Hong Kong, China – A Hong Kong-based culinary arts school Towngas Cooking Centre which promotes flame cooking, has launched its official YouTube channel, where it will be featuring cooking lessons and recipe ideas demonstrated by an ensemble of celebrity chefs.

Towngas Cooking Centre is an extension of utility company and gas supplier The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited which was put up in 1977. Its courses stretches a wide age group offering programs like Excellent Wife Certificate program for beginners, and a crash course for students abroad, where at the center of its curriculum is the training for flame cooking.   

Episodes of the new YouTube channel will feature both local and international celebrity chefs such as Master Chow Chung, Swiss chef Jacques Kagi, YouTuber Portugal Story-Telling Chef John Rocha, and celebrity mom Skye Chan who will take turns to present professional cookery advice and demos on a daily basis.

Lessons will range from casual cooking to gourmet preparations with recipes from Asian cuisine as well as ideas on French baking. Essential facts about foods and pointers on handling ingredients and condiments will also be featured in addition.

From September to October, special segments are slated to go live for each day of the week: Healthy Monday, French Wednesday, Culinary Tips4U on Thursdays, KOL Friday, Star Chef Weekend, and Sunday Mom & Dad.

The channel will also release a one-of-a-kind segment called Intensive Course for Domestic Helpers, a Chinese cooking boot camp tailored for domestic helpers to be shown every Tuesday.

Retail Marketing and Sales Catherine Wong remarks, “Since the number of COVID-19 cases has fluctuated lately, many people prefer cooking at home over dining out.”

Wong added, “According to market research, there’s an exponential growth in searches for recipes. In response to the demand, Towngas launches our very own flame cooking platform Towngas Cooking YouTube Channel, where star chefs specializing in different cuisines convene.”