The new era of contextual advertising is not just focused on becoming more privacy-centric following the impending phaseout of third-party cookies but rather it is also focused on driving efficiency for businesses and offering new ways to engage with its consumer base through multiple channels and varied advertising stipulations.

As part of the What’s NEXT Interview series, MARKETECH APAC spoke with Marc Zander, global chief client officer at Teads, to learn more about the new strategies and insights in the new era of digital advertising. The company’s cloud-based omnichannel platform enables brands to implement programmatic advertising campaigns across the global ecosystem of quality digital media.

To begin with, Zander shared that while artificial intelligence has been at the core of the latest trends in digital marketing and advertising, there has a been a shift from predictive to generative AI in the industry, noting that Teads’ proprietary contextual advertising runs on predictive AI and has been in effect for a significant period of time.

“From a Teads perspective, we’re in a great position because we use AI in everything we do and have been doing that for the last 10 years. And we use it very much from a predictive perspective to make sure that we maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of our client’s advertising budget,” he said.

Zander also added, “We’re moving very much from predictive AI to generative AI and looking again to see how we can create multiple variations in ad context to provide the best possible solutions.”

He also notes how Teads is using AI for creative optimisation, as well as measurement and prediction tools in its system, making AI an integral part of their offerings for their clients.

Part of the change that he also observed in the industry is the shift in media consumption, specifically moving away from linear TV to connected TV (CTV). Such shift has made Teads fully embrace this shift, resulting in them building a quality brand safe for clients that ensures a fraud-free ecosystem for brands online.

Meanwhile, when asked about his perspective on the move to cookieless advertising, Zander mentioned that this is more of a good news for Teads, as its services is centred around contextual advertising. This means that with them having access to data from their partner publishers, they are able to get much more quality and quantity of data that doesn’t infringe any consumer privacy.

“We’ve been essentially cookie-free for the last three years, and we’ve been working over the last two years to prove to our clients and our advertisers that we can deliver at least the same, if not better results, in a cookieless world. Whilst a lot of advertisers may think “what do we do in a cookieless world”, Teads is already cookieless by default, and over 75% of everything that we do is cookieless,” he explained.

In terms of advice for brands to future-proof their digital advertising strategies, Zander offers three particular actionable advice for marketers to follow. They include having a strategic look on the media supplies being put in the system, deciding on who you want to work with and leverage what they can do, practise responsible advertising, as well as reducing carbon footprint.

“From our perspective, a phrase that I use a lot is “we’re only just starting to scratch off the surface of our potential”, and so we are working with more and more partners, [and] we’re really excited because we’ve grown very quickly,” he said.

Zander also advised, “We live in a world now where the best marketers are breaking down the silos between creative, media, data and insight. Whilst it’s a more complicated ecosystem, it also has tons more potential than it had in the past.”

For more of Zander’s insights on the future of digital advertising in 2024 and beyond, check out the full video interview on our official YouTube channel or check out the podcast version at our official Spotify page.

New York, USA – Global media platform Teads has announced an expanded exclusive global partnership with LG Ad Solutions for CTV native advertising inventory across the Asia-Pacific region. 

The expanded partnership will cover Australia, New Zealand, and the other ten countries in APAC, including Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, and India. 

These new territories will extend Tead’s current exclusive footprint on LG Smart TVs in France and Belgium. Currently the exclusive premium associate for the first touch point on LG TVs in these regions, Teads is advancing the accessibility of high-quality advertiser engagement on the largest screen within households.

In France, Teads and Danone teamed up for Danone’s inaugural CTV campaign as an Olympic Games sponsor, using LG Ad Solutions’ unique CTV Native format. With Teads Studio and detailed data, they reached audiences on different devices, ensuring Danone’s presence in a top-quality, safe environment for brands.

Teads and LG Ad Solutions’ worldwide exclusive agreement adds to their current partnerships in Central and Eastern Europe on LG Smart TVs. This wider coverage lets advertisers use LG Ad Solutions’ Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology for better targeting. The seamless integration of ads and precise targeting ensures viewers get relevant experiences while advertisers enjoy improved media performance.

In these regions covered by the expanded partnership, brands can now use LG Ad Solutions’ ACR data to learn about how LG TV users watch shows and ads using privacy-friendly visual and audio recognition tools. Teads can then target particular audiences based on the type of TV consumption (live or streaming), content and ad exposure, and other relevant viewership data.

LG Ad Solutions’ advertising formats create a bridge between linear TV and OTT content consumption on the largest screen in the home, providing prominent brand placement, interactive ad formats, and direct access to advertised content and products.

