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Integrated marketing firm Archibald Williams launches new targeted video department

Sydney, Australia – Archibald Williams (AW), the New South Wales-based integrated marketing firm which delivers an expansive range of services such as brand consultancy, data consultancy, advertising, and design has launched a new targeted video department, which it said is in response to the increased client need for personalized customer communication and the evolution of video production.

AW revealed that the idea was born out of the firm’s customer communications work for Mastercard and Citibank across the APAC region which has seen an increase in the use of video to inform, educate and excite customers within the creative mix. The firm said additional language, product, and messaging variations also increased the need for the creative development of video and production to be inextricably linked to the creative process.

With the new department, AW will be changing the structure of the skillsets in its creative teams which will now include a customer experience director and audiovisual director to complement the existing art director and writer roles.

The new video offering will include the ideation, development, and production of videos in-house, and should appeal to clients who wish to maximize their investment in martech technology and have a desire for personalization in a visual form.

Kiranpreet Kaur, AW’s head of client & strategic services, believes the firm’s experience in delivering a product message via video across 17 markets had been an opportunity to build up their team around a scalable and agile model, one that not only delivers creative that emotionally connects with consumers, but drives real business results for clients.

“We’re thrilled to launch this offering (officially) because we already know it works. The exponential growth of video content consumption is undeniable, but can easily become a trap for brands, if executed poorly,” said Kaur