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Malt whisky brand Monkey Shoulder launches immersive experience for the overworked employees

Singapore – Many in Singapore have been feeling overworked and exhausted, bringing forth a new epidemic called, ‘The Great Resignation’. With this in mind, the blended malt whisky brand Monkey Shoulder has launched the latest installation of its ‘Don’t Let the Grind Get You Down’ campaign.

Called the ‘Dead-End Job Simulator’, the immersive cocktail-infused game night is designed to bring cheer back to Singaporeans’ careers, helping the hardworking population escape the stresses of the daily grind.

The game, which was developed in partnership with creative agency The Teeth, places participants inside a mock corporate office filled with enriching and entertaining workplace scenarios they will have to overcome, armed only with delectable Monkey Shoulder libations and humungous business suits.

It includes four simulations. First is the ‘Job Interview Improv’, where participants have to use their quick-thinking skills that will have them identify key traits for the job, then comes the ‘Corporate Jargon Codebreaking’, where participants have to sharpen their listening and deciphering skills to crack the recipe for a delicious new cocktail.

Next is ‘The Overtime Escape’, which will have participants call on their inner ninja to make their escape from overtime hell, and lastly, ‘The Headshot Refresh’, where participants can finally have those headshots taken by a portrait photographer.

Samuel Ng, Monkey Shoulder’s regional brand ambassador, shared that joining the Great Resignation is not an option for everyone stuck in a rut, so they set out to build an experience that turns the dull and the dreary on its head. 

“The Dead-End Job Simulator promises some serious fun to unwind and refresh those tired, overworked minds,” said Ng.

Meanwhile, Ben Agnew, The Teeth’s co-founder and managing partner, said, “They say that success doesn’t happen overnight, but with the Dead-End Job Simulator, we’ve managed to boil it down to a little under two hours. It’s always a pleasure working with a brand as playful as Monkey Shoulder. We hope people enjoy the experience as much as we did producing it.”

The ‘Dead-End Job Simulator’ is open for a limited time only from 29 to 31 March 2022 at Crane Joo Chiat in Singapore.