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Road safety org for Victoria reminds riders the importance of protective gears

Australia – The Transport Accident Commission (TAC), the statutory insurer of third-party personal liability for road accidents in the State of Victoria, Australia, has launched a new motorcycle safety campaign, aimed at highlighting the importance of wearing protective gears.

According to data from TAC, there are 2,500 motorcycle-related injury claims per year. Riders can travel unprotected at high speeds that other vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists, simply cannot reach. Protective clothing is an important way to reduce the risk of injury.

Developed in collaboration with marketing communications agency Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, the new campaign is a timely reminder of how casual clothing such as sneakers, jeans, and hoodies only protects riders for a fraction of a second in a crash.

Joanne Whyte, TAC’s head of marketing and communications, said that the new campaign hits home the risks of having such a casual attitude towards wearing proper protective gear.

Meanwhile, Richard Williams, Clemenger BBDO’s executive creative director, shared that this campaign is not a dramatised version of what could happen, but it is the reality of risk experienced riders take daily when they do not protect their entire body on every ride.

“TAC and Clemenger have a proven partnership of creating public education campaigns that have an impact and change behaviour, and this one is no different,” said Williams.

The campaign will be running across online video, OOH, press, radio, digital, social, and through partners.