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Indonesian corporate startup Sampingan rebrands as Staffinc

Jakarta, Indonesia – Local digital staffing solution startup Sampingan has announced its rebranding effort as Staffinc, marking a milestone in the company’s business development since first established in 2018.

Staffinc derives from the word staffing, which defines the process of assigning workers according to their specialties. It also represents the digitalized workforce solution that has become Sampingan’s field of expertise.

Wisnu Nugrahadi, CEO and co-founder of Staffinc, said, “Staffinc is expected to show our business identity in the first reading. The new naming retains the previous branding elements, such as logos and colours, to ensure the values embedded in the establishment of Sampingan are still present in Staffinc.”

The name change also applied to the company’s several owned application names. Sampingan’s job-seeking mobile application becomes Staffinc Jobs. Kerjaan, an all-in-one application for workers to report, fulfill assignments, and manage salary, becomes Staffinc Work. 

Staffinc has also strengthened its business line in the digital HR platform specifically for field workers under the name Staffinc Suite. As the HR needs of office workers and field workers differ, Staffinc Suite is designed to provide transparency and flexibility in recruiting a high-volume workforce rapidly, ensure the accuracy of the attendance process, and speed up the payroll process through an automated system.

Dimas Pramudya, chief product officer and co-founder at Staffinc, said, “Over time, we saw a need in the market to provide a separate management platform for field workers. We realize that not many HR platforms are designed to manage the overall operational activities of a large-scale workforce. We seize the opportunity to help companies requiring automated workforce management by strengthening the HR system business line with Staffinc Suite.”

Meanwhile, Margana Mohamad, chief commercial officer and co-founder at Staffinc, commented, “So far, Sampingan has partnered with more than 1 million workers and helped 150 companies with their workforce activities. And with Staffinc, we will open the next chapter by providing innovative products and services to overcome employment challenges faced by various industries. On the other hand, have a positive impact on job seekers in Indonesia by providing them equal access to jobs, following our initial vision and mission.”