Singapore – As many netizens globally have shown interest in the purported new virtual assistant by Samsung called ‘Sam’, newly-sourced information online has found that the now rejected project has been tied with a previous project with global marketing agency Cheil Worldwide, which is under the Samsung Group. 

Just recently, an alleged virtual assistant of Samsung went viral on social media globally as the ‘leaked’ photos of the project resurfaced a few days ago. The leak originated from visual creatives company Lightfarm studio, when they uploaded said picture portfolio on their work page. 

The page was taken down, alluding to the fact that the pictures never materialized into any campaign by Samsung. Meanwhile, the pictures boosted into popularity as many online creators made fanarts of said virtual model, and have been making rounds on many social media platforms, including TikTok.

According to one Twitter user @SinisterSh0t, information dug up from the well-known archive site Wayback Machine shows that the now scrapped project was made by virtual creatives company Lightfarm Studio, which is based in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

Based on the information saved on the Internet Archive, the project was “an incredible partnership between the Cheil Agency and Lightfarm.”

Furthermore, the newly-sourced information also stated the design process for the virtual assistant, which consisted of having a ‘2D existing version, [which] underwent a complete redesign to return to social networks in a 3D version, much more modern, exciting, and with many more expressions, poses, and different textures’.

Separately, Lightfarm Studios has previously worked with last year’s campaign by Tiger Beer globally, alongside with agency Publicis Singapore.

Samsung has an existing virtual assistant called ‘Bixby’, which was first launched in 2012 alongside the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Sydney, Australia – A big part of TikTok videos becoming viral are the music that creators use and choose to play their entertainment reels, with old songs being given a second life while up and coming ones getting their well-deserved listen. TikTok, particularly in Australia, has taken attention to this trend, and has therefore decided to release its own digital radio station. 

The short-video platform has partnered with global radio platform iHeartRadio for an exclusive Australian digital radio station catered to take popular TikTok songs to the airwaves.

Called ‘TikTok Trending’, the digital radio station will broadcast popular TikTok songs 24/7 in a span of three months. In addition to that, popular tracks from well-known artists like Dua Lipa and Cardi B, revived old tracks like Fleetwood Mac, as well as promoting local artists that have become overnight viral sensations will be promoted on the station.

“For us, this radio station is a testament to TikTok’s growing credentials in the music industry and the influence the platform has in propelling talent and tracks from the platform and into the mainstream music scene. We’d love you to tune in,” TikTok said in a press statement.

‘TikTok Trending’ will be hosted by four personalities, namely Australian singer-songwriter Georgia Flipo commonly known as G Flip, indigenous Australian artist Isaiah Firebrace, YouTube comedy star Tannar Eacott, and musical artist Avneesha.

The show will welcome a line-up of guest hosts, including popular creators, local artists, and international stars, which will be graced first by British singer-songwriter Rita Ora.

“Connecting with my Australian fans on TikTok has been incredible. Their creativity is so inspiring and being able to engage with them on the platform has been amazing, which is why I am beyond excited to take on this guest hosting gig with iHeartRadio. I’ll be sharing the top TikTok tracks with you, talking about my favorite songs, and even sharing some insider info with you on the trending songs we all love,” Rita Ora said.

Meanwhile, Brett ‘Nozz’ Nossiter, content director at iHeartRadio, commented, “We share the TikTok community’s passion for exploring, creating and enjoying a diverse array of music, and we’re so excited to be able to support emerging and established musicians who have enjoyed success on TikTok, and amplify their music to an even bigger audience of fans.”

According to Ollie Wards, director of music at TikTok ANZ, this new partnership reflects how the platform is making its mark on the music industry – with artists today turning to the platform to launch new music, resurface classic tracks and connect with fans across the globe. 

“Emerging acts, still in the ‘bedroom’ stage, love TikTok because they’re able to reach new audiences, build a following and achieve success on their own terms, off the back of raw talent, creativity and charisma. Established artists have also been tapping into TikTok, particularly at a time when shows and live music are off the cards in most parts of the world,” Wards stated.