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Professional services platform for SMEs, Sleek, to use US$14m funding to boost product offerings

Singapore – Sleek, the smart corporate services platform that provides accounting services for SMEs and entrepreneurs, has bagged US$14m in Series A funding, valuing the company now at US$24m.

The fresh funds will be used to bolster Sleek’s tech and product development, hiring, and expand presence in existing markets and enter new ones.

Sleek, which has a presence in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia, as well as the UK, and the Philippines, streamlines, automates, and integrates company set-up, financial and regulatory reporting, and book-keeping, as well as banking services.

Commenting on the new funding, Julien Labruyere, Sleek’s co-founder, said, “This will allow us to grow faster and improve our product further in order to become the go-to digital platform for all entrepreneurs.”

The company has recently launched ‘Sleek Business Account’ that simplifies opening bank accounts for SMEs. It enables entrepreneurs and small business owners to open a deposit account in just a day through the Sleek app, and start transacting.

Adrien Barthel, Sleek’s co-founder, said that with the launch of Sleek Business Account, they have added a major brick in the company’s product vision of building the operating system for entrepreneurs. 

“Gone are the days where you needed to navigate between your corporate secretary, accountant, and banker – often sending documents hard copies via courier. Now everyone can start a Singapore company and collect the first payments in a day, and from anywhere,” said Barthel.

The funding has been led by investors White Star Capital and Jungle Ventures.