Australia – Australia’s racing and wagering brand, TABtouch, has launched a new campaign, in an aim to bring to life the excitement of the punt, creating a magical world where the epic atmosphere of Excalibur meets everyday West Australian punters. 

Created in collaboration with Clemenger BBDO Sydney, the new campaign titled ‘Phone in the Stone’ brings to life the features punters need to unleash the power of the TABtouch app.

TABtouch said that this new campaign is the latest from the wagering brand since the launch of its brand campaign using Gene Simmons to hero the punter.

Katie Roberts, head of marketing at TABtouch, said, “TABtouch has all the features of a modern punting app, and this campaign is a natural extension for us to promote the innovative app in a new and exciting way that’s unique to the brand.”

Meanwhile, Brent Kerby, CEO of Clemenger BBDO Sydney, noted, “The TABtouch platform continues to celebrate the punter, with irreverent work that stands out in the market. This kind of work only happens with a client partner who values creativity.”

The campaign is now available nationally on Sky Racing, as well as in WA on subscription and free-to-air TV, cinema, print, OOH, digital, and radio.

Western Australia — Racing and wagering Western Australia brand TABtouch has recruited global rock music legend and co-lead singer of KISS, Gene Simmons in a promotion to encourage punters to use their ‘Touch’ in a new brand campaign spearheaded by a series of three TVCs from Clemenger BBDO Sydney.

‘The Touch’ campaign underscores the passion of TABtouch customers who believe they have the knack of picking a winner – and reminds them to use it wisely with the help of the iconic rocker Gene Simmons.

The campaign consists of three short videos, all starring Simmons and goes into a hypothetical scenario where the rock legend switches roles with an everyday TABtouch user or punter to sing them praises and tips on a reworked version of ’80s Stan Bush hit, ‘You’ve got the touch’. Simmons is clad in his usual KISS ensemble and sings praises to a bewildered but much amused TABtouch fan.

The series culminates with ‘Unplugged’, where Simmons reminds punters that even those with ‘The Touch’ should gamble responsibly – and not at the expense of spending time with people they love.

Brendan Willenberg, executive creative director ofClemenger BBDO Sydney, said that when TABtouch came to them with the brief to go big, they took them literally by getting the seven-foot Gene Simmons to rip out an old 80s anthem that worships the punter. Willenberg adds that the campaigns are a lot of fun and already doing wonders for the brand.

Katie Roberts, head of marketing of TABtouch, commented, “We’re thrilled to be launching our new ‘The Touch’ brand campaign together with the Clemenger BBDO Sydney team who have built on the equity of TABtouch to bring some fun and excitement to the brand. Here at TABtouch, we are in the business of entertainment, so who better to front our campaign than the ultimate entertainer Gene Simmons.”

Meanwhile, Michael Downing, director at Sweetshop, shared, “These scripts had me with ‘that’s not a horse mate, that’s Gene Simmons from KISS’. This is the comedy I like to do. Smart, reality-based ideas with Gene Simmons. In a pub. With a chicken parmie. Ordinary folks trying to go about their day and when juxtaposed with the Glam Rock world they ignite a quiet explosion of comedy. And then there’s Dene the Head Banger who lives in his Mother’s basement. That’s actually me!”

The campaign is running nationally on Sky Racing, and in Western Australia on subscription and free to air TV, print, OOH, digital and radio – with more spots coming in the future.

In addition to the TV campaigns, Clemenger BBDO has refreshed TABtouch’s brand design to ensure it is distinct and modern with a bold new visual identity to be used across audience touchpoints.