Manila, Philippines – Filipino ice cream maker The Lost Bread has revealed on Facebook its latest limited-edition flavor – none other than the Filipino well-loved Doughnut flavor Choco Butternut.

The new ice cream selection, which is named “Coco Butternut,” is part of the brand’s Halloween promotions, and customers can get their hands on it for the entire month of November.

Choco Butternut is a staple Filipino favorite, originally coming from donut chain Dunkin Donuts. Other brands such as Mister Donut have adapted its own version, with some Filipino online bakeries recreating their versions making not only doughnuts but even cakes and cookies.

The flavor from The Lost Bread is made with rich chocolate ice cream mixed with doughnut chunks and orange coconut sugar coating throughout the ice cream. It is available in a pint-size for Php 250 and liter size for Php 450.

Founded in 2015, The Lost Bread is known for its innovative and fun ice cream flavors. Some of its iconic flavors include Filipino chocolate Chocnut, brown sugar milk tea, milk and cookies, and Filipino sweet rice Champorado.