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Clemenger BBDO crafts new brand platform for skincare Okana, showcases brand as antidote to complex skincare

Australia With the rise of the intricate multi-step skincare, such as that of the Korean method that includes the laborious 10-step routine; consumers, most especially women, are highly investing their time and money to keep up with such ‘maintenance’. This overwhelming feeling given by the skincare world is what New Zealand-based skincare brand Okana wants to be an ‘antidote’ to, hence, a new brand platform to showcase such promise with the help of creative agency Clemenger BBDO.

The brand platform, developed by the creative agency, strikes a chord with its main communication of ‘stupid simple’ which aims to highlight the mundaneness – at the same time – the beauty of simplicity. 

To be launched in Australia, the fresh brand identity was associated with 15-second youtube videos featuring the musician-actress Ayesha Madon, Okana’s brand ambassador, whilst showcasing some of Okana’s skincare products.

Vibs Amin, founder of Okana, said that its new brand identity goes against the wrong, complicated, serious and overwhelming ideas in the beauty industry.

She added, “Our simplicity is our biggest asset – we are transparent about our ingredients, and consumers can look at our ingredients list and feel empowered and confident about skincare.” 

Clemenger BBDO led the new brand platform’s overall creative and production, as well as its website and packaging redesign. 

Its group creative director Daniel Pizzato commented that the skincare industry is so broad due to the wide range of products and ingredients, associated with both information and misinformation.

“Okana’s products prove that a stupid level of simplicity, achieved in smart ways, can secure better outcomes. Stress and skin don’t play well together, so Stupid Simple is all about clarity and fun,” he concluded.

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Skincare top health priority among SG Gen Z’s, report shows

Singapore – In the wake of the pandemic, there is no doubt that people are showing unprecedented concern over their health. Within ‘health’ meanwhile, we’re looking at a variety of areas and for the Gen Z demographic in Singapore, specifically, there has been a heightened interest in skincare at the farther period of the pandemic, a report from communications agency DeVries Global shows.

With more than a year into COVID-19, skincare has now emerged to be top-of-mind. The report notes an uptick in skincare consumption among Gen Z’s in Singapore, with 84% of the respondents saying they care for such endeavors. Demographic-wise, 67% of the total female respondents and 57% of the total male respondents consider skincare as an integral part of overall health.

In addition, over 80% of the respondents say that they would consider switching skincare brands if it’s proven to improve their skincare health. Meanwhile, for those who refuse to switch, the reason boils down to three factors: satisfaction with their current brand, competitor brand’s price, and personal concerns on whether the competitor brand will work for them.

In order to convince consumers to switch from their current brand to another, the report’s data showed they would need to be recommended by health professionals (287 respondents), reviewed positively by other customers (280 respondents), and should carry scientific study results (211 respondents).

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L’Oréal Indonesia extends remit with Lion & Lion to launch new brand to the market

Jakarta, Indonesia – Lion & Lion, the digital-first agency operating in Asia, has announced that it is set to continue its partnership with global beauty brand L’Oréal in Indonesia. The first on its extended remit is introducing La Roche Posay, L’Oréal’s science-forward skincare brand, to the Indonesian market.

The launch of La Roche Posay is a result of the company’s positive reception in the Indonesian market and a response to increasing demands for healthier skin care.

Lion & Lion has been working with L’Oréal since 2016 and assisted the French cosmetics company with its L’Oreal Paris, Garnier, and Maybelline brands in Indonesia. 

The agency will be launching a comprehensive campaign for La Roche-Posay, and part of this is the development and execution of the brand’s social media communication strategy as well as building a local website for Indonesian consumers.

La Roche-Posay
From La Roche-Posay’s website in Indonesia

Nestya Sedayu, the marketing manager of L’Oréal Indonesia’s Active Cosmetics Division, shared that they have observed a recent shift in consumer trends, with more consumers looking towards dermatological skincare for “reliability, efficacy, and safety.” 

“As one of the world’s leading skincare brands, we are confident that La Roche Posay will be able to match our existing success in the Indonesian market. Seeing as how Lion & Lion has been a strong partner both creatively and digitally for the L’Oréal Indonesia group, we believe the agency will provide strong support as well for the launch of La Roche Posay and will continue to play a pivotal role in growing the brand in Indonesia,” commented Sedayu. 

The brand launch campaign will focus on raising awareness for La Roche Posay on its social and digital platforms, namely Facebook, YouTube, and a localized website – 

Through the campaign, the agency will also be highlighting the brand’s proposition of offering product lines that are targeted at sensitive skin, specifically those with skin concerns. Together with this, building up strong brand equity and desirability among consumers will also be part of the agency’s roadmap for the brand. 

