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Suncorp highlights ‘sustainability’ in new campaign with The Hallway

Sydney, Australia  –  Suncorp Bank has partnered with advertising The Hallway to launch Suncorp’s new campaign ‘Banking you can feel good about.’

The Hallway developed the campaign to highlight Suncorp’s commitment to making a positive influence on the environment as well as the financial welfare of Suncorp clients.

The 30-second video focuses on home loans, specifically its offering of a  $3,000 Suncorp loan for properties with a solar power system installed. The ad features a woman who learned that she could get the said loan by simply having solar panels installed at home. The ad pokes some fun on the message with animals and other living creatures celebrating the consumer’s decision which meant good for their welfare and the environment,  minimizing climate change’s impacts. 

Simon Lee, executive creative director at The Hallway, shared, “Switching to solar power is a relatively simple thing to do, but the ripple effect of doing so is far reaching. This ripple effect provides fertile creative territory that we’re having a lot of fun exploring with our partners at Suncorp.”

Meanwhile, Potta Findikidis, executive manager, marketing, Suncorp Bank, said that the Solar Home Bonus is a great example of the way that Suncorp Bank is helping our customers with their financial wellbeing as well as having a positive impact on the world we share. 

“This spot is a charming way of bringing our new brand positioning to life with tangible evidence of the actions we are taking to honour our commitment to contributing to a more sustainable future for all,” Findiidis added.

The new brand platform, which debuted in February, will be rolled out across all consumer touchpoints and will be accompanied by campaign activity on TV, cinema, digital, social, and outdoor.

Marketing Featured ANZ

Australia’s Suncorp Bank unveils new brand platform

Sydney, Australia — Suncorp Bank, a financial services brand in Australia, has announced the rollout of its new brand platform – ‘Banking you can feel good about – as the bank targets growth in new markets.

The new brand platform aims to underscore Suncorp Bank’s dual credentials in building better financial futures for its customers, alongside its commitment to helping create a more sustainable world. Done in collaboration with advertising agency The Hallway, the new brand platform is unveiled through a short film.

Jess Gleeson, executive general manager for digital, customer and strategy at Suncorp Bank, commented, “Suncorp Bank feels a great responsibility to help our customers with their financial wellbeing and to have a positive impact on the world. It’s ingrained in the spirit of our organisation defining our commercial decisions and strategic choices. As consumers become so much more conscious about what they do with their money, we want to share these stories so they understand and appreciate our commitment to them, and to the planet we all share.”

Simon Lee, executive creative director at The Hallway, said that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless in the face of a daily onslaught of environmental doom and gloom stories. He adds that the good news is there are choices we can all make that have the potential to make a big difference, and one of those is where to put our money.

“It’s fantastic to be working with a bank that is genuinely walking the talk in many aspects of the vital move to a more sustainable world, and our campaign counters the prevailing heavy environmental narrative with a lighthearted telling of the ripple effect banking with Suncorp might have,” Lee said.

The launch film is made available through major consumer touchpoints namely TV, cinema, digital, social and outdoor.