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Kerry Express, Grab partner to bring new service to Thai customers

Thailand Kerry Express, Thailand’s leading express delivery service, partners with Grab, Southeast Asia’s leading super-app, to add a new service to the market. Starting in 2022, the Kerry Express application will provide ‘Instant Pick-up Service’, an option that allows parcels to be picked up within 30 minutes and an ‘Express Pick Up’ option that allows customers to schedule parcel pickups every hour. KEX and Grab will launch a pilot test in Greater Bangkok.

Alex Ng, CEO of Kerry Express, commented, saying that in the past, the express delivery company found that many of Kerry Express’ customers chose to use rider service or a messenger to deliver the parcel to Kerry’s store to avoid the traffic, travelling fee, and save time. To fulfil this unmet need, Kerry Express has developed the door-to-door instant pickup and express pickup, with two more upgrades including; instant pick-up service within 30 minutes and express pick-up service with an hourly schedule.

The instant pick-up service is suitable for merchants who already packed their items and seek immediate delivery or those who have limitations of time, customers can expect rider-partner to pick up the items within 30 minutes. Meanwhile, merchants who have a fixed delivery schedule can enjoy express pick-up service, in which rider-partners pick up the parcels on an hourly basis. Both services will have rider-partners pick up the package and drop it off at the nearest KEX Parcel Shop. There will be no extra charges on the shipping fee and will be the same as the fee at the KEX parcel shop. The receipt will be sent to the registered email and the Kerry Express Application.

Alejandro Osorio, country head of Grab Thailand, commented that the collaboration between Grab Thailand and Kerry Express is another highlight in the parcel delivery industry.

“Customers can enjoy the convenience of using the express parcel pick-up services via Kerry Express Application with our rider-partner pick-up services that are available in two options: instant and hourly. The new services are distinguished from other standard services thanks to the combination of Kerry’s existing service shops available throughout the country and Grab’s hundreds of thousands of riders and driver-partners operating across Thailand. Grab believes that the synergies pilot for the instant parcel pick-up services in the greater Bangkok area will help create a better experience for Kerry’s customers, who will relish convenient and rapid service at an affordable price,” Osorio said.

Meanwhile, Ng shared his own comments on the partnership.

“We are very glad to have Grab Thailand as a partner to provide the services. Kerry Express is a leader in express parcel delivery that has been operating in Thailand for more than 15 years. In addition to our excellent service, we provide service shops that cover more than 20,000 locations across the country. On the other hand, Grab is considered to be a strong ally in terms of brand, speedy delivery, and reliability, with its large database of rider-partners who are ready to pick up parcels from our customers anywhere at any moment. Therefore, this alliance will serve the needs of our users who will definitely enjoy a greater experience,” Ng said.

Recently, Grab also announced they acquired a majority stake in Jaya Grocer, a leading supermarket chain in Malaysia. 

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airasia food’s SG expansion kicks off with unlimited free delivery

Singapore – Airasia’s food delivery service airasia food has finally kicked off its Singapore operations with a special promo of unlimited free delivery perk for its first customers.

The unlimited free delivery service will be available March 2 to 16 from deliveries within 8km from the order point. Airasia food will be offering a long list of menu options from popular outlets like No Signboard Seafood, The Shepherd’s Pie, Swee Choon Tim Sum, Maki-san, Pizza Express.

For Tony Fernandes, CEO at airasia Group, their recent expansion hopes to help establish airasia food as a “notable player in the food delivery scene in Singapore,” noting that at least 50% of Singaporeans eating out every day and a staggering 2.7 million active online food delivery users in 2020 have been evident in the region.

“At airasia food, our mission has always been to help local food businesses keep their cost low by offering a much lower commission rate that can then be passed on to customers so they can enjoy even lower prices for their favorite dishes. Through airasia food, we are very proud to be able to contribute to the economy in general and at the same time help create more jobs as our merchants grow in their business and we are constantly on the lookout to expand our airasia delivery team in Singapore,” Fernandes said.

Meanwhile, Lim Ben-Jie, airasia super app’s head of e-commerce states that they are inviting other F&B outlets in Singapore to sign up to their platform, noting that “delivery riders can earn up to SGD700 a week on average.”

“We continue to welcome more F&B operators to join us, and airasia food will provide dedicated teams who will onboard merchants and enable them to go live within 48 hours with no registration or setup fees. Coupled with the lower commission rates for merchants and one of the most affordable delivery rates compared to market incumbents, we want to contribute positively towards the whole food delivery chain in Singapore and to further grow this segment,” Ben-Jie stated.

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Proptech Ohmyhome adds renovation services to platform

Singapore – Property technology company Ohmyhome has launched its renovation services adding to the company’s suite of end-to-end services. From property searching to post-purchase services, Ohmyhome takes a step further in offering holistic home services to users, making the platform a home-dedicated superapp. 