John Campbell-Bruce, Lion & Lion’s managing director for Indonesia, is confident to take on the responsibility with La Roche Posay, stating the team’s significant experience in the beauty and cosmetics market over the past six years, providing it with strong insights into consumer trends and behaviors. 

“We are excited to continue our journey with L’Oréal Indonesia through the launch of La Roche Posay, a brand that offers positive social impact through its products,” said Campbell-Bruce. 

He adds, “This sense of inclusivity appeals to our audience and we have noticed this in the way they have engaged with our content. Our approach will build on this insight and show how La Roche Posay brings people together through its products’ brand promise of safety and accessibility.”

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Skincare brand SK-II launches a ‘virtual city’ to draw people to its animated series on women empowerment

Singapore – As travel restrictions are still in effect due to the pandemic, global skincare brand SK-II has decided to launch its first-ever virtual city called ‘SK-II CITY’ for the premiere of its latest SK-II Studio installment ‘VS’, an animated anthology series that aims to inspire every woman that they have the power to #CHANGEDESTINY. 

The ‘VS’ series is a collection of six animated films based on the real-life experiences of six Olympic athletes including gymnast Simone Biles, swimmer Liu Xiang, and badminton players Ayaka Takahashi, as well as surfer Mahina Maeda, and Hinotori Nippon. They each explore what it means to take destiny into their own hands, overcoming societal pressures like trolls, image obsession, and rules and limitations.

The series is then promoted by the brand through a virtual city, ‘SK-II CITY’, which is inspired by the streets of Tokyo, Japan. It seeks to transport visitors to Shibuya Crossing, and let them sightsee Mount Fuji and Tokyo Tower.

The ‘VS’ series spans a broad range of genres including sci-fi, fantasy, action, and sports. Each episode has its own universe and style, featuring the work of various award-winning animation studios and singer-songwriters.

Visitors can enter the SK-II Studio where they can get an exclusive backstage tour of the ‘VS’ series, and find animation sketches, film trivia, and behind-the-scenes footage from the six athletes.

Sandeep Seth, the CEO of SK-II Global, said that in these times where international travel is still restricted, they want to be able to provide their consumers a gamified experience that they can gain inspiration and shop in a safe yet entertaining and meaningful way.

“We are thrilled to launch the SK-II CITY, as we premiere our next SK-II Studio blockbuster ‘VS’ series. The SK-II CITY is inspired by our Japanese heritage as well as our brand purpose #CHANGEDESTINY,” added Seth.

To find out more about the ‘VS’ Series and learn about SK-II STUDIO and #ChangeDestiny, consumers may visit the virtual SK-II CITY at

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Olay runs #adutlfearlessly campaign on Shopee ahead of its Brand Day

Singapore – P&G-owned skincare brand Olay has launched a brand new campaign – Adult Fearlessly – and it has partnered with Shopee to exclusively run it on its platform ahead of Olay’s special sale event Brand Day. The event will be held on October 14 to 16.

The campaign seeks to reach and engage with millennial women around Southeast Asia to bring a message of empowerment that they can #adultfearlessly, and overcome the perceived challenges of “adulting,” such as that with investing in their skincare needs.

Together with Shopee, Olay has conceptualized and co-created content such as a video called “Fearless with your choices,” which aims to shift the mindsets of millennials as they confront their fears of turning 30. It is also said to highlight the positive aspects of the journey leading up to such age.

The campaign will be rolled out in phases across six markets including Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. 

Lucy Moran, Senior eCommerce Director of Olay for APAC shared that the brand wants to focus on how consumers are integrating their lifestyle with their skin needs.

“As one of the top facial skincare brands in the world, we are continually innovating and advancing the way we connect with our consumers. With e-commerce driving a major shift from offline to online sales, there is potential to achieve further growth in this segment,” said Moran.

“Riding on this momentum to broaden our reach in Southeast Asia, we are partnering with Shopee once again to bring more engaging and convenient experiences online, where consumers are able to access Olay products– all at the click of a button,” she added.

Meanwhile, Shopee’s Regional Managing Director Ian Ho said that the Health & Beauty category is one of the top-performing on the platform as the new normal has driven even more consumers to browse and buy skin care products online.

“We are proud to be able to support Olay in their e-commerce growth through this campaign. Our shared consumer insights and widening base of millennial users have enabled a hyperlocal strategy for Olay to deliver the best online shopping experience. We are confident in supporting Olay to achieve another successful campaign with us,” said Ho.

This will be the second collaboration between the two brands. In April, Olay’s regional campaign for its Retinol 24 product line was also run by the partnership with Shopee.