Furthermore, Teads also collaborates closely with industry-recognised partners like Kantar and Cint (Lucid) to provide thorough and dependable measurement solutions. This gives clients strong insights and performance data, helping them evaluate their campaign effectiveness and make smart decisions.

This partnership with LG Ad Solutions helps Teads reach new CTV audiences and gives brands the chance to use Teads’ holistic omnichannel targeting strategy for precise and effective campaigns across different screens.

Combined with tailored ad formats that further amplify brand storytelling, Teads empowers brands to cut through the clutter and captivate viewers on the biggest screen, thereby maximising engagement and driving measurable results in the ever-evolving digital advertising landscape.

With customised ad formats that enhance brand storytelling, Teads enables brands to stand out and engage viewers on the largest screen, boosting involvement and delivering measurable outcomes in the constantly changing digital advertising world.

Bertrand Quesada, co-founder and co-CEO of Teads, said, “Our expanded partnership with LG Ad Solutions enables brands and agency partners to extend exceptional creative across all screens and further their storytelling with vast audiences. In just less than a year, we’ve already seen tremendous success in France and Belgium as they embrace CTV native advertising to leverage omnichannel strategies. We look forward to our elevated relationship as we deepen our CTV presence globally with a world-class leader.”

Also speaking on the partnership, Serge Matta, president of Global Ad Sales at LG Ad Solutions, commented, “As smart TVs are increasingly becoming the central device of households around the world, we are thrilled to expand our exclusive partnership with Teads in these new regions. We’re eager to further elevate our direct-to-glass strategy and shared mission in partnering with brands to deliver incremental audiences.” 

Meanwhile, Thibaud Rivals, lead media manager at Danone Paris, also shared, “The strategy deployed by Teads enabled us to respond to the challenges of media fragmentation and the new uses of our audiences. We were delighted to have been one of the first companies to test this new CTV screen, through the partnership between Teads and LG Ad Solutions.”

Singapore – Cloud-based omnichannel platform Teads revealed the results of its global collaborative research with market research firm Ipsos on key creative elements that drive success in the omnichannel automotive campaign landscape. 

The collaborative research findings showed that streamlined messaging, brand clarity, wide shots, and human connection are among the key creative elements that can convey successful storytelling in an automotive campaign.

Based on the data, videos that focus less on the vehicle and instead integrate the object into a larger storyline tend to gain higher in-view times. Revealing the interior features of the vehicle is also found to be engaging, particularly in consideration-focused ads.

Additionally, campaigns that prominently feature the brand logo and name capture audience attention and provide a strong hook. Wide and simple shots are also effective as they convey a sense of freedom and movement, which tend to engage viewers.

Part of the data also revealed that videos with fewer scenes gain higher in-view times as they require less cognitive effort to comprehend.

In addition, colour contrasts also play an important role in a campaign’s effectiveness, with lighter elements having a significant impact on in-view time. The research showed that chromatic contrasts like blue and orange make the videos more appealing, increasing in-view time. Meanwhile, dark-coloured videos have a shorter viewing time due to a lack of contrast.

Teads leverages Ipsos cutting-edge AI capabilities and advanced statistical modelling techniques to gain a comprehensive understanding of effective automotive advertisement elements.

Henner Blömer, VP of global client partnerships at Teads, said, “Creativity is the crucial component of successful digital car campaigns. In previous Teads research, we found significantly higher levels of attention (+49%) and brand lift (+31%) with creatively optimised campaigns. In order to provide clients and agencies with further insights into the optimal design of advertising media, we have collaborated with IPSOS to develop best practices to significantly increase the view time of campaigns.“

Also commenting on the research, Jessica Sleep, brand communications and social media manager at MINI, said, “There have been some great insights presented as a result of this study, particularly around the use of people, colour contrasts, and text. We’ve implemented Teads’ recommendations in our upcoming campaigns, and I look forward to seeing the results!”

Creating a strong connection with consumers by aligning content with their preferences might appear to be a straightforward approach for engagement. However, it’s surprising how often advertisers fail to hit the mark, resulting in missed chances to elevate brand perception, boost engagement rates, and cultivate a more authentic image. Crafting a personalized advertising experience for consumers isn’t just an option—it’s a strategic opportunity for brands to enhance relevance and strengthen their relationship with their audience.

Contextual relevance isn’t new, one could argue it was the original form of “targeting” within print. It was also our first foray into targeting digitally but along the way audience-based buying became more favorable.

As we transition into a new era of data, where audience-based buying is facing challenges, we must adopt a more thoughtful and holistic approach to connect with consumers. A pivotal aspect of this holistic approach involves aligning your brand with contexts important to your target audience.

According to eMarketer, 54% of marketers intend to increase the utilization of contextual data, many still grapple with: “What context is best suited for my ad?”

