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Study shows native ads on open web beats those social media for brand favourability

USA – Advertising company Taboola, has revealed the results of an independent Multichannel Brand Impact study from Kantar, a data, insights, and consulting company. According to Kantar, video advertising in native environments outperforms social media for improving brand favourability and consideration, native video ads boost brand awareness by 26% as part of larger media mixes.

With more than half of marketers saying video is their most lucrative type of advertising, eMarketer forecasts that digital ad spending in the US will reach $270 billion by 2023.

The Kantar Multichannel Brand Impact study measured the effectiveness of video advertising within native environments against other environments, as it relates to helping reach brand impact goals. The study found that compared to social or video platforms, native video ads on the open web have a greater influence on brand consideration and favorability. When exposed to a native video ad, 59 percent of study participants showed brand favorability, as opposed to 50 percent on social platforms and 51 percent on video platforms.

It is also noted in the study that when incorporating native video ads on the open web into a marketing mix, brand recognition increased by 26%. Participants who saw native video advertising displayed a 33 percent top-of-mind awareness compared to just 14 percent of the control group. When native video ads were combined with social platform video ads, top-of-mind awareness rose to 49%.

Adam Singolda, CEO and founder of Taboola, said video ads continue to prove valuable to brands, especially as TV dollars are moving to digital.

“With industry estimates indicating that video advertising in the U.S. will reach nearly $50B this year, brands have a lot of opportunities to influence customers, as long as they’re choosing the right platforms and mix of platforms to relay their messages,” Singolda said.

Singolda added, “What the Kantar study and our client work spotlight is that native video ads on Taboola High Impact Placements (HIP) are an essential part of a successful media mix. We provide the editorial environments that people trust, on a massive scale, so brands can amplify their efforts with Taboola.”

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Taboola continues growth in APAC with latest appointments

Singapore – Advertising company Taboola has announced new appointments namely Robert Perry as regional director for APAC and Adam Payne as country manager for Australia and New Zealand. The new appointments are part of the company’s continued growth in the Asia-Pacific region.

Perry was previously the company’s director of publisher partnerships for APAC. In his new role, he will grow the business in the fast-growing region, focusing on developing Taboola in the Australian, New Zealand, and Korean markets, and support both advertiser and publisher customers.

He brings an extensive amount of experience to the role having worked with Taboola since 2015 and with previous roles including interim VP for APAC. 

Meanwhile, Payne was previously the senior publisher sales manager for Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. Through his new role, he will manage the growth and retention of agency advertising sales, publisher sales, and existing partnerships. This role will include building out the team further to reflect the country’s continued market growth.

He brings in 15 years’ experience to the role and has worked at Perform Group as ANZ vice president for media sales and both Nine Entertainment and 10 Network in senior sales and marketing roles. 

Speaking on the new appointments, Adam Singolda, CEO and founder at Taboola, said, “Taboola continues to grow, working with leading publishers and advertisers in the industry. Our success in the region is powered by our people, who establish great long-term relationships with partners and help to grow our support structure. The new roles for Robert and Adam and their leadership experience ensure we’re future proofing ourselves for growth.”

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Taboola inks exclusive partnership with Indonesian publisher KapanLagi Youniverse

Jakarta, Indonesia – Advertising company Taboola has announced an exclusive partnership with KapanLagi Youniverse, one of the largest publishing conglomerates in Indonesia. 

Through this two-year partnership, the publisher will implement several Taboola products, including Taboola Video, Taboola Newsroom and its integrated Feed with a mid-article unit, which provides readers with personalised content and targeted ads to increase engagement and revenue opportunities.

The integrated Taboola News feed will enable users to access content recommendations, designed to boost engagement and drive digital growth.

The publisher has more than 110 million monthly unique visitors and 50,000 articles produced each month.

Adam Singolda, CEO and founder at Taboola, said, “We’re excited to partner with KLY, a key destination for news and entertainment in the Indonesian market. KLY is really looking to drive growth opportunities by creating content that resonates more soundly with its audience. I’m confident that integrating Taboola technology will help KLY thrive, particularly as the demand for up-to-the-minute, engaging news content continues to grow.”

