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Swinburne University of Technology joins tech talent initiative Digital Employment Forum

Australia – With the aim to solve Australia’s tech talent crisis, Swinburne University of Technology has joined the Digital Employment Forum, an initiative by Tech Council of Australia (TCA) and Digital Skills Organization (DSO), to be its new founding employment and training partner.

The partnership will see Digital Employment Forum bringing together major tech employers and educators to transform the country’s approach to attracting and training tech workers.

As part of the initiative, Swinburne will be joining other industry partners, organizations, and educational institutions.

Swinburne’s vice-chancellor and president, Pascale Quester, shared that it has been well established that emerging technologies are essential for tackling Australia’s critical challenges.

“The TCA has set an ambitious goal to reach one million tech jobs by 2025. While it is an ambitious goal, it is also an achievable one that Swinburne believes in. As a university of technology, we are well-positioned to help Australia overcome the tech talent crisis,” said Quester.

As the founding partner, Quester will be advising and leading to help address Australia’s technology opportunities. He will be working as a member of the Digital Employment Forum to produce an innovative, data-driven research program that defines tech employment needs, develop a cross-economy digital employment workforce strategy, and produce the best tech graduates for the new tech workforce, as well as support opportunities for students through work-integrated learning and employment programs.