At the core of contextual discovery lies relevance, yet we often find advertisers struggling to define what truly holds relevance for their consumers. At Teads, we’ve spent years analyzing billions of data points sourced from our publisher partners, affording us a unique perspective on the contexts that resonate most effectively with audiences, as well as the contextual links that extend beyond the obvious, endemic contexts.

We firmly believe that a few straightforward steps can facilitate advertisers in making a seamless transition from contextual discovery to a fully effective contextual strategy.

Understand Your Audience

Let’s not overlook significance of audiences. Before focusing on the relevance of your ad, you have to understand your target audience. What sparks their interests? What challenges do they encounter? What motivates them? Knowing your audience inside-out enables you to identify contexts that will truly resonate with them.

Contextual Analysis

Within your contextual analysis, focus on two pivotal factors: Endemic Association and Audience Interest.

Endemic Association: This often serves as our initial touchpoint. For instance, placing an ad for a gaming console within gaming-related content. While this approach is the low-hanging fruit and necessary in your contextual strategy, are there untapped opportunities? Using Teads’ contextual suggestions tool we can dive a layer deeper, our AI analyzes content consumption to understand what contexts are most often consumed by people reading about your core topic expanding reach without sacrificing relevancy.

Audience Interest: Armed with audience insights, precisely target your consumers where they’re most captivated. Leverage audience insights tools to identify the contexts in which consumers are most engaged. This approach rounds out a cohesive contextual strategy.

Define Your Message

Clarity in your message is essential. What is the key takeaway you want users to gather from your ad? Having a well-defined message will further drive the relevancy of your brand for a consumer. For a more personalized experience consider DCO based on the contexts you’re targeting

Test and Learn

Let’s acknowledge that there’s a lot we still don’t know. Embrace the potential of testing new contexts, as this allows us to tap into users in unexpected environments. A/B testing across different contexts yields valuable insights into which environments fuel outcomes and efficiencies.

The power of relevance is not only in understanding your audience but also in seamlessly weaving your brand within contexts that matter to them. By analyzing, adapting, and refining your approach, you’ll unlock the true potential of contextual alignment, enabling your brand to resonate in a more powerful way with your target consumers. Teads, with its expertise in contextual advertising and innovative publisher partnerships, is uniquely positioned to support a robust contextual strategy. Our partnerships provide exclusive access to content and contextual signals, further enhancing your brand’s ability to authentically connect with your audience.

This article is made possible by Teads.

Sydney, Australia – Media agency Mediahub has announced its partnership with programmatic technology provider Teads to create a global platform first partnership, designed to offer clients a unique Attention Guaranteed Buying model.

The partnership is targeted at streamlining the supply path, focusing on providing better quality impressions with less wastage, which will also assist their clients to reach their sustainability and ESG objectives.

Mediahub’s Head of Digital, Gerry Bowness, said that attention has been a hot topic in the industry, firmly placing itself into the measurement mix, however, he believed it was time to give clients a competitive advantage and provide better buying and trading methodologies that guarantee business results.

He added, “We’ve done extensive work in the Attention space over the past 2 years, culminating in the creation of custom bidding algorithms to give our clients a competitive edge. These algorithms enabled us to optimise campaigns in [real-time], delivering outstanding results – but buying [and] trading methods haven’t evolved at the same pace so we set about to change that.”

Bowness also explained that the unique Attention Guaranteed Buying model will start to move away from buying media on legacy metrics such as CPMs and CPCVs and will provide their clients with a zero-risk buying model that will guarantee results.

Meanwhile, Paul DaBell, head of sales NSW and QLD at Teads said, “Providing creative solutions has always been part of our DNA so partnering with Mediahub and developing a media buying solution that will genuinely benefit clients and grow their business is exactly what we are about.”

Mediahub’s Executive Director for APAC, Andrew Livingston, concluded, “At Mediahub, driving digital innovation reinforces our challenger positioning and with attention metrics emerging as the new beta currency in the digital space, it’s exciting to be at the forefront of the industry with this pioneering partnership with Teads.”

The partnership is effective April 12 this year immediately benefitting all Mediahub clients including recent pitch wins such as BSH (Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau, and Neff) and Arla (Lurpak and Castello).

Singapore – Global media platform Teads and interactive finance platform InvestingNote have announced a partnership which will enable Teads to utilise all of InvestingNote’s inventory across all devices.

The partnership allows Teads to tap into InvestingNote’s desktop, mobile and app inventory for brands wanting to target the niche business and finance audiences in a brand safe premium environment.

