India – Local storytelling platform Humans of Bombay (HoB) has announced its new brand films division, which will see the platform leverage its niche to tell impactful stories for brands and comes as the next step in growing into a full-fledged 360-degree media house.

Through this new vertical, the platform intends to further expand its vision of telling raw and real-life stories. It aims to leverage its expertise and experience to bring out the human side of the brands it partners with and makes them more relatable to their audiences via authentic stories and clutter-breaking content. 

HoB’s new division will focus on crafting brand films, TVCs, short documentaries and short films, providing end-to-end production services. 

The platform has recently worked with fabric manufacturer Siyaram with a brand film that amplified the brand’s CSR activities in the health sector. 

Karishma Mehta, founder of Humans of Bombay, mentioned, “Our new division mirrors what we set out to do 9+ years ago – telling stories of seemingly ordinary people who’ve had extraordinary journeys! And now, as we foray into a new vertical, we deal with spontaneous challenges. However, our creative vision was always in line with the brand, which made the process smooth.”

She added, “We believe the story is always the hero, where brands are integrated organically and seamlessly, so it truly resonates with the audience. As storytelling partners for brands, we are banking on our credibility as authentic storytellers to tell the brand’s stories in long format by crafting genuinely impactful branded films.”