Singapore – Standard Chartered Bank (SCB), for the roll-out of its global campaign ‘Here for Good’, has partnered with dentsu for the use of its programmatic supply solution, dentsu Curate. 

SCB’s ‘Here for good’ has been piloted in September 2020 in more than 30 global markets, reinforcing the importance of global trade and SCB’s role in driving it. Around the same period, global communications network dentsu has launched dentsu Curate.

Dentsu Curate is a proprietary programmatic supply solution and is a proudly built-in Asia product. The communications network developed the solution in response to the emerging transparency issues in the programmatic industry, specifically the often-cluttered ecosystem where advertisers had to deal with a myriad of intermediaries and varying auction techniques. With a lot of work already going into demand-side optimization, dentsu Curate is positioned to be a strategic solution for clients’ supply path optimization (SPO) and curation needs, aimed at driving increased media visibility and campaign performance for brands. 

SCB was a marquee client for dentsu in the Asia Pacific region and was an early adopter of dentsu Curate.  

“To achieve the objective, dentsu Curate followed a meticulous planning and execution process; starting with the analysis of historical performance using granular data from existing demand and supply sources to identify and eliminate opaque supply paths and intermediaries. This was followed by curating high-quality video placements directly from publisher partners to drive engagement with complete transparency,” said Sunil Naryani, vice president for Commercials & Partnerships at dentsu Asia Pacific.

Asma Quadri, client partner at dentsu Asia Pacific, said that Standard Chartered has been a strategic client and has always challenged the network to bring constructive innovation in its work. 

“We are appreciative of their trust and openness to trying new solutions and we are delighted with the strong campaign improvements seen with dentsu Curate, highlighting the need and importance of incorporating a strong supply strategy to programmatic, alongside the ongoing DSP buying optimizations,” said Quadri.