— Netflix’s popular sci-fi horror drama, Stranger Things, has caused a stir in the global consciousness. The 80s themed hit drama series has recently aired its fourth season, and alongside this, Netflix has created a portal to connect the audiences with a popular element of the show; the Upside Down.

Ever since 1983, when a test subject in a Hawkins, Indiana lab named Eleven ripped open a portal between Hawkins and the Upside Down, a terrifying alternate dimension beneath the surface of this small town. Now similar rifts have been opening up in the most unexpected places. In Bondi Beach, Australia, beachgoers have been baffled by otherwordly rift that sprung up on the sandy shores.

On the morning of May 27 on the iconic Australian beach, a mysterious and forbidding gateway to an alternate dimension opened up on the golden sands to the shock of onlookers. The large gaping portal appeared overnight, complete with deep vines and a glowing red core. Scientists in hazmat patrolled the area while lifeguards set up a safe perimeter around the scene.

In celebration of the return of Stranger Things, similar rifts in iconic landmarks all around the world also sprung up. Popular sites where similar demonstrations sprung up included the Empire State Building in New York City; the Gateway of India in Mumbai; Menara Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia; Cologne Media Park in Germany; and XBox Plaza in Downtown Los Angeles.

Eleven and her friends have captured the audience’s imaginations from the very beginning and Netflix loves putting fans inside the story, taking them through the Upside Down and into an alternate reality.