The addition of the new service is in response to the perennial renovation woes customers face such as unclear costing, inconsistent communication, delays, and renovation disputes. Through it, Ohmyhome Renovation tackles these issues, aiming to deliver a simple, convenient, and quality experience for homeowners.

Within the new service, Ohmyhome connects users to in-house interior designers who will help translate the homeowner’s vision into concrete designs. Customers will receive a complimentary design proposal with fully transparent costing for them to know exactly what they are paying for. Once the proposal is confirmed, materials are ordered and the renovation is carried out with Ohmyhome’s partners.

According to Race Wong, co-founder and CPO of Ohmyhome, the recent launch of its renovation services extends its “ethos of simplicity, convenience, and customer-oriented service to this important post-purchase process.”

“Renovation is an integral step to turning a house into a home, every corner matters to us and customer satisfaction is paramount. That’s why we’ve gathered experienced in-house design and project management teams along with a network of trusted and reliable partners so that every renovation project will be seamless, timely, and of the highest quality,” Wong stated.

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AirAsia’s BIGLIFE unveils new branding

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – BIGLIFE, Asia airline AirAsia’s loyalty marketing platform, which operates the BIG Loyalty program, has unveiled a rebranding, now sporting a new name “BIG Rewards” and a new logo, in response to the brand’s diverse offerings and fast e-commerce transactions.

The recent rebranding comes with BIG Rewards’ 10th year milestone anniversary last year, in which it enabled members to redeem a variety of lifestyle deals using BIG Points, and BIG Xchange, an instant points exchange hub, giving members the freedom to convert their desired points instantly on one single platform.

“The word ‘Rewards’ spells out the benefits for our members and is a stronger and more attractive proposition in today’s e-commerce world. Under the new brand name, BIG Points will continue to power the ecosystem as a digital loyalty currency, rewarding BIG Members with BIG Points and greater savings as points can be used like cash for payment across all lines of business – travel, shop, food, fresh, etc on,” said Spencer Lee, CEO of BIGLIFE.

He added, “The rebranding exercise represents change. BIG Rewards is changing because the world around is changing. BIGLIFE is determined to never stop leading the way in innovation and continuously creating value for our partners and members.”

BIG Rewards has now grown to a comprehensive lifestyle rewards platform that goes beyond flights, including lifestyle, travel, and financial services categories.

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Gojek’s Bank Jago investment a move in Indonesia’s financial inclusion

Jakarta, Indonesia – Technology group Gojek has announced its investment to technology-based Bank Jago as part of a strategic partnership for Indonesia’s accelerated financial inclusion.

Within the partnership, Gojek and Bank Jago aim to bring digital banking closer to users through Gojek’s payment platform GoPay. Users can now open a Bank Jago account and manage it through the Gojek app. The partnership will also act as a model through which Gojek will go on to partner with other banking institutions to support them in reaching more customers.

For Gojek CEO Andre Soelistyo, the newly-forged partnership is a strategic move to get banks working for the superapp, hence leveraging Gojek’s purpose to be an accessible financial platform for Indonesians.

“Our partnership with Jago marks the latest milestone in our drive to reduce daily friction for users and improve their lives through technology. It is a key part of our strategy and will underpin the growth and sustainability of our business in the long term. Jago’s tech-based banking solutions will supercharge Gojek’s ecosystem offerings and facilitate access to banking services for the mass market, thereby supporting our common vision to accelerate financial inclusion in Indonesia,” Soelistyo stated.

The investment, made through Gojek’s financial and investment arm, would mean that 22% of Bank Jago will be held by Gojek.

On the other hand, Bank Jago’s president director Kharim Siregar, expressed high hopes for the new partnership, as it complements the Bank’s broad expertise to Indonesian financial needs.

“We believe that this strategic collaboration – between a tech-based bank like Bank Jago and a Super App like Gojek – is the first of its kind in Indonesia and Southeast Asia and represents a new way to spur growth in digital economies. As a bank designed with an open API, we will go on to work with multiple digital ecosystems to reach a wider audience and drive our aspiration to enhance the finances of millions of people through digital financial solutions,” said Siregar.

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Foodpanda’s premium membership pandapro launches in Philippines

Manila, Philippines – A good news for foodpanda users in the Philippines – its premium subscription service pandpro is now available in the country. 

Accordion to a report by Noypigeeks, the pro membership has already been rolled out in late October, with foodpanda only releasing its official promotions Sunday morning.

For a monthly subscription fee, users are granted three main benefits – free delivery, additional discounts, and more vouchers. 

For a minimum order of P400, foodpanda will be waving users’ delivery charge for the first five orders of the month. With discounts, members will be getting an unlimited extra 5% off of pick-up orders, albeit, not to be topped up on an existing promo. Meanwhile, the subscription also provides three additional 10% discount vouchers. 

The free delivery feature is applicable to all restaurants and shops. In addition, pandapro members will be able to receive other exclusive discounts of 20% and up. Both the subscription and application of benefits are available only through the mobile app.

Pandapro has been earlier rolled out in other Southeast Asia countries, such as in Singapore in February of this year.