insights from Malaysian sellers’ preferences for securing their customers’ online safety. Among these factors, 47% stated that they have already established strong operational safety standards by complying with Shopee’s safe policies and guidelines.

35% of them were verified as Shopee Mall, Preferred+, Preferred seller, with a hundred percent authenticity policy, strict adherence to the 15-day return/refund policy, and no less than 95% of products listed as ready stock.

On the other hand, at least 17% of sellers have guaranteed their customers the safe payment options and return or refund policies offered by Shopee. 

“Our platform offers a variety of innovative features and protections that help to keep customers safe, such as Shopee Guarantee, secure payment options, and Preferred+ and Shopee Mall verification programs. Shopee also works closely with law enforcement agencies to combat fraud and protect its users,” Soh added.