Both Teads and InvestingNote focus on offering solutions and community-driven platforms with stringent data privacy and easy access to information and inventory, allowing visitors and users to make more informed decisions. Having similar goals and outlooks help grow the strategic partnership between Teads and InvestingNote. 

The delivery of video and display inRead, Teads’ flagship ad format, will strongly support InvestingNote in creating interactivity within its fast-growing community. InvestingNote attracts advertisers of all categories, not limiting audiences to only the financial category.

Shanison Lin, founder at InvestingNote, said, “We are happy to be partnering on a long term with Teads, over the years we have found them as aligned and respectful to user experience and brand safety advertising as we are at InvestingNote.”

Meanwhile, Julian Fernando, VP of publisher solutions at Teads APAC, commented, “It’s an honour to be able to strategically partner with InvestingNote, a market leader focused on the investor community in Singapore. Shanison and team are focused, responsive and an absolute delight to work with. We look forward to their continued support and a fruitful partnership with InvestingNote.”

New York, USA – Global media platform Teads and Havas Media Group have released the results of ‘Project Trinity’, a collaborative research study, which was announced in 2021, that explored the drivers of user engagement in publisher environments, providing metrics and analysis to create a virtuous circle for digital advertising that balances the needs of publishers, advertisers and readers.

The research found that readers pay more attention to advertisements when they are engaged in the content the ad is placed within, with articles generating nearly 600% more attention than subcategory pages and 160% more than homepages. Ads placed in the centre of the screen on mobile received 25% more attention than ads on the side of the screen. 

Moreover, the research has revealed that ‘ad clutter’ weakens attention, with sports sites delivering twice the quantity of ads per screen, but only generating half as much attention per ad when compared to news sites. It also found a 20% balance between ads and content optimised user attention and limits the perception of clutter, suggesting that one larger ad over multiple smaller ones is more effective in garnering reader attention.

Jon Waite, Havas Media Group’s global head of activation, shared that they are committed to delivering meaningful media that connects with audiences in a specific context where a brand’s message can be effectively delivered.

“Project Trinity validates our philosophy that meaningful media experiences start with great user engagement, providing analysis for brands to deploy media investment in content that engages consumers and for publishers to create a sustainable digital ecosystem where the presence of ads enhances the user’s experience,” said Waite.

The study used eye-tracking and behavioural data passively collected from more than 2,000 US and UK panellists by Lumen Research in 2018, measuring engagement with content by a user’s dwell time per screen and scroll speed. Comparing site categories, the analysis found that news, science and sports websites generated the greatest user engagement. The news was the best performing category for time spent watching ads across gender and age groups, validating brands’ ability to both support quality journalism and forge meaningful connections with consumers through their media investment.

Caroline Hugonenc, Teads’ SVP of research and insights, said that Project Trinity should be a clear marker that the quality of attention an ad receives is as much of a driver of advertising outcomes as the raw volume. 

“The user engagement with the content is clearly impacting the attention level on the ad and therefore creating value for our ecosystem. As we start to build out models for buying attention, it’s important that both buy-side and sell-side are aligning on delivering great user experiences that will benefit the full trinity of advertiser, publisher and user,” added Hugonenc.

Singapore – Global media platform Teads has announced a strategic partnership with the Singapore Media Exchange (SMX). Said deal gives Teads access to one of Singapore’s biggest media houses that comprises two of Singapore’s media giants- Mediacorp and Singapore Press Holdings.

As a part of this partnership, SMX brings leading news titles such as Channel News Asia and The Straits Times, as well luxury and lifestyle sites including Her World, ICON and HardwareZone catering to technology fans amongst their 25 sites for Teads to deliver ad formats in video and display inread, Teads flagship ad format, including ‘inRead Smart’ and ‘Smart6’ – a viewable video format for high engagement in brand safe, premium environments.

In addition, this strategic partnership will enable SMX to leverage Teads’ array of monetisation solutions across devices and formats, with a reach to digital consumers across Singapore with quality content and impactful ad solutions for greater audience engagement.

Julian Fernando, VP publisher solutions for Teads in APAC, said, “The advantage of Teads being a preferred partner with a powerhouse media company like SMX who represent leading brands like CNA, SPH, Business Times and premium SPH magazines is it gives us access to audience scale (reach) in brand safe environments. Team SMX are knowledgeable, collaborative and always eager to go beyond the brief, we are proud and excited to grow our partnership with them.”

Meanwhile, Michael Chng, general manager at SMX, commented, “Teads has been a partner of SMX since the very beginning when we started operations in 2018. Through various market challenges we’ve faced over the last 4 years, Teads has remained consistent in their commitment to our partnership. SMX is proud to have a steadfast partner in Teads, and I’m confident our collaboration will strengthen further in the years ahead.”