Australia – Thierry Lalchere, the former chief people officer of Havas Group, has unveiled Thierry Lalchere Consulting-HR (TLCHR), an independent HR consultancy dedicated for agencies and brands. TLCHR offers advice on people who think strategically about policies; employee value propositions (EVP); diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I); unbiased HR investigations, training and development, as well as facilitating systems.

Lalchere has 20 years of experience in internal HR and HR management consulting. She has experience as a management consultant, trainer, and HR leader, and she has also coached and supported executives in a variety of industries to help them reach their potential both personally and in terms of group dynamics.

Speaking on the consultancy launch, Lalchere said, ‘’I work with leaders to ensure their talent thrives in an inclusive and safe work environment, minimising risk to their business and maximising both business and individual performance. Where I make the most impact is with businesses that don’t have a fully developed HR function,but need assistance approaching the complexities of both the technical and strategic side of HR, including keeping up with legislative changes.”

Lalchere’s plan comes at a moment with the country’s Fair Work Act undergoing changes in areas like pay secrecy and psychological safety.

“For example, from this month, a business that publishes a contract stating that salaries are confidential will be in breach of the new pay secrecy laws. There is a civil liability with fines of up to $66,000 per breach. A truly litigious player might also claim a misrepresentation of employee rights: that has a civil liability fine of over $80,000 per breach. What this means is that issuing a salary increase letter today could land you with almost $150,000 in fines. It’s no wonder that HR concerns are keeping so many business leaders I work with awake at night,” she explained 

Meanwhile, Anthony Freedman, former Havas Group CEO and Chairman expressed support for Thierry Lalchere, saying, “Thierry spearheaded important changes that are expected of a modern employer in respect to policies and procedures. This was not just important to our people, but has also become an aspect increasingly demanded from clients and potential clients.”