Meanwhile, Danny Purnomo, deputy CEO at KLY, commented, “We’re looking forward to working with Taboola to engage more actively with our audience. With millions of people turning to our site for updates, we want to ensure our readers are getting the best experience, every time, with a focus on content that is relevant to them. Taboola’s ability to enhance content discovery, coupled with its data-driven approach, will be critical to our strategic growth plans.”

The KLY partnership follows Taboola’s recent announcements of partnerships with NBA Philippines and the Bangkok Post, Thailand’s leading English-language news media.

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Taboola updates AI-powered tech for advertisers’ autonomous campaign management

Singapore – Advertising company Taboola has announced an update to ‘SmartBid’, an AI-powered technology that helps advertisers maximize their campaign performance even more autonomously.

The update, known as ‘SmartBid Dimensions’, now allows advertisers to couple contextual and demographic data with more user dimensions on readers – data points which uniquely connect content, consumers and interests, and are sourced from the company’s 500 million active users and 30 billion clicks annually.

The original SmartBid software was first introduced in 2018, which uses readership pattern data from global campaigns that reach more than 500 million daily active users and deep learning algorithms to adjust advertisers’ bids, to drive actions an advertiser wants to accomplish.

Prior to the new update, SmartBid took advantage of Taboola’s scale and size, including its curiosity graph – the connection between reader interests across content – to make decisions on behalf of the advertiser when it came to auction price.

“It is so important to help advertisers succeed, because advertiser success is directly correlated to publishers’ success and it keeps the open web thriving. SmartBid is one of the most sophisticated A.I. technologies in the world, now providing advertisers an autonomous autopilot-like experience, where they can keep their hand on the wheel, but let the car drive on its own,” said Adam Singolda, CEO and founder at Taboola.

In hindsight, SmartBid analyzed a site’s performance, and used that as a main signal to adjust the price an advertiser should pay. For example, if a site drove less conversions for an advertiser, SmartBid would adjust the price lower and vice versa. That still meant that advertisers had to be somewhat leaned in, to take into consideration more granular circumstances such as geography, time of day, day of week, platform, operating system, creative, and dozens more.

Singolda adds that what makes their company unique from a data perspective is that they sit on a ‘curiosity graph’, which understands what people do when they finish reading an article. He adds that this data shows a much more authentic version of consumers versus what they tell social networks about themselves.

“That helps SmartBid make accurate predictions, and as of now will help our advertisers to go beyond human capabilities to reach better results, while being even more hands off. I’m so proud of our algorithm teams for working hard to make our advertisers, publishers and open web successful,” he concluded.

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LINE’s content hub in HK taps Taboola to bolster in-app content recommendation

Hong Kong – Global advertising company Taboola has been tapped by social messaging app LINE to bolster personalization for LINE Today Hong Kong, the news and content curation hub within the app. 

LINE Today Hong Kong will bolster content recommendations by leveraging several Taboola innovations, including Taboola Feed, a seamlessly integrated feed that provides readers with personalized content for a more engaging experience, across the LINE Today Hong Kong home page and all of its articles.

“Our goal has always been to bring people around the world closer to each other, to information, and to services. News readership plays an important part towards that goal, as it encourages people to read more about issues that surround them. Taboola’s team, technology and its expertise in recommendations made it the best choice for powering recommendations for our users in Hong Kong,” said Hyunbin Kang, SVP at LINE Plus Corporation.

To date, the LINE messaging app reaches more than 188 million global monthly active users and provides a wide range of services to its users. LINE Today serves as a news and content hub within the LINE app, which connects users with leading destinations for mobile news and content consumption in several countries.

“LINE has built an incredible mobile-first brand that places communication, content, and entertainment at the forefront. Their massive reach particularly in the APAC region, coupled with our ability to recommend content ensures that people will receive quality news on their devices,” said Adam Singolda, CEO and founder at Taboola

He added, “We’re excited to bring discovery and recommendations to LINE Today Hong Kong, operated by one of the world’s most popular messaging apps, and unlock new ways for LINE Today Hong Kong to monetize.”